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Lotus Exige vs Me...

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Posted 09 July 2017 - 08:00 PM

An unknown Exige driver decided to initiate an impromptu comparison test with me yesterday. It would have been rude to ignore him.




1. His acceleration uphill from 40mph was, as expected, definitely better than the Z.


2. He seemed to run out of puff, or guts, at **mph - whereas I really had plenty left.


3. He seemed to need to be a little cautious on the long. sweeping left & right hand bends, whereas I felt very stable indeed and clearly was in the more comfortable car at these points :)


4. I could tell he wanted to be more nimble than me in the corners, but he wasn't - not at all.


5. Braking - no difference.



The encounter only lasted a few miles - wish it had been longer. It turned out to be quite an even encounter. Overall, I was heartily pleased with how the Z matched up to a track-focused £55k car. Of course, he may just have been an inferior driver in a faster car but (naiively?) I like to think that the Z performed very well in all areas, bar the first.

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