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  1. The shows information would be in the members area, there are a couple during the year that are members only as well as users\others. Anyway, welcome to the club
  2. Cheers for that guys, at least it means I get to keep the leather nice and clean
  3. Redline Red is the US name for it, the same thing with Solar Orange (over here it's called Temper Orange).
  4. Does it have isofix points in the car? Silly and stupid but I have managed to talk the wife into letting me get one, now it would be great if we could also use it as a family car occasionally and that means having jnr in the car with us as well.
  5. Hi Mark, I would think that there would be demand for it due to the fact that there are people using piggyback devices already, I think the only reason people haven't in the past is because there is no one UK based that currently offers it. I believe that Kevin from Envy has reflashed his already but as you saw that was done at distance. I for one would be interested to know what improvements it would offer me from purely an exhaust\induction kit standpoint (Sam pointed out that my car has a soft limit in place at 7200 and I guess that this is something that could be programmed out with a reflash?). Out of interest what kind of price are we talking here, how much time would you need to have the car for dyno work\tuning of the ECU?
  6. When the guys did the tinting on the car they removed it very quickly and easily, I think it's just a case of popping off the surround and the brake light cover and that's it. Out of interest would it not work if you placed it under the strut brace instead? the strut brace cover is also easily removed (apparently) and because the windscreen is straight above it you shouldn't have any issues with it being there (I would be concerned with cables going to the brake light but you can get those covered under the strut brace).
  7. Bade, trying to PM you to arrange something with you for someone (Matt), please bear with me because I am having issues doing so.
  8. Awesome day and Tony's Z was amazing. A big thanks to Sam, Shaun, Wayne et al from TDI who more than made us welcome, a great day had by all.
  9. Trying to pm Bade90 and get this message occur. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 184320 bytes) in /home/threefif/public_html/forums/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_19/skin_post.php on line 295 Occurs when I choose the option to send a message from his post in the for sale thread.
  10. re the location map, it's wrong. Here is the correct location (assuming of course that they haven't moved since I was last there). http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/tdi.jpg
  11. I can perhaps do an inspection for anyone wanting one as I am in Colchester.
  12. Perhaps a silly question but could we not reorganise the list to show only attending people rather than those not attending? That would give a better insight to who is coming etc.
  13. It may be worth trying this first hand (for the CEL) http://www.technosquareinc.com/350reset.htm If that works then you can still come over (as you won't be listening to the stereo anyway), if it doesn't work you haven't lost anything anyway.
  14. Oil usage isn't an issue with the 07, I check mine religiously due to the previous car's desire for oil but this one is good as gold. Paul, suggest meeting up sometime, I am about 5 minutes away from where you took that picture (I love going past the Porker dealership ) Suggest getting a Tesco card and making sure you know how to get to Highwoods
  15. I haven't seen any switches in the 07, one bit of advice from someone who lived abroad with a UK car... it's generally fine, I was never once flashed for my lights, never pulled by the police (in either France, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, countries I would often drive in during my years in Luxembourg). ** Caveat ** Whilst I admit that I was fine, please don't blame me should you be stopped by any member of the European Police forces, saying that I wouldn't bother getting reflectors fitted.
  16. tbh Black wheels with a red stripe along the outter rim would be good.
  17. You are right on the outskirts of Lakeside, Macdonalds, KFC and Burger King are no more than 5 mins away.
  18. I will aim to get down there for 9am or so. For those who need directions, aim for Ikea (the right hand side of it), follow the road around to the right (there is a sign for a tile company) and take the first left into the estate there, really very easy to find.
  19. Mines the other Orange http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/TemperO/DSC00037.jpg
  20. Stop shouting. I don't believe so, if it's a JDM import tho it's limited to 112mph.
  21. I still can't decide on whether to get new reflectors or not. Good choice on colour mate now get yourself a stubby
  22. Hi Scott, Just have a look at a few of the pinned threads at the top of the forum and that should give you a good idea. Anyway, welcome.
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