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  1. Oh and spotted a white GT-R yesterday too. Can't remember where that was either - must be losing it! But it was local - maybe Kenilworth!
  2. Welcome to the forum Jezed! What bike did you have?
  3. Trouble is I can't remember where I saw them but they were in the Warwick/Leamington Spa area!! Black with Nismo wing, Azure 50 plate parked up, GM somewhere and also a Blade. The sun obviously brought them out!!
  4. Spotted yesterday parked on Greville Road Warwick about 11.30am. 54 plate and very clean!
  5. Thanks for that. I have seen them available in the US etc but very wary of the taxes etc now.
  6. dj370zNismo

    White GT-R

    Spotted on A46 near to Whitley Coventry about 4.15pm today. Looked very clean - 67 plate.
  7. Where did you get them from SP, everywhere I look seems to be sold out?!
  8. Spotted yesterday about 9.30am on Emscote Road Warwick. Best colour for the 350Z IMO!
  9. dj370zNismo

    White GT-R

    Beautiful sounding GT- R going up the parade I Leamington a few mins ago!
  10. Spotted a few minutes ago coming into Balsall Common from the south. 04 plate.
  11. dj370zNismo

    Black GT-R

    Spotted yesterday when I was out in the Nismo on A46 near Leamington Spa. I was travelling north and GT-R was going south. Was about 3.30pm I think.
  12. Spotted today coming into Warwick in Coventry Road with the top down about 3.15pm. KT56
  13. Is it the good weather? just spotted a few minutes ago a very nice black 370Z coupe driving through the main street in Kenilworth. WV10 reg.
  14. From a silvery blue 370Z roadster at about 2.00/2.30pm. Somewhere between Deppers Bridge and the M40 on Gaydon Road.
  15. Spotted yesterday heading towards Warwick on Birmingham Road about 6.15pm. Have to say, looks the dogs **** with the top down!!
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