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Gun Metal 350Z - A63(T), Howden

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#1 A Pair Of Flabby Wings

A Pair Of Flabby Wings


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Posted 29 December 2018 - 10:38 pm

Late-ish this afternoon, while passing the BP petrol station (formerly known as Long's Corner) on the A63(T) at Howden, East Yorks, a 54-plate Gun Metal 350Z coupe was seen just about to leave the station forecourt, and in an apparently very polite way.  It was a very pleasant surprise, as the garage is usually frequented by yokels in vans and pick-ups as well as reps all of whom seem to have an attitude problem.


There was also a cosmic irony in the fact that as it was leaving the forecourt a white GT86 was just pulling in.  My very brief internal dialogue went along the lines of: "Would I want the Zed or the Toyota?", "I hate the word "or", but which would be the shopping cart?".  And then I went home and bled the clutch of my shopping cart, wondering whether either the other Zed or the GT86 needed or would be improved by it . . ?

2007 350Z (my second Zed) - When you give up driving, you’re not going to look back wistfully on the car you owned with the nicest dashboard top or speaker grilles. You’re going to remember a car for its excitement and how it made you feel.
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