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  1. Thanks to loadmaster pointing me in the right direction I’m sure it’s my switch on the clutch pedal, it looks damaged so I’m trying to locate one at the moment
  2. Ok I will check the cruise control, thanks 👍🏾
  3. This just started happening Saturday, when I first start the car it works fine then after about 5 minutes it goes of and a warning comes up , also now I can start the car without depressing the clutch pedal I’m thinking that is connected and to top it off the yellow key symbol stays on it used to go off once the car is started , it’s all very weird,I want to find out what it could be before I take it back to the dealership,
  4. Sorry to hijack the post but it happened to me today but also the Rev match went off so i thought I’d turn it off and restart the strangest thing was it started without me pressing in the clutch , later on it went back to normal, bar the key symbol staying on ,
  5. Can’t stop seeing cool Nissan’s at the moment, saw my first nismo gtr today by fox and goose Birmingham, he saw me behind him and sped off lol sounded awesome (pops and bangs) got a bib when I past him as he turned ,
  6. And then saw silver 350z by jag castle brom , got a wave, then dropping my granddaughter off in Hampton in Arden, saw a lovely nismo kitted 370z in gun metal ,
  7. Was at a car meet today at the motor bike museum near brum , my mate said I should of gone in the z and I said no way it’s too modern lol and I saw this
  8. Have you seen the red 350z on the Chester road , love them in red
  9. Well before I brought my nismo I done all the research read the reviews herd the critics, they were all wrong, this car is just fantastic cannot fault it ,they say it’s out dated ,crap, they say the ride is too harsh , crap, I love the feel the drive the power the stares lol , you always seem to judge your present car on the one it replaced I had a 07 3.2 TT , it was a great car but the nismo blows it out the water, I still can’t believe I own a nismo , I just wanted a 370gt so I feel very lucky to have this car 👍🏾
  10. Yes same z 1st spot was on Coventry road by the wheatshef and then on Richmond rd , dark grey, black rims looking nice
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