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  1. My rear wiper arm doesn't seem to be giving me the clearance it used to. I've just measured it and when you lift the arm it only moves 4cm - I'm sure it used to do more than that... Is it possible a 350Z owner on here could check theirs for me? Ta.
  2. (lockdowns do strange things to people...) I took delivery of one of these: And found places for all these: Time to order some of those screws that Greg found me!
  3. Someone in another place has recounted a conversation with a dealer whilst picking a MY20 ex-Demo GT-R. They said they'd been told by Nissan UK that they cant have anymore MY21 demonstrators. I'm checking whether they can still take build orders...
  4. And the configurator still doesnt have it. Just checked.
  5. Interesting because the NMUK configurator has dropped the GT-R from its list of available vehicles. (Or had last week up to yesterday afternoon)
  6. I've found a good place to buy batteries is..... wait for it.... Boots the Chemists !!
  7. Not a problem Jeff. Wouldnt have changed my sig if it was a secret. Still need to sort a few things though...
  8. Hardly been driven last two years and six years old now. Servicing, etc up to date so I accepted an offer. Not much else to say really. Fun while it lasted.
  9. Display tickets now showing as Sold Out. So thats 450 cars to look at!
  10. Just a note to clarify. Hendy took over Westover last year so there may be familiar faces there on the day...
  11. As we wouldnt be able to stay all day I have booked a "public" ticket.
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