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  1. Happy Birthday Nobbie!

  2. Happy Birthday Nobbie!

  3. Any Nat King Cole really... oh and Pretenders 2000 Miles :-)
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNOJ0R6C88Q&feature=plcp This one's being doiung the rounds over the last few days - bad driving on both their parts
  5. Yep - I've done the same too except I keep an old iPod with broken screen in there instead as it's useless to me otherwise
  6. - nice colour choice too!
  7. Nobbie

    Spotted Cards

    Sarah, could you send me a sticker please, just realised I didn't get one Thanks
  8. I've noticed that if you are too gentle on the brakes when stopping from high speed (i.e. exiting motorway) that you have to depress some way to stop it, but if you press quicker it bites much faster and harsher. It's just something I've become aware of and drive accordingly. I've done a few harder than intended depresses every now and then and nearly thrown Tina through the window, so they certainly work!
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