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  1. Come back when you've turned 80 and I'll let you know.
  2. Shinichiro Irie, Program Designer Director of Z Proto In our ongoing series, The Essence of Z-ness, we first heard from Chief Product Specialist Hiroshi Tamura on what Z-ness means to him and the legacy of Z around the world. In this second installment, we talk with Shinichiro Irie, the Program Design Director of the Z Proto, to ask him what he thought were the qualities that defined the Z Proto, what to look forward to with the next Z and to give insight into what exactly went into the thought process of the Z styling, from pen and paper to reality. Irie joined
  3. Hi. I'm a GT-R owner. What exactly would you like to know?
  4. No, but we probably havent got room for all the various thread combinations.... or life expectancy...
  5. P.s Just recalled two teenage "lads holidays" on the Broads in the early 60s including exploring Norwich. It was Fine then too!
  6. I first visited Norwich in the late 1960s and liked it very much. And I still think it is "A Fine City". I did two seasons of racing at Snetterton, and lots of Rallying in Norfolk. Love the beaches on the North Norfolk coast and also did two OU Social Science Summer Schools at Norwich Uni campus (very much a learning experience!). I'm hoping to go back again later this year, both to the coast and the city...
  7. We ought to have a thread on people we loathed that we now like and another people we liked that we now loathe....
  8. (No Infiniti in UK unfortunately - this is a USA announcement so dont look at prices!) 2021/04/09 YOKOHAMA, Japan – The wait is over. INFINITI celebrates the arrival of the stunning all-new 2022 INFINITI QX55 crossovers into showrooms across the U.S. and Canada this week, signaling the arrival of a vibrant, new era for the luxury automaker. Fortified by its commitment to deliver outstanding vehicles that are both powerful and composed, the path forward for INFINITI includes an impressive roster of captivating and expressive vehicles, complemented by
  9. and sometimes you go in the car....
  10. JohnFK

    Solar Panel Info..

    You have PM! 😉
  11. Sorry to hear about this Les but we all need breaks from time to time. Glad its nothing serious and best wishes for your plans.
  12. MHRs Caz. Wishing you a great day...
  13. Anyone on here done a solar panel install? Would like info on how to measure cable sizes, connectors and potential current loss in extension leads...
  14. P.s. Beware of ones cheap on eBay if from China. They may look like oem but may not be made to the same standard / specification. For my suspension I wouldnt use anything other than a Nissan part, new or secondhand.
  15. I got mine from Amayama but it could take 10 days or so as will come from Japan. Price will be cheaper than Nissan UK but there will be shipping and import duty to pay...
  16. If he lives in the Phillipines they probably didnt get updates from Hyde Park 😄
  17. Do they do a blue one? Fancy one for the R....
  18. MHRs John! Hope you have a good day...
  19. Just looking at this again... The wing mirror ones appear to fit inside a moulding on the mirror body or is this an optical illusion caused by the film surround?
  20. Webmasters don't count!
  21. Now all I want is a "Nissan News" area for their non-sports models press releases and comments... P.s. Was I the first to use the +1?
  22. A very smiley person and a very talented driver. RIP Sabine. Sabine Schmitz: Former racing driver and Top Gear presenter dies aged 51 - BBC Sport
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