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350Z FAQ's and How To's

Frequently Asked Questions with answers and instructions for working on your 350Z

Forum Rules

This forum is in place to provide help and information to owners and prospective owners of the sports cars. It is owned and run by the committee of nissansportz.com owners club for the mutual benefit of owners and enthusiasts of the marque.

It should not be used for any other purposes than helping, advising, etc.

Please try to be helpful and respectful to other forum members, other forums, and companies. We will not tolerate personal attacks, or attacks against other organisations (whether commercial or otherwise) - Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Please be constructive in your posts and help make the club an ongoing success for all of our benefit.

Please take some time to acquaint yourself with the forum layout & try to post in the correct sections of the forum.

Articles for sale must only be placed in the relevant Members Only section. Articles appearing in any other section will have the posts removed immediately. Any articles that are unlawful, or not genuine will result in the Member being expelled immediately from the forum and the club.

The co-operation of the ownership community makes this work, and that in turn will benefit all Nissan sports car enthusiasts.

The committee and moderators reserve the right to modify, move or delete any posts that are deemed unsuitable for the forum or the club. Furthermore the committee and moderators reserve the right to remove any forum users access to the forum and/or delete all of his/her posts. This may be done without consultation or recourse.

Any matter being posted of an unsuitable nature will be removed immediately.

The club, committee, moderators or forum administrators/hosters bear no liability for any matter posted on the forum.


  1. 350Z Interior

    FAQ's relating to the interior of the 350Z
  2. 350Z Exterior

    FAQ's relating to the Exterior of the 350Z
  3. 350Z Mechanical

    FAQ's relating to the Mechanicals of the 350z
  4. 350Z Technical Service Bulletins

    Known problems and Issues with the 350Z
  5. 350Z How To's

    350Z Instructions written by the Members for the Members
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