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  1. PaulW

    F1 2021

    Max is totally at fault in my opinion. The onboard clearly shows him turn in, straighten up when he notices Lewis on the inside and then turn hard right assuming Lewis would back off. Copse has so much tarmac run off he could easily have kept straight and still been ahead on the exit. Also Lewis was pretty much level and the collision was Lewis's front tyre to Max's rear tyre so Lewis had braked earlier and was backing off. The nonsense that redbull are now saying Lewis would not have made the corner ignoring the fact Max therefore definitely wouldn't have!! Horner and Verstappen are really starting to annoy me, both behaving like spoilt brats completely ignoring that they have already been found cheating this year!!
  2. Very, it looks amazing in green as well !!
  3. Yay me and the current Mrs W will be there 😄🥳
  4. I always go for the inward rear wishbone where it pivots on the chassis. Nice thick steel and the radius means it sits in the stand rather than resting on the outside edges.
  5. Or there are a few 370z's on ebay being broken for parts, maybe contact one of them. It's not a common issue so you'd be unlucky to get another knackered one.
  6. Welcome Paul, looks very nice.
  7. Very nice, looks like a new car. Issues don't sound to bad, the transmission clunk live with for a while as it may just be getting used to it. I'd look into the rubbing though.
  8. PaulW

    Solar Panel Info..

    I was involved in running a very successful renewable energy business until about 5 years ago when the government withdrew the feed in tariffs. If you need any help I'll see what I can do
  9. Looking at it I'd say its come from under the trim down rather from the inside out. Probably water sitting under the trim finding a weakness in the paint or some unprotected metal. Should be able to get away with a very localised repair.
  10. Happy Birthday Sarah 🥳, I'll have a drink for you later
  11. We use Tesco Boxin, no issues if the car isn't used and a really useful app that lets us know how they are driving, love a bit of snooping on the kids movements
  12. There's no special tool it just unscrews counter clockwise but it is very tight as Chubbs mentioned. A big pipe wrench would be my first plan.
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