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  1. Great day on Thursday! I only have one pic but I'm sure more will be posted soon...
  2. You might want to get the caliper piston seals done at the same time. Repainting them, or in my case getting them repainted, seems to be a daunting task because of the high working temperatures the result has to deal with...
  3. I shall be there on the Thursday, joining Junior (who has hinted about delivering a Fathers Day present - oh bother, that means I'll have to find him a birthday gift!!). I'll be in the GT-R for its first event attendance...
  4. I cant remember about shims. Thats because: a) I get them changed by a garage, and b) I cant remember the last time as I've 9nly been doing 1,500 miles per annum for the last few years.... (So its not just because I'm old!) Hopefully someone else will be along with more knowledge (and a better memory). Soz!
  5. P.s. Brake fluid and pads are the only non-oem items I run on my car.
  6. I've used them since my first track day in 2006 proved the originals inadequate. Since then there have been other track days but also over 100k road miles and they've been great and confidence inspiring. I did try some other well known pads briefly, but the brake dust was horrendous and stuck like glue to the alloys, taking various treatments and a hour per corner to clean off! Hope this helps...
  7. Ferodo DS2500s every time. And change fluid to RBF600...
  8. Another US review via Pistonheads... 2023 Nissan Z | PH Review | PistonHeads UK
  9. Sixteen and a half years old and had some tlc this year:
  10. I've heard this week that 7 UK-spec R35s have just landed at Sunderland with 3 more to follow on the next ship. Those are to fulfill orders placed prior to 1st July 2021 and there will be no more new ones. 13 years of R35 - RIP
  11. Cant do that this weekend but we could aim for it in the future.
  12. And normally I'd be interested in any not too distant get togethers (I'm taking a run out to Sidmouth on Sunday morning but will only be there for an hour or so due to current circumstances). So I'd be interested in the future too.
  13. MHRs to a Hail Fellow! Wishing you a great day...
  14. Bad news Chas. I know how you must feel. I had a side-swipe encounter a couple of years ago and I was driving... mostly cosmetic and dealt with, but the thoughts still linger.
  15. I've got one of those ... well the bit with the loop as far as where it sheared off!
  16. As thats a 350 one I would love one please.
  17. And I've now got a 4k Dashcam that could have captured that!
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