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  1. dj370zNismo

    GM coupe

    Spotted today about 3.00pm in Cubbington Rd Leamington Spa. 56 plate parked in the service road. Looked good condition.
  2. Spotted today about 45 mins ago on A444 in Coventry. Black with DRIFT reg! Sounded immense as it powered down the dual carriageway towards Gallagher Retail Park.
  3. dj370zNismo


    Spotted yesterday on M40 north about midday between J3 and J4. Grey colour looking good and personalised reg X***
  4. A pretty good review here I think: https://wheels.ph/nissan-370z-nismo-an-honest-decade-old-platform/
  5. dj370zNismo

    GM Coupe

    Spotted on A46 near Coventry on Monday afternoon about 4.30pm. Looked liked it was coming out of the Jaguar Engineering Centre at Whitley.
  6. dj370zNismo

    GM Coupe

    Spotted today parked off Sutherland Drive Bedworth. 08 plate.
  7. Thanks for the info and advice John. 👍
  8. Gone, but not for long: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1131059_there-is-no-2021-nissan-370z
  9. Keep it red Les, I am old skool!! 😃
  10. Spotted today in Greville Road Warwick about 12.30. Reg KC54 Still looks great in Azure blue after 15 or 16 years since it came out!
  11. On A46 heading north on Saturday about 3.00pm near to Stoneleigh. The car is white on the nearside front to back and black on the offside. It had a personalised number plate and had no lip spoiler so a very early model. LED DRL's fitted too.
  12. Good read: https://www.topgear.com.ph/drives/car-reviews/2021-nissan-370z-review-a4354-20201104-lfrm
  13. Spotted on Tuesday about 4.45pm on A46 travelling north. One side of the car was painted in one colour and the other side a contrasting colour. Very unusual but it was starting to get dark so could see it as well as I would have liked. Must be an enthusiast!
  14. dj370zNismo

    Grey GT-R

    Spotted today near to Ricoh Arena at about 4.30pm. Nice but mucky!!
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