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Community Answers

  1. Very nice pics. Nudge: You've promised to tell us about the police encounter...
  2. Belated MHRs. Hope you had a good day...
  3. MHRs Paul. Have a good one... 🍻
  4. I can honestly say I'm happy as I am.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Doesnt look quite as good when I get close up and see the little things that will each cost lots to fix! Underbody is good under saloon and rear. Paintwork is good front, bonnet and wings. (Might have that PPF'd) So still lots of small cosmetic things to keep me amused!
  6. ...and a couple just sent to me by the PPF fitter:
  7. Headlight swap for secondhand original style units two weeks ago, and UV protecting film fitted today:
  8. Nissan Exeter advertise Infiniti servicing and have at least two technicians trained to GT-R standard - but I guess if you ask for one they might try and charge you GT-R hourly rates. Might be worth a phone chat though...
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