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  1. If I hadn’t have got a nismo my 370 would of looked something like this but in white 👍🏾
  2. Doesn’t everyone have a sub in there wheel well ?
  3. Maybe you should find out if it still can be used after that date , I will have to check mine !
  4. Can anyone recommend brake pads That don’t leave black dust
  5. It’s got very good taste 👍🏾😊
  6. My rear light had a crack in it from when I brought my car so water leaked in , but it still worked ok ,so inside the lens was quite a bit of residue which gave the light a bit of a cloudy effect, so I thought maybe I could open it up and give it a clean,but the lens is actually welded to the back, so cutting it would be my only option,and when I did it was a mess 😳 bits of the circuit board fell apart, as it was all corroded, so after some research planning and careful calculation I decided f@@k it il buy a second had one , £170 and two days later my car is beautiful again 😊
  7. Would of thought any 5 x 114.3 pcd space saver would fit
  8. Nice pictures, some very cool cars there
  9. Lots of nice cars of all kinds ,
  10. All fitted! Wasn’t too hard to do , the hardest part was refitting the rubber boot under the car , the gear changes are now obviously quicker and feels very sturdy, pleased with the results
  11. My short shifter came today so I’m going to attempt to fit it , it all seems straight forward but I will update when I’m done, wish me luck ☺️
  12. Thanks,very useful I’ll remove it again and see if I can take the lens off 👍🏾
  13. I did do that and also made a large q tip to try and clean inside but couldn’t reach the dirtiest area so really need to get the lens off
  14. Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove the lens from a rear tail light, as mine had water inside and it’s left it cloudy in places ,unfortunately I can’t get to it so I either buy one second hand around £200 or some how remove lens and clean it £0 , plenty of information on headlight lens removal but can’t find anything on real lights if it’s possible or if anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful 👍🏾
  15. I like that , didn’t think I would makes a change from black 👍🏾
  16. Please post some pics I’d be very interested to see how they turn out 👍🏾
  17. I got it from AliExpress “smoke” they were pre cut,can’t see a problem with the mot as they don’t change the colour or restrict the light at all ,
  18. My headlights were a bit cloudy so ordered one of them kits to polish them up but it never came so I thought of getting some headlight tint film , not fitted it before and it wasn’t easy ,but it’s made my headlights look brand new 😊
  19. I was driving it without a spring at first while waiting for my softer one to turn up and it’s much better without, gear changes are a lot smoother, I fitted the softer one today but not had chance to test drive , but I would highly recommend getting rid of it , it can always easily be put back on ,if it still feels better without one I will go back to having no spring
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