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  1. A last minute decision to attend yesterday, made good by the sight of some sunshine! Shame there were no GTRs in the entries, or in the Supercar car park, so 370Z Nismo's had to fly the flag. Amazing amount of interest. Some pics; A rose between two thorns teehee Great to see, and chat to, another member... Trackday choices?... At least I wasn't on my own all day teehee...
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  2. Right, after what feels like a small eternity, I've finally been able to get my car to and from Horsham Development, and let Jez & co. take a good look over my 350. Sporadic rough running / random limp mode They couldn't replicate that very weird, very sporadic rough running issue either - they had a hosepipe in all the nooks and crannies underneath with the car running and being rev'd, specifically paying (spraying?) attention to wherever there could be exposed electrics... and absolute nothing untoward happened (typical). Incidentally, I've not experienced this odd behaviour again since the beginning of April either. Really strange. I've changed back to using Shell V-Power recently, instead of Tesco's Momentum that I've relied on for most the year prior. So maybe it was a fuel-related problem somehow? No-one really knows still, but hopefully this problem is gone for good. Over-rich fuel mix Horsham did find the source of what was making the car run rich, however. There is apparently a known side-effect of UpRev tuning that leads to "drift" in the fuelling calculations over time, leading to a progressively over-rich mixture of fuel being fed into the cylinders. This was easily remedied in the first instance by simply disconnecting the battery for approximately 5 minutes, which I believe causes the logging in the ECU to be reset. H-Dev also spotted a blown exhaust gasket (£10+labour) which they replaced and then tightened everything up. And what a difference! The car is back to its usual purring, buttery smooth, nicely urgent self once again. Whilst the UpRev issue might slowly arise again over time, Jez has sent the logs from my car to UpRev in the States for analysis and suggestions. Once that comes back, hopefully UpRev have a more permanent solution than the simple battery-disconnect reset (fingers crossed that isn't a complete reflash and retune though). Oil gallery gasket No issue with the oil gallery gasket either! H-Dev did say it's starting to dip ever so slightly below Nissan's recommended minimum PSI of 15 at hot idle, so it does sound like it might be just starting to go a little bit. So the car will get a full OEM metal gasket replacement kit and H-Dev's torque bolt upgrade when it returns in a few weeks. Very happy - not to mention, very relieved!
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  3. Great that you've got some expert advice and have you car back to its previous best! Just shows the value of supporting the fabulous independent garages that continue to sprinkle their magic dust on our cars! Pleased for you too! 👍
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  4. Fenestraz and Nato both score strong points in second race of double-header Save Download Share June 4, 2023 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Nissan Formula E Team took their best result of the season in Jakarta, with Sacha Fenestraz and Norman Nato both putting in excellent performances to take fourth and fifth respectively in Round 11 of the 2022/23 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. After a tough first race of the weekend for the squad, Fenestraz claimed second in his qualifying group on Sunday, progressing to the Duels. The Franco-Argentine driver started seventh, and got an excellent launch off the line, moving up to fourth by the end of Lap 1. Meanwhile, Frenchman Nato was making solid progress through the field, keeping cool in the Jakarta heat to make places during the Attack Mode phase. Having started 12th, Nato avoided incidents ahead of him and used his speed and overtaking ability to move further into the top-10. Helped by the team's strong strategy, both drivers continued to push into the higher points-paying positions, challenging for a podium spot until the final corner. The pair combined for 22 points, the squad's best result of the season so far. Formula E returns on 24 June for the final single-header of the season, as the series makes it first visit to Portland, USA. Tommaso Volpe, managing director and team principal, Nissan Formula E Team: "A rollercoaster of a weekend, with a tough race yesterday and a really good one today. We were stronger in qualifying and had a much better strategy during the race. Both drivers did a great job, with some impressive overtakes. Sacha even battled for the podium until the final corner, while Norman's defense was very solid at the end of the race. We can be very happy with our performance and proud of the team and drivers. Our focus now is to take this positive showing into the next round in Portland to pick up even more points there." Sacha Fenestraz: "This weekend was a good way to see our strengths and weaknesses as a team. Today was a very positive race, it was great for the crew to reward their hard work over the last few months. Yesterday was quite frustrating, but we came back strongly and both cars had very good pace. Norman did a superb job to come from P12 on the grid to P5 at the finish and I'm really happy that we both took a strong result. The heat was definitely a challenge, but the humidity was the most difficult. However, we pushed through as a team to score some really good points. I'm now looking forward to Portland, it's a brand-new track for all of us so it should be an interesting one!" Norman Nato: "Today was really positive. We changed the setup, because