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  1. I can honestly say I'm happy as I am.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. Doesnt look quite as good when I get close up and see the little things that will each cost lots to fix! Underbody is good under saloon and rear. Paintwork is good front, bonnet and wings. (Might have that PPF'd) So still lots of small cosmetic things to keep me amused!
  3. ...and a couple just sent to me by the PPF fitter:
  4. Headlight swap for secondhand original style units two weeks ago, and UV protecting film fitted today:
  5. Nissan Exeter advertise Infiniti servicing and have at least two technicians trained to GT-R standard - but I guess if you ask for one they might try and charge you GT-R hourly rates. Might be worth a phone chat though...
  6. Many happy returns Greg. Hope you have a great day...
  7. Dont forget your high-vis kit must, in France, be reachable by the Driver and and passengers without getting out of the car - so being in the boot doesnt count!
  8. Another thought! Have all the countries in the EU accepted the new "UK" designation (just cos Boris's empire declared it, it doesnt mean some other awkward beggar wont accept it) and, if it is acceptable, does that mean "GB" is no longet accepted?
  9. You are correct in that you dont need one on the front. One on the left of the rear plate should suffice... EXCEPT in Spain where they require a separate sticker (or letters) on the rear bodywork. (Don't ask me why!)
  10. Well spotted! Apologies and best wishes.
  11. Worth mentioning that if your car has the Nissan UK Dealer's boot partition accessory, it means you cant get to the manual pull from the saloon as its on the boot side. Typical accessory design lack of thought!
  12. And... thinking about it... when its open you probably should replace the springs in the bump stops either side. Did mine a few years ago and it made opening the boot on my 2005 much more reliable. OEM ones from Nissan dealer werent that expensive...
  13. Cant say about the problem but do you know there is an internal emergency release pull? It's on the underside of the strut cross brace...
  14. Great day on Thursday! I only have one pic but I'm sure more will be posted soon...
  15. You might want to get the caliper piston seals done at the same time. Repainting them, or in my case getting them repainted, seems to be a daunting task because of the high working temperatures the result has to deal with...
  16. I shall be there on the Thursday, joining Junior (who has hinted about delivering a Fathers Day present - oh bother, that means I'll have to find him a birthday gift!!). I'll be in the GT-R for its first event attendance...
  17. I cant remember about shims. Thats because: a) I get them changed by a garage, and b) I cant remember the last time as I've 9nly been doing 1,500 miles per annum for the last few years.... (So its not just because I'm old!) Hopefully someone else will be along with more knowledge (and a better memory). Soz!
  18. P.s. Brake fluid and pads are the only non-oem items I run on my car.
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