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  2. I'd like to repeat pretty much what Jeff said. Both myself and Kim had a great day there. Found it really useful and the handling circuit was really good fun. Thanks to Neil for organising, and the team at CAT. Cheers Paul
  3. Last week
  4. Apologies for only just posting up ..... I've been getting the brake dust off the front alloys ..... the pads and rotors have just stopped smoking ... I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the team at CAT for yet again providing a simply amazing training day on Saturday. The OC was represented by Budbongo and partner, Kim, and myself. The remaining 2 participants were from the Porsche world in 911s. In the course of the day I learnt a lot about the dynamics of rear-engined cars by listening to the sections of the briefings directed their way! The Performance Driver "Track" Day consists of 5 exercises, or disciplines, and as always the instructors (Paul & Steve) flexed each event to suit each driver's aims. Personally, I wanted to learn how to make my car handle and perform using paddle shift where possible, so this was crafted into each exercise. Brilliant! Thank you, Paul! We at nissansportz are indebted to all at CAT (Lynne, Paul, Steve and of course Jo and Colin) for offering such superb tuition to the OC at the special Club rates - thank you! OC members - these courses are fantastic learning days which I commend to you all, irrespective of your previous experience behind the wheel. With best wishes to all at CAT, Jeff-W Not quite as consistent as Blobbish.
  5. This could work for me. Micro meet and breakfast, followed by a tour of G-CIVB (which I wanted to do anyway at some point - two birds, one stone!), then off down to Frome to drop in on relos. Maybe overnight there and drive home Sunday morning. Edit: Hotel near Frome booked. Looking forward to it.
  6. Added to Forum calendar - Neutreus, for the Events Diary please, when you have a moment. The postcode is GL7 6BA, which works well.
  7. Sounds good to me - count us in. Remembering how quickly the car park filled up after 10am last time, I think a 9.30 meet is the right time.
  8. I can only get there on the weekend of 18/19 June. All other June weekends I'll be at other pre-planned meets (Ace Cafe/Bromley Pageant) or away on holiday. I'm not suggesting you should all fit around me of course, but on the off chance that it is that weekend, then I can get along.
  9. No reason not to, Paul, as the last one was a blast. As things stand right now, we are not available 25th owing to other OC business, but the other Saturdays are up for grabs.
  10. I don’t like the black or the ironing board but I do love the stance
  11. Hi, do you fancy another meeting at Kemble /Cotswold air field in June😁
  12. Keith, meets could be put on the Calendar to make them visible, or pinned within their own topic so they are held at the top until complete. You make a fair point!
  13. I don't think I should take much credit for this as the way to select maps on a 370 sounds very different to a 350. However, Pete is up and running with selectable maps and has a tasty exhaust so all is well. I also had a Cobra CAT back system on my 350 back in the day...!
  14. If there's another meet at Kemble, could it be highlighted somewhere away from the Public Access Meets page - it's tucked right at the bottom of the main page which is somewhere I rarely seem to visit. Or, could the meets be moved higher up the page for more promenance?
  15. Cheers guys, apart from work it`s been a good one, just got back from a lovely Thai meal 😋
  16. All the best, Gav! Hope you have a great day.
  17. Hi and welcome, very nice ! I do like that.🥰
  18. We are all different, I like the Black, but don’t like the ironing board 😊
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