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  1. Love the look of that but I’ll be leaving the rear spoiler as it is , if it doesn’t suit I’ll get it sprayed
  2. More goodies came in the post today so they were swiftly fitted , nismo valve caps , new black wheel nuts , nismo wheel centres , and a cover for the door lock catch ,
  3. Thanks , iv got too much time on my hands lol and I’m at a road block with my other project waiting for parts
  4. Next job was the z badges they are all discoloured and nasty looking so I took them off rubbed them down and sprayed them gloss black and lacquered them , turd out quite good I think
  5. Was busy on the nismo today, 1st i thought I’d do something with the switch blanks on the console as I hate the look of it , iv now made it into a coin holder, used a bit of aluminium for the base glued it put it in the vice for a bit cut some black carpet to line it with and put it all together and popped it back in the car , very simple, on to the next job
  6. Booked my car into the body shop today to have the body kit colour coded so it’s going in Friday collect Sunday will post pics if it looks good 🙂
  7. The exhaust has two back boxes I will put up pictures of it as I have no idea what it is but it’s loud and my fist fits in the tail pipe 😳,iv ordered calliper stickers “nismo” in black
  8. I want one of these plugs but the only one I have see is in the US for £142 + £40 odd pounds postage 🤨 , I’m not paying that , can you get them any cheaper from anywhere,?
  9. And was going to paint wheels black but they are mint and are like a candy metallic red so I thought they might look better if I sprayed the callipers white, I think it looks much better, tomorrow I’m going to a local body shop to get a quote on spraying the body kit white!
  10. So this is my nismo picked up Friday
  11. Thanks guys yes it has a number , the red stripes have been removed bar grill and mirrors’ at first I wasn’t a fan of the wheels but in day light they really pop as they are like a candy red, I was going to spray them gloss black but I think what put me off them is they clash with the callipers so I’m going to spray callipers white and also the body kit will be colour coded ,
  12. Hi Are the bypass kits still available,cheers 

    1. Paul_S


      Ho, sorry, no.  I stopped making the kits a few years ago

  13. Hi mate was browsing and saw your car and recognised it , I met you at bacons end garage, I was in my TT , well I got my white nismo 👍🏾

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