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  1. Really lucky you secured the price I had a price which had to be cancelled a couple of weeks before the Classic I tried to move it but because it was booked on the original owners site I couldn't - the cost is around £200 more now than I paid last time, so for a long weekend, when technically I could drive from Silverstone and Back every day as its only 40 odd miles each way - it just doesn't seem worth it. Time to try a new location at least for us. I think we might have a better 21 than 20 - I really hope so. The Zed spends most of its time parked up, yesterday I oiled the bonnet hing
  2. Horwood House seems to have been taken over and the cost is somewhat higher than the last time we stayed. So we have opted for the following place which is give or take the same distance - and from Google Earth seems to have a good car park. https://kingfishercountryclub.co.uk/home The rooms are much bigger and to looking at the menu prices its much of a muchness. On Booking.com and Expedia at the the same price book now and cancel up to just before. Everything else around Silverstone pretty much gone already. Route in is pretty much the same as Horwood Estate.
  3. True Story I nearly Ran Over Tiff Needell in the Pit Lane in Spa. Just stopped in time (you can thank me later) 😁
  4. What are the "Some Hybrids" Allowed after 2030? Is this the QQ type engine in another post which is a Petrol Generator charging what is an electric motor driven car? I am "lucky" enough to head up the 2030 agenda at work - which I cannot feel is ironic - so I was interested if we could be zero carbon, so during lock down we shut everything off we didn't need and by that I mean we were running heating, cooling, extraction, alarms and CCTV mainly, so not huge power, we have Ground Source, We have Solar, we have a wind Turbine - we have a Biomass - so pretty much all the bells and whistles
  5. Wonder if they will go with the Leaf Gear System with a single pedal? If not I suspect they will drop the Juke Dual Clutch system into it as that is a Daimler/Nissan/Renault gearbox. And I have to say it is really good ok it lurches a bit in reverse but you get used to how to deal with that. I would definitely consider the proposed car to replace the Juke in just over 2 years if it does come out in that format. I would expect it to look like a big Juke.
  6. Nissan 370Z Prius Is the Hybrid Sportscar 17 Nov 2020, 18:28 UTC · Ladies and gentlemen drivers, you can regard the pair of renderings that now adorns our screens as the answer to a question nobody asked: what if the Nissan 370Z and the Toyota Prius swapped faces? 1 photo These pixel portraits were mainly born for entertainment purposes, especially since the styling transplant seems to have gone quite well as far as both the sportscar and the famous hybrid model are concerned. In fact, Car Front Swaps, the Instagram label behind the t
  7. Thanks - I thought it was strange when I didn't see him of the grid. I see Cain'y once in a while. I have a lot of time for Jordon, his dad was a great guy and I remember Andrew cycling around the TVR paddock at the age of 6 or 7. I have hardly seen a race this year to be honest. Amazing though the car that won it.
  8. Does anyone know what happened to Jordon this year - I know he lost his main sponsor at the end of last season and the same sponsor his Dad had on all his cars - but I have not seen him in any formula's - seems strange a champion who was still putting in the results would just disappear.
  9. From what I have had on the Zed I would rate my tyres as follows: 1. MPS 4/4S 2. Continental Sport 6 3. Bridgestone (OEM) 4. Hankook 3 & 4 would be close - the Bridgestone while it skips a lot in the winter is a reliable old tyre you know what you are getting and its easy to get a single tyre. Continental I was happy with but the MPS was a leap up and the car was so much nicer on them. I do know one member had Continental and certainly they did more track time and hated them - on the road I would say they were not too bad. But the MPS seems to be a complete pack
  10. I have MPS4 on the front and MPS4s on the rear. Aesthetically they are slightly different. As I understand it from watching reviews at the time the MPS4 gives similar performance to the Cup Tire in the Previous generation and the 4S is a step up - I watched a number of videos and on tracks the 4S is the better tyre but has two compounds unlike the 4- on the road it doesn't make a lot of difference (to me anyway). Has handled flooded roads well, good grip (given the Zed can understeer). Went through a winter and although we didn't have too much snow it wasn't too bad certainly on ICE. I
  11. There are a lot of features which make the site easier to use - Youtube videos that do not need the address changing from https to http as an example and the way it handles graphics. Even the emoji have a fresh new look. Its a real leap. But the big thing for me is the site is hpps now - which adds a level of re-assurance to the data. Really good.
  12. Ah Paul just saw this about the Garage. I am really pleased its not scrapped as I was as sad to keep the Mileage and dates on the Nismo since the day I go the car although as its hardly doing any miles at the moment it doesn't get updated as much as it used too. 🥰
  13. Happy Birthday John - hope you have a great day!.
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