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  1. Dreaded MOT has "advised" my Cats' Heat Shields are rusting away (although Cats must still be working as emissions still compliant). Anyone know if the Heat Shields can be replaced separately? TIA
  2. I agree you need a reputable garage. Having found one or two Nissan dealers I trust, I use them, not just for the stamps in the book, but also for the free breakdown coverage that comes with each annual service.
  3. My Viofo runs off 5V but is designed to be wired in. However they supply a usb cable to go in a phone charger for use on the desk when setting up. The camera is also removable from its car mount when not required. But the mount gives it GPS info to enhance the recordings. And I'm still trying to get it setup to do all the things it promises. There is a website called Dash Cam Talk where lots of different models are discussed. Might be worth a browse so you cab decide what features you are looking for and pitfalls to avoid (e.g. poor or low spec SD Cards).
  4. Here is a 350Z with the uk "standard" Nismo option fitted (Its a GT4 but that was the same as a regular UK):
  5. From what I recall the bodykit is genuine Nismo parts but they aren't the ones that were a Nismo option on standard 350Zs. Just cant recall why that one (or a batch) were produced..... Looking again, the car is an import, so may be a Japan variant.
  6. Welcome Jez. I have a 350Z and they are becoming quite difficult to get new parts for (my son also on here has a 370Z Nismo V1). Like you I'm hoping for the odd meet in 2022.
  7. Many Happy Returns Joan. Hope you have a great day (and get spoiled rotten by you know who!)
  8. This is probably not relevant but have you added any wired accessories to the car? I added front and rear dashcams and when the rear is powered up my actual position on the satnav map is wrong. It seems the camera wiring was interfering with the satnav's GPS aerial. A couple of ferrite cores on the rear camera cable has cured the problem.
  9. Thanks Gav. I have been accumulating 350Z headlight units which are in various states of misting - including the two on the car, I now have seven to try for the best result!
  10. What are peeps latest view on which product to use? Various reviews recommend Autoglym, Holts and Mequiars kits although the latter offer two different products, a one-step and a two-step... Anyone?
  11. I think this is a different video. One of 240 (??) for sale - or so the man says... P.s. It seems the USA still dont know what year we are in!
  12. Looks like there's life left in the old ICE engine technology yet. Read through to the relevant bits: Could changes to Formula 1 attract another new car company? - BBC Sport
  13. I think that the first time I've seen the new "burger" badge on a vehicle...
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