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  1. Thumbs up from me mate, also just reduced the 06 exhaust to £100 as well
  2. OK, so I have the two exhausts left still. I am happy to take £100 for the 06 and £150 for the 07, these are both nearly new exhausts with sub 1000 miles on them.
  3. OK, some reductions. 2006 Exhaust - only had 300 miles on it before it was replaced with the Nismo that I had on the red zed - £150 but open to offers 2007 Exhaust - only had 500 miles on it when Stillen exhaust was fitted to the Temper Orange zed - £200 but open to offers 350z Boot Netting (Nissan) - £15 Goodrich Brake Line kit - Brand new, never fitted - £60 - Sold MarkI Let me know if you're interested.
  4. David, I can be as f***ing childish as I like. As a Founding Member I assumed that I was allowed to make my displeasure known. As far as this club goes, as soon as my goods are sold I am kissing it bye bye. As you may have guessed by my not posting too much these days I had had my goat full of the place, childish or not I am fed up with this place and some of the self righteous people who run it. Just to put the record straight, once my deal with those people who are purchasing the goods I have for sale (at a reasonable price) I will be leaving this site. Yes I am disappointed, no I won't miss it and yes I fully expect this post and probably my account to go\be banned.
  5. Just a bump for the other items on the list.
  6. What with the fact that the car is being phased out you shouldn't have to pay more than about £600 for them.
  7. Simon.

    Oem 18" Rays

    Not to take the piss and ask for £200 more than you paid for them
  8. TBH I think it was worth more than the 17-18k people here are talking about, I just sold my 2007 (57) to a dealer for 17.5k.
  9. Simon.

    Oem 18" Rays

    A tad cheeky but what the heck (they were my old wheels).
  10. Sorry Dominique, Dave has agreed to purchase both items, if he changes his mind I will of course let you know.
  11. Answered but for clarification (as I am not at home atm), if anyone can please let Paul know the version of Bridgestones that were delivered on the 07 Zed's that would be great.
  12. Dave, I can confirm it's the aftermarket thick boot mat. Condition wise, when I sold the car it had less than 9000 miles on it, that should tell you the condition of the mats. As far as splitting goes, £20 for the boot mat, 10 each for the driver\passanger mats. Simon
  13. Sure thing mate. PM me contact details and we can arrange to meet.
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