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  1. Not a Nissan, but it made me laugh. Spotted an M3 on the M5 yesterday with the number plate "U L05ERS" ha ha.
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  2. Dropped in new ZOLE mats in the z. Not sewn anymore, sort of stuck on.
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  3. Thanks all We've found the issue. There was no fault as such, but there was a setting that needed to be changed. I appreciate your help
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  4. I have winter tyres on my spare set of wheels. A few winters ago I was running Bridgestones and when it snowed I couldn't get out of my estate - I had the choice of a long slight incline Vs a short steeper hill to climb. I tried both repeatedly (even in reverse!) and I couldn't manage either. After that I picked up a 2nd hand set of Pirelli Sottozero from someone on here. Since then it's not snowed But, I can say they compound is very obviously different. The winter tyres are so much softer and almost feel sticky to touch. Whereas the Bridgestones feel like plastic when they are cold. I don't much like the feel of the car on the winter tyres. It feels quite lose. But I guess that's because the tyres have deeper tread and the blocks move around a lot more because they are softer. It took me a little getting used to but they never lost grip. I think general advice is that winter tyres give better braking than normal tyres below 5 degrees. So I tend to put my winters on for a few months when it gets cold.
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  5. Looks awesome http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/datsun/240z/datsun-240z-with-4-0-tvr-engine-conversion/6142228
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  6. Went for the Yokohama in the end thru black circle and ATS in Chippenham , great service from both. Well pleased
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