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  3. All the best, Les. Hope you are keeping well.
  4. Cheers Les[emoji106] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G991B met Tapatalk
  5. Happy birthday Les, hope you are well xx
  6. Yesterday
  7. Trust me mate - I need no encouragement! She's already booked in to have the APR Tune, Miltek non-res cat back exhaust and APR large intakes fitted. Not for another 3-4 weeks sadly but I'm hoping the sounds will be more akin to my normal 'quite cars' as you say πŸ˜‰ I'm also de-chroming the car, so the mirrors and badges will be black to match the wheels and skirts etc. That's beginning of November.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks, and i had a great day[emoji3508][emoji106] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G991B met Tapatalk
  10. Thanks Sarah, definitely looking forward to catching up again, sometime soon hopefully. Yeah the Bmw isn't too bad, needs some paint doing, but other than that it's all original, apart from the wheels 🀣
  11. So wonderful to hear from you. Looking forward to catching up soon. Nice looking car Jim x
  12. The forum was down for the whole day, but I hope you had a happy Birthday on 26th, John!
  13. Hi all, after several years of being away, I'm finally back πŸ‘ Due to work & life in general, it's been several years since I was in the group, which I have missed. Unfortunately though, this time without a Nissan, but a 2004 BMW 645ci, she needs work here and there but fairly decent, oh and sorry about the swearing 🀣🀣 I do hope everyone is well, old and new. Myself and Hannah are looking forward to seeing some of you at some future meetings and getting back into the nissansportz family.
  14. We suffered a bit of a blip there. Thanks for bearing with us. We are back up and running again now thanks to Robin.
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  16. He’s just trying to spend your money, Neil!! πŸ˜‚
  17. Mega smart, lots of excellent details - and it's hard to beat the rear of a fast Audi estate imo. Out of interest, are the vents by the headlights functional? Or just to make it look even meaner?? If you wanted some extra inspiration for mods, the MCM boys have just tricked out an RS3 with some nice aftermarket bits from Revo in the UK.
  18. Hi, New issue with the Replacement Kit ! I done it but the Soft Top didn't goes completely in the trunk. It happens only if the spring are attached to the body of the car. If I detached the springs, the Soft Top goes completely in the trunk. An idea ?
  19. I’m afraid that he has not done the camera kits for some time now. I remember that latterly he had serious supply issues with the company in the USA. Sorry!
  20. Cost will be the answer probably. Even the R35 GTR only has a stick to hold the bonnet open.
  21. What a great mod. Why didn’t they fit those as standard?
  22. Is Paul doing the reverse camera to Standard head unit kits? I’m using the AUX input socket now but the screen cuts out when the car moves. Any advice is welcome
  23. Paul are you doing any kits for connecting rear camera to standard head unit please?
  24. Saw this and thought of you Cray Z πŸ˜‚
  25. I get mine free by having a Nationwide bank account. My 6 series broke down in Ghent a few years ago and they paid for me to get home, took the car to a BMW dealers and when it was fixed they paid for me to go back and collect it. (the breakdown was a recall item so the whole thing didn't cost me anything :-)) FlexPlus | Packaged bank account | Nationwide
  26. An excellent fast family car.Have always liked these but not the depreciation from new! Great choice πŸ‘
  27. Very nice, Neil. I remember Alec-C had one a few years back; most certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. By the time you get the Miltek fitted, it will be another one of your quiet cars!!!!
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