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  2. Horsham Developments arent too far from Reading. Very near the M4 / A34 junction. Might be worth taking it there for an opinion...
  3. Yes, this is my fear. Compression is high, so I assumed unlikely the piston rings, smoke is continuous rather than just start up, so assumed also unlikely the valve guide seals, plus it's blowing A LOT of oil. Hence the oil ring suggestion? Either way it's a rebuild. Will get a quote for that first before looking at a new engine, it runs so well, seems silly to scrap it but costs may dictate I guess. Cheers for the advice. At this point, I don't even care what it costs, I just want to know what the freaking issue is, the not knowing is killing me! 😅
  4. Excellent! Firstly, thank you for the invite! I'm definitely up for this! Secondly, cheers, will get in contact and get Z fixed up sharpish!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Paul - I've just done an online search. Apparently the car is registered to NavTool Uk. You're the victim of an attempted hit!* Personalised number plate on a 2015 car - I reckon his initials are WGN. William Norris? Just guessing here *Don't lose sleep - it's a joke.
  7. He was probably asleep and weeing himself. It's a Jag, after all. Glad you're both okay and the car's survived intact.
  8. My dear old Dad went just like that. He even bought a rattle can, in a vain attempt to and disguise the ever-increasing number of bumps & scratches on his little Fiesta. We had to take the keys off him eventually, because he was getting more & more dangerous. Of course, I'll never get like that
  9. An old boy wiped the wing mirror and part of the front wing off my Infiniti whilst I was parked up. I chased him up the road (as he winded past parked cars) him and his wife were adamant he hadn’t done it. Luckily I had a witness and therefore he had no choice. Scary, as if they really don’t realise they shouldn’t be on the road.
  10. I did consider trying to force a stop but I didn't want to put myself or anyone else in danger. Also, it was a section of 'smart' motorway so it would have meant blocking lane 1 and that's a risk I just didn't want to take. I'd have probably ended up with lorry writing the car off, or worse in that case.
  11. Thanks all. As pointed out the driver was in his senior years. There's no way he didn't notice the impact. Unless he just woke up and was just surprised to find himself in lane 4. I would have thought the lady next to him might have mentioned it to! I'm not taking it through my insurance but I'm preparing myself to suffer at renewal time. That's very nearly a year away so it will be an unpleasant anniversary reminder. When I filled in the online form to report the incident they asked for my insurance details so there's no escaping it. Anyhoo, if anything comes of it I'll report back.
  12. Sorry to hear that Paul. I suspect the police don’t want to know but you would think there would be a way of tracing him as you have his number plate. agree it looks like an old boy who may not have realised. The wife had this with a lorry and forced him to stop.
  13. Hush thy mouth non Zed driver, nowt wrong with Jaaaaaag drivers 😂 I am sorry Paul, I am cross for you, the arrogance of some people !
  14. Sorry to hear that Paul, if you give the police the number plate they can track him, trouble is that even when an accident isn't your fault they still load your policy i had that last year in my other car and they penalised me for having an accident which was totally the other persons fault i hope you manage to sort it out.
  15. Of course he is, he's driving a Jaguar
  16. Well you can see the driver's mug in his door mirror! He appears to be of very senior years (I'm not being 'old - ist' - I'm no spring chicken myself) and quite unaware, so maybe he didn't even notice, which he really should have done even if he didn't feel a slight impact.
  17. Such a shame. Some drivers appear to be totally brain dead.
  18. Last week
  19. Pesky Jags, I was a XF that took my mirror off, he didn`t stop either 🤬 Glad it`s not too bad and I hope you get sorted.
  20. Sadly reflective of today's attitudes, Paul. I hope the police (or your insurance) track them down for failure to stop. Second thoughts, insurance company might not be the way to go!
  21. Yesterday's drive home wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been. We were driving south on the M1 in an average 60 zone. I was in lane 4 (smart motorway) and had just crawled past a Jag in lane 3 - the way you do when everyone is trying to keep just below 60. I reckon my rear wheel was about in line with the Jag's front when all of a sudden it drifted right, into our lane, and hit us side on. I was lucky that the central reservation was a little way off so I had a some room to move over, brake, and minimise the contact. But there was still body to body contact and the passenger door mirror was knocked out of alignment. Anyway, we both straightened up and managed not to hit anything else. But the other driver just carried on and didn't stop. Sarah called 999 to explain what had happened and they said to give the Jag the opportunity to pull off at the next services and to report them if they didn't. They didn't. So I have. When I got home I was expecting the worst, but the Z has got away remarkably undamaged. There is a load of grey Jag paint on the rear arch and some yellow Z paint missing from the front, but all the panels seem okay. The door mirror isn't marked either. The Zed's going to need a little paint but that's all. Goodness knows how. I'm hoping the other driver is tracked down and contacted, but I'm not holding my breath. Steer well clear of this car:
  22. Sorry to hear this. Lower compression and oil on the plugs on just one bank I'd say was either piston rings or valve seals. Only way to check for sure is do a leak down test or do a wet compression test and compare it to your dry results. Either way on that mileage it shouldn't happen unless oil changes have been missed before you had it, it's been run low on oil or it's been over revved. Both I fear are full rebuilds, might be worth getting a second hand engine?
  23. We are in Chobham just past Bracknell so not a million miles from you. We usually have at least four or five mod days at our house where you can have a meet up and a full English. Hopefully these will resume at some point in 2022 Be great if you can make one of those, Tom at TJM is brilliant and I am sure will be able to help as is Abbey Motorsports All tried and tested garages used by members who cherish their pride and joys. sarah
  24. I quite like the new Z from some angles. Not so much others. That said, I prefer some angles of the 350Z over the 370Z and vice versa!
  25. Well that seems to be in order. It would have been much easier if it'd had shown a fault! Without access to Consult III (the diagnostic kit the dealers use) it might be tricky to find out what's wrong. I'll send you a PM.
  26. After another challenging year, it appears that we are not quite out of the woods just yet, but hopefully we are all learning to live with this virus and you and your families are keeping safe and taking care. It is my sincere hope that 2022 will be a bit more normal than the last two but as a committee, we will continue to follow government guidelines and ensure that our members and users safety is at the fore of any events we organise as a club. We all want to see a return to the norm so with that in mind, it is both my and the Committee's plan to start getting some events organised in the hope that they are able to proceed. Based on the survey I held recently, I know there are a mixture of feelings towards events depending on the size, venue etc but to that end please use this thread for exactly what the title suggests! Please post up/discuss any ideas in this thread and whether you are willing to get invovled with or organise said idea. Any events agreed to as a Club will then get a dedicated thread to discuss details and will be added to the Club diary/calendar (I will add these once the first event has been confirmed). Thanks and here's to a 2022 where we all hopefully get to meet up safely and enjoy each others company and motors. Neil.
  27. Hi Sarah, Thank you for coming back so quickly! Do you know if they all do rebuilds too? I can give them a call but if you know, well you know lol. Also, thank you! I've not long moved from the Cotswolds where there seemed to be me and one other Z in the whole area 😅 but now in Reading I see them daily! 😂
  28. So after planning to go independent - I have today booked next years Service and MOT with Desira in Norwich, no experience of them, but in the past I used Smiths in Peterborough, Marshalls in Cambridge - so I have used other dealers. I just cannot justify driving the Zed all the way to Letchworth when I have a Main Dealer 17 miles up the road. I have booked it in for Service, MOT, New Brake Fluid, New Clutch Fluid, Oil Change, Pollen Filter Change, Fuel and Oil Treatments - so it should have a good check over. Will report back once its happened.
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