yesterday we weren't so competitive and it worked for us. We managed to put it all together in the race and react from the frustration of Saturday to get a great result for both cars. We'll now look to analyze this one to see what we can do to continue improving for Portland. We had strong pace throughout today's event, so we have to aim to score big points for the rest of the season. We're not far off the leading teams based on this performance, and we have five races left to prove what we can do this year." About Nissan in Formula E Nissan made its all-electric racing debut in Season 5 (2018/19) of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, becoming the first and only Japanese manufacturer to enter the series. In Season 7 (2020/21), Nissan announced its long-term involvement in Formula E and its commitment to the Gen3 era, which will run from Season 9 (2022/23) through to the end of Season 12 (2025/26) of the all-electric racing series. In April 2022, Nissan acquired the e.dams race team, with the Japanese automaker taking full ownership of its involvement in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. In June 2022, Nissan announced it would supply its Nissan EV powertrain technology to McLaren Racing for the entirety of the Formula E Gen3 era. For Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the Nissan Formula E drivers will be Norman Nato and Sacha Fenestraz. Nissan races in Formula E to bring the excitement and fun of zero-emission electric vehicles to a global audience. As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050, Nissan intends to electrify every all-new vehicle offering by the early 2030s in key markets. The Japanese automaker aims to bring its expertise in transferring knowledge and technology between the racetrack and road for better electric vehicles for customers. About Formula E The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship became the first global sport to be certified with a net zero carbon footprint from inception back in 2020, having invested in certified climate-protecting projects in all race markets to offset emissions from every season of electric racing. All cars in the championship are powered by electricity, with the series acting as a competitive platform to test and develop the latest in electric technology. The World's greatest manufacturers race against each other on street circuits and Formula E promotes the adoption of sustainable mobility in city centres in a bid to combat air pollution and lessen the effects of climate change.
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  5. Cheers Dave, much appreciated! I'd watched couple of youtube videos on the subject - all seemed to have issues after installation of the new battery with lost radio settings (not really an issue) but other more worrying stuff like warning lights being present and trying to clear them. Also I've noticed a difference of opinion whether to disconnect/reconnect positive or neutral posts first. I tend to agree with you with your instructions.
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  6. C”mon folks, give Keith a hand here - I know several of you have done this! Even if it’s just a link to a previous thread.
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  7. I literally had the same thing, only seemed to happen at night or in the damp. I just looked back at my 'How to' write up that I started and it doesn't look like I got very far 🙄 But, knowing a fellow Zed owner is suffering, I'll get it written up. Here is a summary of my problem with temporary solution... So my alarm was going off a lot, mostly at night or when the conditions were damp. I search all over this forum and on the net but nothing conclusive on why it seemed to go off in those conditions. I checked for spiders in all manner of locations, I tried disabling the interior sensor and closing the air vents but no improvement. I installed a new battery, it still went off. I bought moisture absorbing bags but no joy (though they are actually very useful and are keeping things nice and dry). I stumbled across a thread from a 350 owner who had issues with their bonnet sensors (the sensor that detects if your bonnet is opened when locked up, not anything to do with the pop-up pedestrian safety system), so I investigated this next. The sensor (there’s only one) is well hidden as I’d tried to find it before but thought that it must have been a USA thing. However, UK cars also have the sensor. It’s located on the front RHS of the car (when viewed from the drivers seat) and is mounted to the RHS bonnet release mechanism (LHS as you stand at the bonnet to open it). After retrieving and testing the sensor for changes in continuity, it was clear that my bonnet sensor was not working at all. I had an open circuit when the switch was both pressed and released. I reconnected the sensor and tested it in situ by locking the car and then pressing the microswitch with a screwdriver. Nothing, no alarm. Next, I disconnected the sensor, locked the car again and carefully shorted the terminals on the harness side (simulating the bonnet being opened when the car is locked) and the alarm went off. So, it told me that the switch is normally open when the bonnet is closed and also that my switch was buggered. So, I simply unplugged the sensor (simulating a permanently closed bonnet) to silence the alarm. Bliss, no more being woken up at 2am!!! It did mean that my bonnet was not being monitored by my alarm but so be it for now. I'll put some pics up to help you locate and unplug it to see if you're having the same problem...
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  8. Belated HBirthday[emoji482] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G991B met Tapatalk
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