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Oil Gauge temp

Is it norml

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#1 BonnieS



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Posted 31 July 2020 - 09:46 pm

I have a 2015 370Z Nismo package.  I noticed my oil gouge temp seemed high, but to be honest I never noticed it much before. Was wondering if this is normal?  It never gets above the temp shown but wonder if it is ok?


#2 Chubbs



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Posted 01 August 2020 - 05:05 am

Edit: - Just seen that it was your first post. Welcome! Introduce yourself?



When the 370 came out, one of the first things people noticed was that it displayed oil temps that were too high, especially in warm weather and especially if you were hooning it around the hills of California. The oil cooling on the stock car was not sufficient in the summertime, leading to enthusiasts fitting additional aftermarket oil coolers. It was not recommended to take your car on a track unless you had done this, or you'd soon go into limp mode. Americans bitched on about it all the time.


My 2010 370 always ran hot oil temps in Summmer (I'm talking 110degrees+) if I were to drive in a spirited fashion, which I do, always, unless I have a delicate passenger, in which case I get a weird, perverse pleasure from driving like Miss Daisy. Hot temps are not at all good for the oil, which degrades quickly and loses it ooompahpah under these conditions. I always change my oil regularly (after a maximum of 5k miles, often sooner), to compensate for my naughtiness.


However, my 2016 370 runs appreciably cooler in Summer - much nearer to what I think are acceptable temperatures (90 - 100 degrees). My driving style hasn't changed, so I reckon the oil cooling has improved from 2010 to 2016 (or they've simply recalibrated the gauge!!!!!). These days I see no issues in any weather.


As you're posting this during a period of warm/hot weather, I suspect that you're merely noticing an unwelcomed 'feature' of the car for the first time.


Solutions?... Change your oil regularly (ie every 5k miles, or less, preferably at the end of summertime), or drive gently in warm weather (yuk), or get an aftermarket oil filter fitted (costs money).


Personally, I hated seeing the dial approaching 110 degrees, but as I have the brain of a dinosaur, by the time that emotion had reached my right foot I was back home and out of the car. Oh well! The car survived!


In this weather I'm more worried about lubricating my tomato plants.



(ps - if there was supposed to be a pic of your gauge, it's not showing for me)

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#3 David_R



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Posted 01 August 2020 - 08:15 am

I found switching from whatever oil was in my car originally when I bought it to Motul 8100 5w30 helped. I use to see 110deg after a "spirited" drive. That has dropped to 100,, maybe 105 max. I'm sure track days would highlight cooling issues even further, oil and brakes.


I've had good experience with Motul used in both the engine and transmission. I used Motul 300 gear oil in my transmission and the gearbox is alot nicer to change. It use to hate going from 1st - 2nd if I drove hard in first with high'ish revs before changing. 


I think my car would benefit from a 3k oil change. Due to my short commute and occasional driving style. 

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#4 JohnFK



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Posted 01 August 2020 - 08:17 am

Just a FYI... Motul is the only oil recommended for the GT-R's engine.
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#5 Chubbs



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Posted 01 August 2020 - 03:39 pm

Just a FYI... Motul is the only oil recommended for the GT-R's engine.


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