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  1. Spotted yesterday parked on Greville Road Warwick about 11.30am. 54 plate and very clean!
  2. Thanks for that. I have seen them available in the US etc but very wary of the taxes etc now.
  3. dj370zNismo

    White GT-R

    Spotted on A46 near to Whitley Coventry about 4.15pm today. Looked very clean - 67 plate.
  4. Where did you get them from SP, everywhere I look seems to be sold out?!
  5. Spotted yesterday about 9.30am on Emscote Road Warwick. Best colour for the 350Z IMO!
  6. dj370zNismo

    White GT-R

    Beautiful sounding GT- R going up the parade I Leamington a few mins ago!
  7. Spotted a few minutes ago coming into Balsall Common from the south. 04 plate.
  8. dj370zNismo

    Black GT-R

    Spotted yesterday when I was out in the Nismo on A46 near Leamington Spa. I was travelling north and GT-R was going south. Was about 3.30pm I think.
  9. Spotted today coming into Warwick in Coventry Road with the top down about 3.15pm. KT56
  10. Is it the good weather? just spotted a few minutes ago a very nice black 370Z coupe driving through the main street in Kenilworth. WV10 reg.
  11. From a silvery blue 370Z roadster at about 2.00/2.30pm. Somewhere between Deppers Bridge and the M40 on Gaydon Road.
  12. Spotted yesterday heading towards Warwick on Birmingham Road about 6.15pm. Have to say, looks the dogs **** with the top down!!
  13. Spotted yesterday going round the island on Coventry Rd Warwick heading towards Leamington. I was quite a distance away so didn't see the reg but it sounded sublime and I could still hear it about 1/2 mile away!! Had a rear wing so I am guessing it is the 350Z I spotted and carded on here last year sometime with the Veilside body kit.
  14. Spotted at Woodford Garden Village, Woodford Cheshire on Friday afternoon about 5.00 pm.
  15. Spotted today whilst out in my Nismo on A46 near to Alcester about 12.30pm. Nice the X900
  16. dj370zNismo

    GTR & 370z

    Did they crash?!! 😄
  17. Saw it several times at the Adventure Bike Rider Festival at Ragley Hall over the weekend. 14 plate personalised reg.
  18. Spotted today at about 16.30 on A444 near to J3 M6 Coventry, a lovely white V2 Nismo. 69 plate.
  19. dj370zNismo

    Ebisu 350Z

    Spotted today about 1.30pm in Balsall Common. 04 reg.
  20. dj370zNismo

    GM GTR

    Spotted a few minutes ago in Balsall Common. Sounded great as it accelerated away. WH03 reg.
  21. On Sunday 16 May (not like me to be late with a 'spotted!) saw a Gunmetal Grey GTR coming out of the car park at the Saxon Mill pub and restaurant near Warwick. Gave him a wave and got a thumbs up!
  22. Agreed. I still like the 350Z styling and considering the original concept car was introduced in 1998 it has amazingly stayed a great looking car but the 370Z is a much better looking car. As you say Chubbs, styling is always subjective but I think most people would agree the 370Z looks more edgy!
  23. From Explica.co: https://www.explica.co/goodbye-the-nissan-370z-says-goodbye-in-silence.html
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