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Community Answers

  1. JohnFK

    F1 2021

    P.s. Given the Red Bull hysterics, one can only hope Jos is having a word with Max to explain the facts of life(in F1 racing).
  2. JohnFK

    F1 2021

    This is interesting: British Grand Prix: F1 teams could face penalties if they visit race stewards without an invitation - BBC Sport According to the blurb, Toto was invited but Christian Horner rushed after him uninvited! Tw*t.
  3. P.s. Bet mine cost more than his did!
  4. Pulled alongside me at the traffic lights in Exeter.... A yellow, Renault (Megane?) RS on a 64-plate. Wheel looked brand new. Bit of a cheek I thought...
  5. BaconSarnee - Please avoid posting around breakfast time when all I have is cereal. Might have to go to the caff down the road now...
  6. Rumoured that when HM the Queen as asked what she thought about Kettering, she replied "Oh, I have a chef who does all that"... 😝
  7. I don't know what has prompted the return to Kettering but I'm really pleased that we will have the extensive facilities to enjoy. Hope it all goes to plan...
  8. Found out today that the little black dots that are round the edges of my windscreen are called "frits" and that those in the large area behind the interior mirror are called the "third visor frits". Just thought I'd share!
  9. Thanks Gav - I thought it was too easy. I wonder how one can find part no.s for RHD pre-2005 cars. I suspect my ebay searches need to get more frequent...
  10. I've just found a pair of new headlights for the 2002 to 2005 models. However, they may be for a LHD car. Anyone know if they were different to RHD cars? (Amayama parts diagram not helpful as they only show for LH Steering)
  11. JohnFK

    Nissan Cufflink

    In the process of unpacking several event goody bags I cam across a single Nissan logo cufflink. I remember at the time thinking giving just one was a strange gift but hey-ho... Anyway, anyone else here got one?
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