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  1. TBH if the car was being stolen for order then a steerlock will only prolong the amount of time it takes to steal the vehicle (ie they would probably already have the keys and have tools needed to remove the lock if that key is not on the same bunch as the car key). I would also assume that an ordinary oik would also know and realise that it's not worth the time and effort trying to steal the car (too new and they will realise that it will have a decent alarm and immobiliser), you're more likely to suffer the car being broken into than it actually being stolen and the steering lock won't stop that either. In all honesty I just rely on the alarm when the car is away from the house and wouldn't waste the money on a steering lock (out of interest where would you store it whilst not being used?)
  2. Unfortunately you need to be a member to view the pictures, can you not host them at somewhere like Photobucket?
  3. TBH I can't see a problem with it, unless of course you're related to Mary Whitehouse Chubbs? There is nothing untoward in it, nothing overtly pornographic and as such only leaves it to your imagination as to what's happening. Rex I would also check tyre pressures as well.
  4. Well I haven't been comfortable driving the Z recently, I don't know what it was but the car didn't feel 'safe', I guess in part it's because around this time last year I wrote one off and it's kind of making me a little more cautious but I haven't felt the car being safe to drive. Anyway yesterday whilst filling her up I decided to check the tyre pressures, having searched the forums earlier I found out that the recommended psi for Nismo wheels and Toyo tyres was 36psi (normally 35psi but Giles mentioned that Nismo suggested an additional 1psi for their wheels). To my horror I discovered a couple of things :- 1. Front tyres were between 27-29psi 2. One of the rear valves was loose, so much so that when I took the cap off I could hear air leaking out. 3. Rear tyres were between 22- 25psi 4. All 4 valves required tightening by at least 1/2 a turn (luckily I had a halfrauds close by where I bought a valve key, which now sits in the car btw). Once all of the tyre pressures and valves were sorted the car was a completely different beast, it actually felt lighter on the steering and was a pleasure to drive again One bit of advice for you all is to regularly check your tyre pressures and valve tightness, it's not the first time that I have had a loose valve on the Z (first time around I thought the valeters had done it so stopped using them, obviously that's wrong).
  5. There is a quick cash sale and then there is a slap to the face. For £500 that's a good deal, expect to pay in the region of 1000 for brand new (thats certainly how much I sold my last set of brand new Rays for).
  6. Geoffrey, that's getting very boring now!!! Anyway yes I did manage to keep my rays when I bought the Nismo's, both times in fact. FYI dealers charge about £3000 for Nismo wheels and tyres. Mark fyi the dealers only kept the original wheels if you bought Rays, now that Rays are standard you get to keep them if you upgrade to Nismo's.
  7. I will refer the gentleman to this picture. http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/TemperO/Image34.jpg :D
  8. And I have owned both the 06 and 07 cars and I can tell you that the 07 is a better car all around oh and it also doesn't use oil like my 06 did. As for the comment about the 07 feeling less gutsy.... not at all, infact probably a tad more gutsy tbh.
  9. Add me in as well please, used these guys a couple of times now, well worth it and really very helpful.
  10. Am also up for this although it really would have to be a weekend as I live in deepest Essex
  11. Oh that happens no matter how old you are or how long you have owned the car, I still take the time to go to the garage and look at mine occasionally (and this is my second one). Smile nicely at one of the guys at uni and ask for some help, pretty sure that you would have the guys falling over themselves to offer their advice and assistance
  12. TBH I would buy the car from the dealer it's at, unless it's part of the same franchise I doubt that either party would be that happy to do that and add to the fact that it's 150 miles of fun to be had. As a side note, there are a number of us that actually choose to buy and have our cars serviced by a dealer miles from where we live (I am talking about Marshals of Cambridge btw), I travelled probably 130miles (round trip) when I picked the car up the first time (on my second Z now, long and sad story for the first one ) and I have done it again since. Oh and I should also add that should anything be wrong with the car when you pick it up you can have it rectified by them there and then where as if you had it transferred to another dealer they would pretty much wash their hands of you and the car (if they even did it).
  13. One quick telltale sign should be if the front bumper has washer jets in it for the lights, in the UK it's law to have them whilst an import is 'unlikely' to have them. It isn't however a definite sign that it is an import if it doesn't have them tho as there are members here who have replaced bumpers and not put washer cutouts in the new one. Also the dealer should be advertising the car as an import if he is selling it.
  14. I believe it's also known as the Inifinity G35 (but I could be wrong). Pretty much the same car except it has 4 seats.
  15. Also out of interest, what's the difference between fitment on the Version Nismo and the 07 car? Could I buy these and expect them to fit my car?
  16. Not meaning to side of behalf of stealers, they have to make money as well, it's no good offering you 18k for your car if they then can't sell it for 22k. A dealer will always offer well below market price because they do need to make a profit on the car and it's very unlikely that the car will not cost them anything before they sell it. Unfortunately if you want to make money on the car then the only way forward is selling it privately. The only time it's worthwhile part exchanging a car with the dealer is if the car you're selling isn't worth a great deal, it's better to be shot of it and not have the worry of trying to sell it (in the case of my old-old car which I did part x). Also no disrespect meant to Davros but you may find that he can't do too much for you either, it depends how many and what kind of condition they are in as to whether he can and is willing to take in another Z, if for instance he already has 5 2nd hand cars on the lot then he isn't likely to want another one sitting there either because that's just more space taken up by car's that aren't selling compared to cars that may well sell (he may well be selling more Micra's\Qashqais atm and so be willing to take them on instead). At the end of the day the dealers are there to make money, not give it away and as much as we all hate it so are we. If you want to make a decent amount on the car, sell it privately.
  17. No it doesn't, it would have to be a US HU for mp3 capabilities (caveat - I have looked at my HU and it doesn't have the mp3 logo on it anywhere, I haven't actually tried playing an mp3 cd in the unit and as such am assuming that they are still share the same functionality as the 03-05 units).
  18. Emms, tbh with you it sounds like you want to knock this job on the head and as such should feel no obligation to them, with that being the case why lie? to make you feel better? surely it's better to let them know that you're looking else where, not only will it make you feel better with yourself but it would hopefully let them know that they aren't fulfilling their obligations to you and that's why you're looking elsewhere. You're obviously unhappy with the lie angle, so opt for the truth angle instead.
  19. I usually host my pics on Photobucket.
  20. The more I look at it the more I like it
  21. I think the site doesn't like direct linking so I have taken the pics and am hosting them myself. http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/new.jpg http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/new2.jpg http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k226/Wolf823/new3.jpg
  22. But you do develop well defined muscles all over your body and generally look good (and walk funny).... Oh, Jon.....
  23. Definitely agree, that's awesome
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