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  1. Been in Sweden for 15 months, now.. no car at all, as Stockholm is tiny and you only need to walk places, or there's the Tunnelbana Was almost tempted to pick this up for my drive home, but nowhere to put my bicycle.. https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Nybesiktigad_cab_Nissan_350Z_Roadster_74956760.htm?ca=11&w=1
  2. not riding a Kwakker any more either - now on a Gixxer, but that name was already taken Spending long dark days and nights in Sweden at the moment, hoping to one day see the sun again.. At least I have Banana Pizza to keep me sustained Always have this site in my heart, even if I don't get to visit that much any more.. the 350Z still makes me smile more than it should
  3. Happy Birthday Kwakkers!

  4. Kwakkers


    cool! nice one Paul - thought I'd pop along and noticed the Garage option at the top might even chuck my cars and bikes in there too
  5. Kwakkers


    I've now eaten all my Fuku noodles - I'll have to go and get some more (still lurking from time to time)
  6. Kwakkers


    well.. Seb still goes, so you never know.. no definites though, but I do miss the old regulars Full NISMO kitted 350Z in either a dark grey or dark blue, with either NISMO 19"s or my old sexy 19"s awight fella! I was in a Chinese supermarket not long ago and bought a box of noodles 'cos of the name 'Fuku'
  7. Kwakkers


    I sneak around from time to time to make sure that the Paul's (W&S) are keeping you rowdy lot in order.. as it happens, I did spend a bit of time looking at the cars for sale, when I popped in last time (and the time before that, etc.) - would probably only be happy with a Full NISMO'd 350z though.. I've not fallen for the 370z, unfortunately and the GT-R is well out of my price range.. especially after blowing a load of cash on a holiday to Antarctica for Christmas (highly recommended!!).. I still have a lot of 350Z spare parts in storage, though My Supercharged 5 is a hoot, but sometimes on long journeys a bit of refinement would be nice Paul S - the website is looking fantastic mate - you're doing an excellent job!!
  8. Kwakkers


    Hi Guys, happy to see the site is still going strong I was just wondering if you'd looked at installing Garage? http://www.devfuse.com/products/62-garage-system/ I'm using it on a different site, and it's proving really popular. It allows for the members to show off their cars and maintain a thread on the forum which is always upto date, etc? I had hoped to install it on here myself at some point, before I lost the Z (and hence couldn't be in the committee any more (rule changes came in after that, unfortunately for me)). ta rich
  9. This made me laugh.. Playstation 3 Outage Angers Players
  10. Kwakkers

    Stephen Grant

    not sure if he's still on these forums, or even what he drives nowadays, but I saw Stephen Grant at a comedy club last night.. he was actually funnier than I remembered
  11. The original RSS stuff was just done to prove the concept and test it out.. Site security was an issue at the time, so it wasn't followed up
  12. spotted my first 370z in the wild today, 09:15 just outside Richmond.. It was a white one.. looked better than I expected, but I'm still not sure.. same place (going the other way) where a new GT-R "Tried" to keep up with me through Traffic and ended up catching up only when I stopped at traffic lights and just to complete the triple - I still see Mr.FHM (350Z owner - same Gunmetal Grey car from new - good man) on my route home from work (when I leave on time), except.. as I'm not in my old 350 any more I can't really wave at him (for him to know who I am)
  13. Kwakkers

    M40 Twice

    same car spotted on friday heading north and sunday heading south UK53*** blade I think?
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