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#408798 Spotted - out in the wild after 11 years...

Posted by Paul_S on 01 May 2018 - 03:07 pm

My 240Z - complete with fresh MOT.  Let's hit the road!!



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#421059 Somebody went car shopping today .........

Posted by Neutreus on 10 August 2019 - 08:41 pm

And ended up with this on my driveway ..............




Absolutely chuffed to bits. She's a Gunmetal Grey 11 plate with cream leather seats and 37,000 on the clock. Litchfield Stage 1 tune (which includes Milltek Y PIpe) running 580BHP. I only thought I was going to look at and test drive the car but it was all prepped and we sorted a deal out and I ended up driving back with her. The garage was in Bradford so a long way for me and sadly she got filthy on the way home, so excuse the dirt!


There are a couple of cosmetic bits that need a little attention but the bodywork seems to be in great order (I'll find out when I clean her properly tomorrow afternoon)  and mechanically very sound - bell housing recently replaced etc.


I'll look forward to driving her down to the MOD day on the 24th but for now she's tucked up in bed (thanks to Blobbish I knew she'd go in the garage). There might be a couple of bits I need help with now at the MOD day!





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#346760 Chilli Red 350Z 2006 on a 56 plate

Posted by Chilli Red on 27 May 2014 - 02:58 pm



The Chilli lives on :lol:

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#419544 Joining the fold

Posted by blobbish on 23 June 2019 - 09:26 pm

Well I've been contemplating an addition to the collection for some time.

So let me introduce you to the new addition.

A loverly MY09 premium. Should pick her up later this week, early next. Super excited!

Steady drive back home through the traffic. But a few more images.


Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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#423822 A New Year's Message from the incoming Chairman.

Posted by Jeff-W on 01 January 2020 - 06:45 pm

Firstly, may I wish all associated with nissansportz OC a Happy (and Healthy) New Year. My NY's resolution as the new Club Chair is to continue the good work of my predecessors, aiming to make the OC a rewarding place to be, and, in conjunction with the other Ctte members, to provide a healthy place for discussion of our shared passion in cars and a platform for getting together at various meets throughout the season.


Today sees the 2020 Committee formally take office - my personal thanks to Paul_S as outgoing Chair for his 2 years in charge, not forgetting the many years he gave unstinting service to the OC in the guise of IT guru, a largely-unseen and mainly thankless task which consumed a great deal of his time which, as with all Ctte members, he gave for free. A sincere thank-you, Mr S!


We welcome back on to Ctte; Chilli Red, who becomes the Club Secretary, Neutreus, who takes over Events from myself, and Greg Warnes, who has the unenviable task of filling LESmo's shoes as Editor of the OC Newsletter. Our stalwart Treasurer, Paul-W, remains in office; Blobbish takes over the IT role from Paul_S; and Chas GFL and Milanored stay on-board for this next year.


So much for who's doing what - the question for the Chair to answer is "What's going to happen this year?". Well, the most important aspect of an internet-based OC is communication - and the platform used most is this forum. In August last year we successfully moved to a new server; this year (hopefully by March) there will be an interface upgrade which we very much hope will go without too much drama. We will continue to promote ourselves on other social media, where we are slowly establishing a presence.


I am pleased to say that we will be able to offer some new Events this year - some established favourites remain, such as Leeds Castle and the Mod Days, but we have also organised a members' day at CAT Driver Trg in April (the thread is here) and the chance for members to display their cars at the RAF Brize Norton Families' Day in September. We hope there is something for all tastes - the 2020 Events Diary (still a work-in-progress at this time) can be viewed here. May I thank those who have already stepped forward as Event Organisers.


The Ctte of nissansportz will always be "Doors-Open" to members, guests and users alike - please do not hesitate to send a PM to us if anything is bothering you that you think needs our attention - if you don't know who to send it to, Chilli Red and myself should be your first ports-of-call.


