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  1. Welcome! What car do you have (or had (or both)? As Chilli said, some pics would ne nice...
  2. Update: I now have 5 secondhand units bought as replacements (3 offside and 2 nearside)! They are all Xenons (but not Bi-Xenons) as I want to keep the original look of my car. These are in varying conditions but I've passed the worst ones to my friendly bodyshop guy for external cleaning / haze removal. When he's done that job I will post up comparison pictures but I can already see the same theme emerging... these 12 years old (minimum) units all have some discolouration of the mirroring inside the unit. Some is minimal but a couple are probably beyond re-use without a "split-open" overhaul. More in due course...
  3. I'm just hoping F1's efforts with synthetic fuel for ICEngines can be developed to mass distribution. But will I still be driving in 2030?
  4. (I've had over 16 new cars in my life and they've all had batteries... to start the petrol engines - and run the clocks. I can honestly say batteries have been the biggest source of problems in my motoring life 🤣 )
  5. P.s. Meanwhile, UK Dealers are holding deposits. As Christine Keeler said "They would, wouldnt they" ...
  6. All the chatter I've heard about a R36 usually ends with "there isnt one". I have heard that the backlog of R35 orders might be fulfilled next year. But, afaik Nissan UK havent said that publicly. As I've said before, The EU* 2022 has stricter emission controls to meet. And there must be a cost in doing that and getting a car passed through Homologation. Is it worthwhile for the volumes? * In theory, since Leaving the EU, the UK could amend the restrictions, but would they do that? Wouldnt look good in their Climate Control programme. And even if they did, would UK volumes make the costs of a UK market specific model variant worthwhile to Nissan Global? I really dont know anything definite. But I'm not very optimistic for the R35 and am personally not interested in an R36 (this old b*gger is old school!)
  7. Apparently the Australians think they are getting 50 too 😄
  8. I'm not sure about that Green interior! Still, mould wont show on the seats when its been in a barn for 30 years.... (Nismo seats not an option btw) £150k been quoted elsewhere!
  9. See here: https://global.nissannews.com/en/releases/new-japan-market-nissan-gt-r-my2022-unveiled
  10. I thought that too... Plus I think the days of Renault influencing Nissan decisions disappeared with Nissan's management retrenchment that followed the Carlos (Fandago) case. Sorry!
  11. So after the cancellation of the F1 GP at Suzuka, Nissan has had to do this. They do seem to be struggling in Japan at the mo... NISMO Festival canceled (nissannews.com)
  12. I think the headlight restoration guys will only deal with the external hazing of the unit's plastic lens. I've yet to find anyone who says they will split the unit and deal with the discolouration on the mirrored surfaces... Its a work in progress for me, especially as new units dont seem to be available and most secondhand ones are also deteriorating inside...
  13. I think you are correct with that code although the same codes get different names in different marketing geographies - in the US its sometimes known as Desert Shadow Metallic. In 2008 several members went, at Nissan's invitation, to see the European Launch of the R35 at the Geneva Motor Show and the car on display was Black. However, a few of us went off with the Nissan programme manager to see the demo car he had which was Titanium. As soon as I saw it that was the colour I specified for my order, even though it was 15 months away from delivery. And you are right about the low colour takeup - that was the reason that colour was dropped within two years of launch. As a matter of interest, what colour does it say on your V5? My dealer and salesman had a weird sense of humour and when I got the V5 I was surprised and amused to see it said, Colour: "Brownish" !!
  14. I dont know if US variants have an OPF. Just thought it might make achieve compliance to EU 2022 and would therefore count as a .5 !! Anyone know the compliance rules? Is it date of build or date of delivery?
  15. As many of you will know, the R35 GT-R has gone through numerous updates since introduced to the UK in 2009. Most of them coincide with deliveries in a new calendar year particularly as compliance requirements for emissions get tighter on a year by year basis. Hence the designations being M(odel)Y(ear)nn, such as MY11 and up to MY21. There had been considerable speculation as to what might be the spec for the MY22 car, or even if one would come to Europe or UK. Meanwhile, during 2021, Nissan UK have been accepting build orders from Dealers and until recently most of these havent had delivery dates (although some dealers seem to have told customers "they are on their way"!). There now seems to be some clarity emerging, with customers being told they will be getting a MY21.5 car, with deliveries late spring or summer 2022. Now to speculation... Are they planning on building cars to the existing MY21 spec or will the "half" spec just be to comply with 2022 emission requirements? For the first option, I know that in the past some car manufacturers, e.g. Maserati, have been given derogations by the EU to build a small number of cars without having to comply with the delivery year regulations. And although it doesnt sound the sort of thing Nissan would do, I think they could apply based on not be able to fullfill 2021 orders due to the chip shortages the industry is suffering from... For the second alternative, maybe they could just fit an OPF without going all the way to a MY22 spec car (details of which I believe have already been released in the USofA)? Interesting times!
  16. Hi Scott and welcome. Is that a Titanium R? Rare colour if it is...
  17. Ok, I withdraw my razor. But I do have something on wheels that is battery powered.... My Henry vacuum. Sitting on it is a bit precarious though....
  18. My shaver is too and has been for some time. And fast charging...
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