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  2. With new e-powertrain. Wonder if / when it will come to UK... http://i2.cmail20.com/ei/y/E8/978/D84/115135/csfinal/201124-01_mail-9900000000079e3c.jpg Nissan launches all-new Note in Japan Offered exclusively with an electrified powertrain, the new Note demonstrates Nissan’s focus on core models and electrification under its transformation plan YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan today launched the all-new Note compact car in Japan, with sales planned to begin Dec. 23. The new N
  3. I notice today a Japan launch of a new Note with only an electric powertrain. Havent looked the details yet but with the QQ configuration I wonder if Nissan are actually being very clever. If traditional ICEs are to be banned in a numbet of years time, they could eventually be replaced by an alternative power unit, e.g. hydrogen, which would then still charge the batteries and keep the electric drive motors. Hmmm...
  4. Tempted to sell my supercharged Nismo as I could do with some rear seats for when I pick up my 2 lads. Ive created an advert on Pistonheads but still in two minds what to do
  5. Could do with some rear seats, so tempted to sell my supercharged 370Z Nismo and buy an M2 Competition Pack. Just created an advert on pistonheads
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  7. On A46 heading north on Saturday about 3.00pm near to Stoneleigh. The car is white on the nearside front to back and black on the offside. It had a personalised number plate and had no lip spoiler so a very early model. LED DRL's fitted too.
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  9. That could be me GX--BOH but most probably me though as i don't see many white Nismo's around my area 😁
  10. Really lucky you secured the price I had a price which had to be cancelled a couple of weeks before the Classic I tried to move it but because it was booked on the original owners site I couldn't - the cost is around £200 more now than I paid last time, so for a long weekend, when technically I could drive from Silverstone and Back every day as its only 40 odd miles each way - it just doesn't seem worth it. Time to try a new location at least for us. I think we might have a better 21 than 20 - I really hope so. The Zed spends most of its time parked up, yesterday I oiled the bonnet hing
  11. The new owners of the Horwood honoured my no-cancellation booking with De Vere Horwood from this year for same rooms, same price, so I decided to stay with them. It will be interesting to see how events unfold in the Spring as to whether any of the big meets will go ahead in ‘21.
  12. Horwood House seems to have been taken over and the cost is somewhat higher than the last time we stayed. So we have opted for the following place which is give or take the same distance - and from Google Earth seems to have a good car park. https://kingfishercountryclub.co.uk/home The rooms are much bigger and to looking at the menu prices its much of a muchness. On Booking.com and Expedia at the the same price book now and cancel up to just before. Everything else around Silverstone pretty much gone already. Route in is pretty much the same as Horwood Estate.
  13. I thought it was a bit dry, Needles needs another presenter with more personality and zest to pep up the show !
  14. If only someone in power had a family member who needed to be in hospital urgently, and waiting for an ambulance to arrive (or an electric car to change for a few more hours to make the distance) is not an option, and those cars that fuel easily and hold onto that energy for long periods of time will appeal a little more. A few months ago one of the current script writers for the BBC's Top Gear wrote: ". . . the ability to stuff our cars with a vast amount of energy in a tiny amount of time is a historical anomaly, not a divine right". So the future is going to be a backwards step then?
  15. I echo the thoughts of Milanored and PaulW above; in some ways this announcement by the government reminds me of one about 12-15 years ago when the Minister for Digital Comms (or some such similar title) declared his government's intention for the whole country to move over to digital radio within about 5 years. That is, for analogue radio to go off air. Once the facts of life had been explained to his dept, the proposal was quietly withdrawn. There are parallels to be drawn here.
  16. I saw something recently where there was a company that has started using lamposts as a supply point for electric cars and the article said something about the average car will need charging every 9 days (there was some rationale behind this but can't remember what it was). On the basis of the 9 days calculation, they reasoned that this was enough for most neigbourhoods. Yes I thought, that is assuming that not 2 households need to charge their cars at the same time! I thought the 2035 deadline was ambitious but 2030 - can't help thinking there are other agenda's to that announcemen
  17. I watched the first episode on Catch Up earlier and it's not to bad. There's no 'challenges' or the such a la Top Gear; it's muh more about the cars. The first episode has a piece about the Nissan Leaf and how it was the Model T moment for electric cars (as they put it) and reviews the new one. Oh, that and an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Ferrari 812 Superfast and a section on the Huracan Evo.
  18. True Story I nearly Ran Over Tiff Needell in the Pit Lane in Spa. Just stopped in time (you can thank me later) 😁
  19. What are the "Some Hybrids" Allowed after 2030? Is this the QQ type engine in another post which is a Petrol Generator charging what is an electric motor driven car? I am "lucky" enough to head up the 2030 agenda at work - which I cannot feel is ironic - so I was interested if we could be zero carbon, so during lock down we shut everything off we didn't need and by that I mean we were running heating, cooling, extraction, alarms and CCTV mainly, so not huge power, we have Ground Source, We have Solar, we have a wind Turbine - we have a Biomass - so pretty much all the bells and whistles
  20. Just the basic issues make this idea completely ridiculous 1, Every house that is over 5 years old will need a whole new electric supply. 2, The motor industry is not able to produce an additional 2 million electric cars just for the UK market. Then the big issue 3, We simply do not have enough electricity to power 2 million new electric cars, and this is just in year 1, by year 4 at current new car sales there will be 8-10 million electric cars. UK peak demand is 75GW, 2 million new cars will potentially add 52GW to this demand in year 1, by year 4 over 200GW. We would hav
  21. I can not help but think it is the most ridiculous thing bojo has come out with yet.will the infrastructure be in place for all these extra cars I very much doubt it, the only people who are going to pay for the infrastructure are the general public and I do not there is the momentum for that yet. Electric cars are not the answer they are a poor stop gap in my opinion. Is this about pollution or the middle East Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  22. (the thread title borrowed from another place!) My question regarding the recent Government announcement of no petrol or diesel only cars to be sold by 2030 is: What about Vans, Trucks, Trains, etc. The above is from a government who cancelled a large railway electrification project and retrofitted dozens of new trains with underfloor diesel engines... What about hydrogen power and other alternatives (the marine industry are building a prototype ship with an ICE powered by ammonia!)? Discuss!
  23. Has anyone else seen or watching the new series on ITV4 with Tiff Needell called On The Road? (It's on Thursday evenings)
  24. Wonder if they will go with the Leaf Gear System with a single pedal? If not I suspect they will drop the Juke Dual Clutch system into it as that is a Daimler/Nissan/Renault gearbox. And I have to say it is really good ok it lurches a bit in reverse but you get used to how to deal with that. I would definitely consider the proposed car to replace the Juke in just over 2 years if it does come out in that format. I would expect it to look like a big Juke.
  25. The e-Power 4wd version sounds very interesting. I presume it avoids the dreaded CVT gearbox. And one of the reports hints at the possibility of a Nismo QQ!!
  26. YOKOHAMA, Japan – The new Nissan Kicks SUV has won the 2021 “Technology of the Year” award, given by the Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC), for its e-POWER electrified powertrain. The Kicks, launched in Japan last June, was also named one of the “6 Best Cars of the Year” by RJC. For full new release see: https://global.nissannews.com/en/releases/201119-01-e
  27. I only flicked through some of the video on mute as I'm at work but was it a car launch or a concert?
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