Wishing you all a safe and prosperous 2020, and very much looking forward to seeing you at Events throughout the year



Club Chair

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#402812 The Honey Monster - Birthday Photo

Posted by Paul_S on 17 October 2017 - 11:08 am

Yesterday was The Honey Monster's birthday (I took delivery on 16/10/09). 


It was very kind of nature to produce a special sky to celebrate.  I got back to the car park just in time last night to capture this:




It gives you a warm glow doesn't it?! :lol:

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#380224 Daytona Blue 370Z ordered.

Posted by Jeff-W on 04 February 2016 - 08:21 pm

Following on from the thread in nissansportz General Discussion, I have now had confirmation from our cherished trader, Westover, that the provisional customer pick-up date for my MY16 Daytona Blue Zed is 21 April. I will call Paintshield tomorrow to arrange the front wrap for 25th or so. Westover are fitting the rear parking sensors, but I won't have time to get the Gemini fitted to it before the first public meet.

This will mean that Duxford is "GO" for Daytona Blue. Having had 3 Zeds (Freds I, II, III) I have decided to call this one Fred IV. No surprises there.


Roll on this spring and summer.

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#352421 More Pictures

Posted by LESmo on 07 September 2014 - 02:27 pm

I have been trying to learn by looking at some of the amazing shots Alex takes, and getting some of the ideas he has.  Anyway, quiet space today - so thought I would have a go clearly much still to learn.






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#351986 The First Six Months

Posted by LESmo on 31 August 2014 - 04:53 am

Hard to be believe tomorrow when we wake up the 14 plate will be replaced with a 64 plate and another batch of new cars will hit the road.  Also difficult to believe its been 6 months since I collected the car.


SAM 8342


So with about 3700 miles on the clock how have the first 6 months gone - the good and the bad.


I got my first stone chip about two months ago, more a rock chip when a low loader carrying heavy plant came past and I was in stationery traffic, it wedged into the bumper and hit near the petrol cap, as such I have two chips, the paint is very easily damaged, I have tried to keep chips to a minimum, but they are a fact of life with any car.  But definitely a low point.  Not sure that can be avoided.


I had the paint sealed with AutoGlymn but I think to be honest that may just be similar to the sealant I have been using, I can't say how much difference it has really made, if any, but now with so many layers of wax on the car - I will never know I guess.  The best Wax to date on it has definitely been Do Do Juice. 


WP 20140803 002


So Duxford and Donington Park have been two outings for the car.  Its been great back in the club after a year or so in the wilderness, really enjoyed the events.  Great to meet up with everyone.


The Stig.
SAM 9147


So What have I learned.  Syncro Change I use now every day, it works well when the car is warm, its a bit clunky on cold starts.  I am not sure why the car is so sensitive to over revving on cold starts, but I understand that's a feature and I just have to be careful not to use too much throttle when moving away otherwise it does sound like I am over revving the car.  Not sure if that's something Nissan will fix in software updates, but again it only happens when the car is very cold.


I have used just under a third of the oil so far.  Fuel - apart from long trips I am probably averaging something like 22-24 Mpg.  On the Donington Run it was 30+ - So far I have only run on Shell Nitro + and the first batch of Fuel the dealer put in which I think was Total. 


Day to day, the car has been bullet proof, not one issue in the first six months, you do get used to the Boot opening, same with the 350z, If I didn't love the car and if I was back in the BMW I would hate it, but you do get used too it.  Something I might ask for adjustment at the first service.


I do love the dramatic effect of the car, people want to talk about the car - so you end up almost acting like a Nissan Salesman, Not one week has gone by when someone hasn't spoken too me, pictures have been taken and even spotted on things Like Pistonheads and Facebook.


SAM 8355


On the road, the small children give you thumbs up and cheer, I have had Van drivers stop beside me on a dual carriageway, it is noticed.  That does come with responsibility, there is no way you could drive under the radar, if you cut someone up, its pretty apparent you would be remembered.  I miss the digital speedo, and without the Snooper I would be lost.  That's something I do not understand why they dropped from the 350z - the Clock is lets face it a complete waste of time - and its not even linked to the one on the Connect System.


