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  1. Sitting at traffic lights with the windows down I rushed over with a spotted card just as the lights turned green.
  2. Mark, Are the 2nd row Left Oakley Wires Titanium Frames Black Iridium Lens - Perfect Condition £60 actually half wire ala http://oakley.com/pd/1253/2803 ?? If so then I wouldn't mind them.
  3. The BCM is the alarm module.
  4. You may laugh.... but it's not too far wrong (although I do have 4000 miles on her )
  5. I just had the alarm go on me as well, first time in 6 months.
  6. Actually I think it is just 2007 MY cars as I got a letter today as well. Had it been previous year cars we would have seen more people saying that they had received letters.
  7. Do you know if the strut brace would fit on the 07 car at all Pete?
  8. Cheers mate, worst comes to the worst I can come and collect it if you want (I am only in Colchester).
  9. Welcome aboard, I am a big advocate of Paintshield so I am glad that you're another convert. Paintshield will always get my business where new vehicles are concerned As others have said you can't really go wrong with Dave and his team at Marshalls, sure silly things can happen (not that I am saying I have experienced any) but they are a professional team with the people willing to travel (in some cases hundreds) miles to either buy or have their vehicles serviced by them. As an added bonus they are also one of only 10 (I believe) High Performance Centers that are allowed to sell and service the new GT-R next year. That's got to tell you something.
  10. Cheers Rish, it's something I am considering now, out of interest was your car inside or out? I have had vehicle batteries start after 6 months of storage (happened to be my motorcycle that was in storage, turned over within 10 seconds of trying).
  11. Well I went to take the car out for a spin on Friday, it's been about three weeks since I last drove it (which was a decent couple of hour drive), I went to the garage, blipped the key and thought I had the old key for a minute, then I noticed that I didn't have a flashing led in the car indicating the alarm being active. Open the car up and discover that I have a completely flat battery, no lights at all. Anyway I charged it up yesterday and the car started just fine however it was obvious that there had been no power whatsoever as the display had reset (time\distance travelled\countdown etc). How long would you expect the battery to hold a charge for? Bearing in mind it's been in a garage and it's not been particularly cold over the last few weeks (was colder over the winter when I didn't drive it for a longer period of time). Anyway I guess it's back to a dealer to get them to have a look at it as I don't fancy it happening again.
  12. Mark, Out of interest how much would the black Orange one be?
  13. I second the vote for Paintshield.. as well as the recommendation that you get it done from new. As for cost.. well sorry but you're way out on that one. So tell me Kev, you decided on a VW Beetle engined car instead?
  14. And the bonnet on the 07 car is hardly noticable.
  15. Umm according to what's by his name he is a member already Paul
  16. I believe both Su and her hubby were at the National last year
  17. I am up for this one, I will see if Edit want's to bring minime in the Scenic as well.
  18. Sorry Tim but I find your attitude astonishing, I work in London every day and see the mindless work of cyclists at play, running red lights, riding on the pavements (we are talking big wide roads), the pure absent mindedness of it strikes me dumb sometimes. I don't feel sorry for anyone being injured for doing something they shouldn't, be it a rider running a redlight and either getting knocked down by a pedestrian or another vehicle, I cheer when I see a policeman actually stop these guys and issuing them with fines for doing it. Now back to the OP's post, there is riding along a pavement at a nice sedentary speed (where by you're able to stop in plenty of time avoiding any accidents\injuries) and there is pelting along that pavement for no apparent reason. There was (in my mind) no reason for that guy to be going at that speed on the pavement other than pure selfishness. I long for the day when cyclists also have to pay a road tax, regularly get stopped for doing the illegal riding that they do now (for heavens sake, we would be strung up if we drove on the pavement, run red lights all the time, had near misses etc) but cyclists generally get away with it because why???? Now I should point out why I feel so strongly about cyclists, I am a former motorcyclist, HGV driver and Cambridge resident (as in former every one of those), cyclists wind me up for everyone of those reasons (as a motorcyclist I will be away from those lights well before any car... but having a pedal cycle go thru a red light can ruin everyones day). As a former HGV driver I like to think I have a lot of foresight, but again with a cyclist you can never tell, one minute he is on the pavement, the next the road, it makes life bloody hard and as for Cambridge, god help you if as a driver you have an accident involving a cyclist, that place is a cycle haven, more rights for the cyclist, more routes etc. As far as cyclists go I am all for the law abiding careful cyclist, god help the one who isn't and causes me to have an accident, injures me or my family (and yes, I do shout at them and abuse them when the swerve right infront\behind me when I am crossing the road when the lights are red and the crossing is green, who the hell do they think they are??). I make no apologies for this view.
  19. Ahh so a VW Polo then Moved to Colchester now mate so no good popping into Wickford.. but you're more than welcome over here (although early evening is best as I won't be home before then).
  20. Simon.


    LOL Well it certainly wasn't the fast jet boys
  21. But what would you go for next? I mean if you have a Volvo to ra.. drive then surely the same arguement for whatever you decide to get next? At least with the Z you know the car, it's faults and US
  22. Got ya, thanks Jo As it happens, just getting money together for my next session with Colin (as long as I am back in work relatively quickly, I hate short contracts )
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