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  1. Apparently it's not, just a ploy by Pikey to make sure the road stays clear.
  2. q Jez, I take it everything went ok with the transfer? Also any news on the gb? Work wise should mean that I manage to have the money for the car in about 10 months or so (including saving for the wedding).. just means tightening the belt a little (trust me not an easy thing with the size of my waist ) Having set my heart on the car there is no way I am backing out of it.. once I get my head into something I follow it thru (hence my bike).
  3. Well I have come to the conclusion that having been out of work for 3 months, spent the savings I had had on living (as well as birthdays for mum, dad and fiance as well as xmas) and the fact that I am getting married in June that I have to postpone buying my car I am back in work (a short term 3 month contract paying crappy money) and I hope I can get my savings up to a decent level again soon but I figure that as it stands I won't be getting the car this year now (sad as it's still only January). I do hope to be able to place the order towards the tail end of the year tho. I will still be lurking around here getting hints\tips and having fun but I can't offer opinions on Z specific related issues still
  4. q Is this something that was implemented over the weekend because I didn't have these issues last week
  5. Guys, not too sure if this is just me or if anyone else is experiencing issues but when I try to browse various forums I keep being prompted to log back in. Now admittedly I am at work and it 'could' be an issue here but this is the first time I have experienced issues like this here and it only happens on this site (I am also logged into another site without issues).
  6. Just as a word of warning, guys in the US have found that fitting non standard screens (ie non Nissan Navi) to existing 04+ cars have run into problems. You generally need to change cubbies to the 03 Nav cubby to allow you to put a 7" screen into it and close the door properly. My understanding is that you can actually purchase the 03 Nav cubby from your dealer tho.
  7. q Agreed :lol: hence Ohlins on the bike (when it came with Showa as standard )
  8. q Do a search on ebay as they keep coming on for about £1850 or so quite regularly.
  9. q Oh dear, if you ever feel like not fitting them then please let me know, I am sure I can give them a good home
  10. q Thanks for that Giles, do you have any pics at all?
  11. I have been using tesco fuel in my car on and off for more than 4 years (when I am in the country I generally use Tesco (clubcard )) and have to admit that I have never had a problem, of course I am running it in the MX6 rather than a Z and I am not using 99 but in all honesty I haven't had any fuel issues once with any fuel I have used.
  12. q Where did you get the Ohlins gear from? I had a quick look on their site and I didn't see any mention of them doing a kit for the Z. I love Ohlins, have it on the bike and it's made a real difference (more so then when I had my old suspension resprung\tuned).
  13. If it's still with the Z then keep it, if things change then change the car. The way I see it is this, why change it if it ain't broke? q And if you did you could always get the chav lights to go with it??
  14. Simon.

    Overseas Members

    Just to add for those who use Euro accounts I have asked Jez to find out the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) code for the Club's UK account (every bank account in the world has an IBAN code). Once found this should then allow those with international banks (me included) the ablility to pay funds to them easily.
  15. As promised tho a little later than originally planned here is the picture of the dials in the 06 Z.
  16. Please add me. SimonD - Simon - Red 96 MX6 (Waiting to place order for Z).
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