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  1. Went to a great show today came across these
  2. That seems to cost a lot , I got one for my 07 TT and it was £15 🤔 I think I’ll leave mine as it is and if I ever get stuck I’ll use my phone ☺️
  3. If I hadn’t have got a nismo my 370 would of looked something like this but in white 👍🏾
  4. Doesn’t everyone have a sub in there wheel well ?
  5. Maybe you should find out if it still can be used after that date , I will have to check mine !
  6. Can anyone recommend brake pads That don’t leave black dust
  7. It’s got very good taste 👍🏾😊
  8. My rear light had a crack in it from when I brought my car so water leaked in , but it still worked ok ,so inside the lens was quite a bit of residue which gave the light a bit of a cloudy effect, so I thought maybe I could open it up and give it a clean,but the lens is actually welded to the back, so cutting it would be my only option,and when I did it was a mess 😳 bits of the circuit board fell apart, as it was all corroded, so after some research planning and careful calculation I decided f@@k it il buy a second had one , £170 and two days later my car is beautiful again 😊
  9. Would of thought any 5 x 114.3 pcd space saver would fit
  10. Nice pictures, some very cool cars there
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