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370Z & GT-R Steering Lock Voluntary Service Campaign P3208 - Free Replacement From Nissan

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 08:57 PM

On 4th January 2012 nissansportz started a dialogue with Nissan UK regarding steering lock failures on early 370Z and GT-R cars.  Since that time there has been a lot of communications going back and forth.  The Committee were delighted when we were informed that Nissan would be replacing all affected locks free of charge, prior to failure.


Whilst we wanted to keep you all up to date with progress as it happened, Nissan UK felt that that owners should be officially informed by them before we could release any news.


Over the last few weeks a lot of information has already been posted by our Members as things have come to light, but here is all the information in one place with some additional details you will not have heard before.


To be precise, Nissan called a Voluntary Service Campaign and not a Recall.  The difference being that a Recall is put in place for safety critical issues, in which case cars would have been urgently recalled into dealers to apply a fix.  As we know, the steering lock fails safe and there is no safety risk - so a VSC was called.  There is no requirement for owners to take their cars into the dealer unless they wish to.


On Thursday 28th March 2013 the campaign (ref. P3208) was loaded onto dealer computer systems.  Cars that qualify for the campaign are early 370Z and GT-R models which have steering locks 48700-JF00B and 48700-JF00C.  These would be replaced with the most recent item 48700-JF00D.  From this point, any failed steering locks would be replaced free of charge and any cars going in for a service would automatically have the lock replaced.  


In order for Nissan to launch the VSC, a procedure has to be followed.  This includes having more than 40% of the necessary replacement parts in stock and for owners (as identified by the DVLA database) to be informed by letter.  Unfortunately this campaign coincided with industrial action at the DVLA which meant that letters were delayed.


Most owners have now received their letter, but not all.  However, you do not need to have the letter in order to have your lock replaced.  Call your dealer and they will check to see if your car is covered by the VSC, then book it in for the work to be done.  You can wait until your next service, but we would advise that you have your lock replaced as soon as is convenient.


There is no time limit on the campaign and there is no upper limit on the mileage of the car.  Therefore, if you buy a used 370Z or GT-R you can be reassured that the lock will still be replaced free of charge if it has not already been done.


The nissansportz Committee would like to thank Nissan for launching this campaign which gives current and future 370Z and GT-R owners peace of mind :)


Update: The latest part number for this component is 48700-1NC2A

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