The reversing camera is a good friend, I am being careful with the Alloys and so far I have not hit them.


WP 20140407 003
Tyres seem ok, usual Bridgestone issues that all Bridgestone's have - and we all know they won't last forever, at least I won't have to put up with Run Flats this winter.
So - there you go, six months in the life of the Car.  I would say it is the most appreciated car I have ever owned.  Often referred too as that lovely Nissan.  For the money I don't think you can go wrong with any Zed.  They are rare, they are certainly not hated on the road like some makes.  And they are over all super reliable and fun to own.
So here's to the next 6 months and all that brings.
Donington Services




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#424106 If you took advantage of the 2 year membership offer last year

Posted by Chilli Red on 19 January 2020 - 08:57 pm

I have received many messages from lovely members who took advantage of the special offer last year and just wanted to reassure you all.

If you paid the £30 for two years membership last year then you don't need to do anything this year with regards membership. Your membership will run until next year automatically.

If however you encounter any issues please let me know.

Thanks everyone.

Sarah :)

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#396097 3 Years Old

Posted by LESmo on 07 March 2017 - 06:28 am

Hard to believe 3 years ago at 10:30am this morning I picked up the Nismo




So after 3 years what do I have to say.


Its not the fastest car on the road.  But I will say like the 350z it has character.  I has a presence on the road.  Other drivers respect it.  I suspect mainly because of the GT-R and most drivers not having a clue what a 370z is.


I still enjoy today as much as I did 3 years ago.  While we have a few more blemishes, and a few scratches we didn't have 3 years ago.  I still think for a daily its in good condition.


So the Mileage clocked up....  22454 so thats about 624 Miles a Month on Average 144 miles a week,  Fuel it has pretty much only run on Shell Nitro+, there has been perhaps 4 fills with Tescos and a 5-6 with BP.  But thats it. 




It has had two clutch fluid changes, interesting the chatter is gone at the moment.  Something to think about if you have it.


I have done a few mods myself.  Nothing major, and under the bonnet its fairly stock apart from Air Filters and the Oil Cap apart from that its stock.  So as I leave the safety of warranty - am I worried I don't have extended.  Not one bit - I am taking the lead of so many others and stashing the cash.  The car has proved to be nothing short of bullet proof.  The dealer who I bought the car from has been great.  I also still have service 4 & 5 included in my original purchase. 


How do I sum it up, yes there are better cars on the road for sure there are the Zed is Argricultural.  Yes there are more technical cars on the road.  But How many of those demand the interest and admiration of the little Zed.  Its not perfect but but nor am I and for me its as close as it can be.  So Happy Birthday little Zed.




Here's to another 3 years.....

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#374532 I scratched my GTR itch...

Posted by Tinyflier on 04 October 2015 - 09:14 am

Finally decided enough is enough and put a deposit on this today, to be collected on Saturday.
It is an '09 GTR tuned by Litchfield to Stage 4 - somewhere in region on 620 bhp and enough torque to rip your face off. I did also test drive a standard R35 back to back and that was a very good single owner but higher mileage car - but when I moved off in this one ... well it would have been churlish to turn it down.
It has all the normal whines and clunks you get "at rest" from the GTR, exhaust noise is fine round town and motorway cruise but when you prod the loud pedal the wail from the exhaust is simply amazing. The gearbox is absolutely sublime and swaps cogs so fast. All the usual stuff been done (bell-housing, software upgrade, circlips) and comes with a full 6 months parts and labour warranty. 
Sadly it is fitted with the most annoying feature you could possibly imagine courtesy of Nissan the dreaded REVERSE BEEPER.
Already been in contact with Brian at CarKit for one of his "Beeper Defeater" boxes of tricks! Jack at RoyalSteeringWheels about to provide a proper thicker and perforated leather standard shape wheel (that man is a genius at wheel trimming!),
As an '09 it doesn't have Nav - an upgrade to 2014 SatNav is available from R35audio - perhaps make that my Christmas present to me.
Oh yes one other thing - the roof wrap is being taken off!
So there we have it - wallet considerably lighter today but am beside myself with excitement which at my age is plain ludicrous!


