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  2. Nice aren`t they 😎
  3. Yes, some masks are a bit of a stuggle, but persevere - it will be worth the effort.
  4. I've now used it on one pic and manahed to acheive what I wanted. However the next image is mor complex and I'm having to wrestle with masks and layers... (thought that might cheer Chubbs!)
  5. Love the look of that but I’ll be leaving the rear spoiler as it is , if it doesn’t suit I’ll get it sprayed
  6. Nissan e.dams begins new Formula E season with strong momentum Season six victory and podiums energize team ahead of championship’s first races in 2021 RELEASE PHOTOS [11] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/02/22 YOKOHAMA, Japan – T
  7. It`s the switchback halos that may be a problem, they run as DRL`s and then when you indicate they flash white/ amber but I saw a post on another forum where someone said they might not be legal, which technically speaking they`re not as they`re not E marked but no tester can pull apart your lights to see that and as long as they don`t dazzle then I don`t see it being an issue. The halos that I will get will be the ones with pwm control that dim when the main beam is powered, more expensive but less likely to cause issues as they act like OEM DRL`s.
  8. I'm no walking encyclopedia of MOT regulations, but I can't see why halos would be a fail. There are plenty of fancy designs out there on modern cars, as well as proper circular halos on the BMW E39 5 Series as standard - and they're all a minimum of 17 years old now! Maybe sound out your local friendly MOT station for advice?
  9. So my headlights are now at the point of needing attention and I have discovered a few options. Option 1. Use a restoration kit to clean the lenses. £20.00 Downsides It seems that this isn`t a long term solution as many people report that it needs doing every year after the first time as nothing matches the OEM UV protection. I did my Omega years ago and they yellowed within 6 months so this this echoes other peoples experiences, even UV sealants instructions say that you will need to reapply them. I was never a fan of the chrome headlight housing, see option 3
  10. Small world indeed. I’m towards the Smallfield end. The car doesn’t get used all that much as it’s just a weekend toy... and then I seem to spend most weekends doing the DIY! Covid has meant it has probably been used just a handful of times, although I did manage a trip to Wales, when we were allowed, which made up for it.
  11. Yes, Gimp is good, but you'll need to get used to its slightly different interface (possibly not quite as intuitive as Photoshop). To give you an example, google 'GIMP mask' to see how that aspect works differently from PS.
  12. Blimey! Small world. The Acres or Smallfield end?! I've never seen, nor heard, another Z in the area.
  13. Last week
  14. ^^^ Nice (Just need to get those tyres cleaned up now )
  15. Another vote here for GIMP. That's the one I use.
  16. Perhaps we can arrange a micro meet (as we call them in BMWCC GB 😄) when restrictions fully lifted? I'm on Langshott.
  17. More goodies came in the post today so they were swiftly fitted , nismo valve caps , new black wheel nuts , nismo wheel centres , and a cover for the door lock catch ,
  18. Hi John try Gimp similar to Photoshop https://www.gimp.org/ Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  19. I'm looking for a free app that can take an image, allow me to select a colour (or color if I must) and replace it with a different one. I have previously used Photoshop for this and it worked brilliantly but I dont have a license for the current version and for a one-off image edit it is a tad expensive.... Any help much appreciated...
  20. Yes those are the ones. I wasn’t keen at first but they have grown on me a lot. I also live in Horley.
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-370Z-Z-LOGO-GLOSS-BLACK-EMBLEM-BADGE-FRONT-AND-REAR-SET/174591660975?fits=Model%3A370Z&hash=item28a67953af:g:-JoAAOSwQSdfu8Lo They always say 'very slightly marked', but I've bought from here and they were fine. You could always paint the Z red, I suppose, if you got the urge. Z badges are better than NISSAN, because it means that some people won't know what make the car is Anyone who buys replacement badges should be aware of 2 things: 1. Front & rear are slightly different sizes. 2. They shouldn't be fitted upside down (easy to
  22. Ahh, quite possibly, sorry. I've seen OEM replacements of the chrome NISSAN burgers with gloss black and red NISSAN lettering. Not seen Z burgers - any links?
  23. correct, 3 blanks in a v1 - 2 outers were for the heated seats in the GT
  24. The OEM badges say NISSAN, not Z. Are we talking at cross purposes?
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