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Community Answers

  1. The beginning of the end for interesting cars 😒
  2. I'm a big fan of ebc brake pads as well, cheaper than DS2500's and difficult to notice a difference. Also you can choose a pad that suits what your doing with the car. Having said that I'm currently running DS2500's lol Always stainless brake lines, this upgrade before any other on all my cars even the S-Max!! Brake fluid wise I'm with the old man if you are going near a track.
  3. Thanks everyone, here's to the next 50
  4. PaulW

    F1 2021

    And there is a lot of run off at turn one in Abu Dhabi!!
  5. Of course he is, he's driving a Jaguar
  6. Sorry to hear this. Lower compression and oil on the plugs on just one bank I'd say was either piston rings or valve seals. Only way to check for sure is do a leak down test or do a wet compression test and compare it to your dry results. Either way on that mileage it shouldn't happen unless oil changes have been missed before you had it, it's been run low on oil or it's been over revved. Both I fear are full rebuilds, might be worth getting a second hand engine?
  7. PaulW

    F1 2021

    Lewis needs 9 points more than Max, so two wins if Max comes 2nd in both or a win and ahead of Max in the other, or two places ahead if he finishes in the other in 9th, but a 10th place is no good to him. Then if he wins and Max is lower than second he can finish a bit lower, but it depends how much lower Max finishes. Simples
  8. PaulW

    F1 2021

    No attempt to make the corner also the footage is Max clearly straightens up when he is off track forcing Lewis even wider, why would he do this if he was "trying" to make the corner. Their crash at Silverstone also needs to be taken into account, Lewis ran a bit wide, not off the track wide, bit a bit wide and Max didn't try to avoid him as a result Lewis got a penalty. If Lewis was given a penalty at Silverstone then Max has to be given a penalty for this.
  9. I'm still using my original Zed battery from 2004. I'm using it to store power from a solar panel so not sure how it would work in a car But it powers 12v lights and usb charging points and never let me down. As for battery charger, no idea about CTEK but I can highly recommend the below. It's regularly used in my ever growing collection of rubbish cars for kids to learn to drive in! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Einhell-1002215-Battery-Charger/dp/B07WJ4CDKL/ref=sr_1_8?adgrpid=103351209559&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrJOMBhCZARIsAGEd4VHjzgPSDKV2gHr1Avfd_21t1vjoVnafNDMBPJ9pKHXDmxbNcNcFIfkaAoCeEALw_wcB&hvadid=447990909813&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9046437&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=14408498705451271797&hvtargid=kwd-365684956767&hydadcr=27347_1726521&keywords=einhell+charger&qid=1636130859&qsid=257-3421065-7997925&sr=8-8&sres=B082TD4R4L%2CB08M6L4DZ1%2CB08LQHYX4C%2CB07WJ4CDKL%2CB00HT9591U%2CB079DDNND4%2CB017A1N6L6%2CB00T6CBE3U%2CB01AB2KRUY%2CB01M1RJU2O%2CB07NJ727HW%2CB08LQHKBNT%2CB01HU474NO%2CB01MTYGLL5%2CB0853SGR52%2CB07SF1KPG8%2CB0816XBGB1%2CB01M1MMZ7V%2CB01AYHOWLG%2CB00U5YGHMQ
  10. PaulW

    I'm Back!

    Yay, great news, glad your back and in a good place. We missed you.
  11. I got rid of mine when they started to rattle, no issues.
  12. Welcome Jezed. I'd be interested to know more about the 2004 zed, Azure was a rare colour on the early cars.
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