Pic quality isn't the best and yes that is my 350 in the background and no I am not selling it!





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#372256 My Evening with the New Civic Type R

Posted by LESmo on 19 August 2015 - 08:38 pm

In 2001 I put down a pre-payment on a  then soon to be released Civic Type R believing it would be a good car, but until collection I had no idea how good.  Four happy years followed 2005 when I moved to the 350z.  I still rate the CTR as one of the best all round cars I have ever owned.  And certainly one of the most reliable. 


So when Norton Way Nissan in Letchworth offered me the chance to drive the new Civic Type R I jumped at it,   Although Bedford Autodrome is just 22 miles up the road, I have never been.  So I set off with the Nissan GPS taking me across county.  Arriving early I just parked up and waited looking at the amazing cars which had come on the Track day.


20150819 162748061 IOS
Meeting at the Monaco suite - it was the first time to eye the new Civic Type R 
20150819 165124735 IOS
20150819 165109917 IOS
20150819 165100846 IOS


The car is more.  Much more expensive - about twice what I paid in 2001.  Bigger and a lot more wings and aero than most cars on the road have.


Talking to owners the Nismo was very popular, people wanted to look around it and it took a proud place amongst the Porsches and Aston.


Then it rained.  We had the Safety briefing and was  bussed out to the West Circuit,  taking our turn 3-4 CTR's were on the track at the same time.


20150819 181147762 IOS
20150819 181152637 IOS
20150819 181320676 IOS


On the out lap the car seemed tight and good grip, first lap up to about 110.  Second Lap 115 and final lap 118Mph.  The car didn't feel any faster than the Nismo and in the wet it suffered massive understeer, no noticeable torque steer, mainly because get the gear wrong and the Turbo lag was very noticeable - the Rev lights straight from a F1 car take a little getting used too and seemingly waiting for ever on the main straight for the Red lights.  Gearbox is really good, quick throw, and the electronics didn't feel noticeable, or actually prevent the near understeer of the track.


So what did I think.  The car is good - really good and handles really well, it felt solid and given the conditions did really well.  Tubo lag hasn't been magically solved by Honda,  If I could have it in the garage I would - but would I swap the Nissan - no I don't think I would, but if someone gave it too me I would not say no.


The car will sell, in its thousands, I do wonder what it will be when Mugen get their paws on it.  Its a good car for sure.  But driving home in the Zed It seemed strangely more planted.

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#362606 Mod day - Rules

Posted by Chilli Red on 19 February 2015 - 08:41 pm

Just the one.

Please drive slowly down the lane. I am having constant battles with a neighbours son who drives at ridiculous speeds in the lane. Every house has cats and dogs and there are several horse riders who frequent the lane. So please, please, drive sensibly. Once on the main road, you can do what you want, but don't pi$$ my neighbours and their pets off.

Thank you :)
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#360588 Pictures of my silver 2015 NISMO. 370Z at last.

Posted by Turboextreme on 17 January 2015 - 02:43 pm

:kicking: Thought I would share another pic taken today:



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#357570 Lost for Words - But Thank-you All

Posted by JohnFK on 30 November 2014 - 06:30 am

I was totally caught out at the Christmas Party to receive a surprise Birthday Greeting and Presents! So much so that I feel the need to say thank-you to everyone....


I really feel nissansportz is a special car club and great to be part of the friendly, helpful band of owners (past, present, .... and future!).


My gifts were totally spot-on and will be put to good use I promise!


Thank-you all again,




p.s. and in case anyone is wondering what its like to be 70? - it's just like 69 but later :kicking:

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#353974 Happy Birthday to Lesmo

Posted by LESmo on 03 October 2014 - 12:15 pm

Thank you very much for the Messages this morning - what a lovely way to start the day.  Caroline arranged for the local bakery to make a Birthday cake for me, which we shared around the Condo's last night.  Even the picture was edible.



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#346786 V8 heaven.

Posted by Chilli Red on 27 May 2014 - 06:10 pm

He's only gone and done it.

Jaguar XKR S French racing blue with a few a- carbon details front picture is a library one and rear is the actual car. The vents on the bonnet have black surrounds on them. The exhaust is a performance active exhaust with quad tail pipes and sounds orgasmic.

Attached Thumbnails

  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg

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#343228 I've ruined my 370z with a stupid attempt at a full home respray...

Posted by Chubbs on 12 April 2014 - 05:55 pm








...Oh well, didn't like that custardy colour anyway.

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#340566 My 2014 Nismo Journey

Posted by LESmo on 07 March 2014 - 05:16 pm

Well, many of you will have been on my journey with me, from the day I came back to the forum last August with a view to buying a 370z Nismo, to today and the collection, and back into Zed Ownership.


There are many people to thank for their help and support, it really did carry me through the long wait.  I hope you all know what that has meant to me.


Anyway, today was the big day, as I posted somewhere I struggled to sleep, partly excited and mixed with that doubt you always get when you make such a big purchase - or I do.  That doubt was wiped the moment I actually Saw the Car for the first time.


SAM 8284


At that point I knew I had made the right decision and I would be happy, many of you know my reasons for leaving Zed ownership and the last two and a half years have never been really happy.  I guess I sort of linked the car to Dad and today was the last part of that process as well.  I made a decision in haste and regretted it.


So anyway, back to the story.  My wife and I arrived at the Dealer at 10am, I think it is fair to say they were pleased to see me turn up,  It sat in the showroom and it looked stunning, everyone was looking at it, there was almost pride in the dealership I think to have it. 


The usual paperwork stuff had to get sorted, the usual Debit Card Anti-Fraud issues had to be sorted.  The Franchise Manger dropped in to see us and thank us for being their first ever 370z Nismo, gave me their card and made us feel very special.  Later we were introduced to the Regional Manager for Nissan UK who happened to be visiting, and he stood and chatted, I was sure to drop nissansportz into each and every conversation.  Again he was very enthused by the purchase.


Then came the moment I got behind the wheel - I was not sure what to expect, like Dave I had never driven one, I had driven the GT and I liked that, what if it was too hard, what if the brakes were a nightmare, could I live with it?  With that the Sales Guy went to move it, he pressed the start button and it fired up, boy did I miss that sound, the Diesel rattle was less than my favourite sound.  He reversed it out, we played a bit with the reversing Camera and then on our way.


Leaving Letchworth, immediately I was aware of people stopping and looking, admiring it.  The same reaction the 350z had.  One Taxi Driver on a roundabout nearly drove onto the pavement.  I am not sure the Pigeon poo'ing on it was an opinion of me, the Nismo or some how good luck, lets take the later for now.


The drive home was stunning, I had the window open I just listened to the engine, it was lovely, I was tentative with the brakes - but after a while decided they were very similar to the BMW performance brakes I had previously.


Drove home and immediate washed the contribution from the Pigeon off it.  Neighbours started to come out, and take a look and admire it.  We drove to fill it up as the dealer had put about 60 miles in of Fuel - £78 for Nitro+ which I didn't seem to think was much different to 3 years ago and the 350z.  Then to post off the DVLA stuff and Road Tax refund.  Again everywhere I drove it was admired, but without the agro I had suffered for the past few years.


It is definitely a step up from my 2005 350z, definitely more refined.  I am yet to play with the toys, but it is lovely to drive I am sure in time it will inspire confidence and we have a lovely weekend, for a few trips out.


Anyway a few pictures of the Car from this afternoon, thank you all for being so kind and understanding over the past 6 months.  I am looking forward to Duxford and meeting many of you, for the first time.


Kind Regards




SAM 8367
SAM 8365
SAM 8364
SAM 8363
SAM 8362
SAM 8361
SAM 8360
SAM 8359
SAM 8355
SAM 8354
SAM 8352

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