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  1. Live from Anglia Television.... Here it is I photo'd it last October its now moved but in those days it would have come from the ol Anglia TV Building, it always got shown before we transferred to London Weekend Television (LWT)....
  2. Not sure what they do these days, but we used to just take the trucks across the track to a service road near the Upper Paddock. That's why if you were a main race like GT or F3 you often got stuck until the end of the day, didn't always make an advantage to be in the Garages. Might have changed - but certainly that's how it used to work way back in the early 2000's. We used to do the same at Silverstone as well. And Spa we used to drive onto the circuit and when we left pretty much could drive the truck and support cars around the entire track - just managed to get the transporter und
  3. Just before I went off I had creeped back to over 100 hours a week and while I can go back to 24 hour races and work when that was normal I was mid 30's - now I am 50 - my body was telling me off and I really had to listen too it. I also started to wonder what the point really was, in truth I suppose you hope the planet stops spinning as soon as you cannot do the hours, but it didn't - it trundled along quite happily without me, and the fact that you are remembered by a flag being lowered for 24 hours in the front of the building doesn't make it any more desirable. If I had done it earlier i
  4. Its the usual group as you say. How many times my car has been called a GTR I cannot count - its almost the only sports car people have heard of from Nissan. I love the obscurity of the Zed but the fact that everyone fears the GTR sometime trickles down to the Zed 🙂 Most boy racers know the Zed from drifting and I think they assume it automatically as 1000bhp. Driving a 1ltr Juke makes you appreciate it far more. Yesterday coming out of a 30 into a NSL. It just dug into the road and projected itself so much grip. But every day - you don't see another.
  5. Thanks guys. I had always been so resilient but the current lockdown for whatever reason was one too many as most have struggled to a lesser or greater degree. The breakfast cereal of choice is Weetabix or a generic version. I have been literally only eating in the evening for years, but during the weeks off I was walking up to 120 miles a week, and listening to the pod casts on Norwich City and reading - less TV and certainly less watching the news I think helped. Its really it seems ok to say you are not OK - if anyone feels like that, don't worry - just take some time. We had
  6. Not been around much this year I know. It started off well, but mid January I came down with something (nothing Major) but it dragged me down to the level I had not been for a long time. In short Work decided I needed time off, I ended up taking 3 weeks off, I also changed my lifestyle a lot and while I will never be a small chap I definitely have lost weight. I returned back to work having had the time off and have felt much better, I have also reduced my hours I work a lot more than 9-5 but about 5 less a day (I am also eating cereal in the morning), and with our continued plans to
  7. Glad its got under your skin mate. I took the Zed to a National Trust place yesterday as the weather was nice and parked next to all the SUV's it stood out, one Gran said to their grandchild as they walked past look at that car vroom vroom. Amazing 7 years on how much attention the Zed gets. Its now a weekend warrior and I get to pick and choose when it goes out and about, no more Salt in the winter for the Zed. People like the Zed it doesn't offend and to be honest I never get the agro I got when I had the BMW or the last year of the Civic Type R.
  8. Happy Birthday Cazza - hope you have a great day xx
  9. Happy Birthday Mate! Hope you had a great day!
  10. They are brilliant - wonder if they are like the 350z ones - just plug and play, I remember swapping them on the 350z and how much brighter they were
  11. Happy Birthday Sarah hope you have a great day x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. LESmo

    My New Juke

    Does Sarah use Autohold? I must admit I sometimes manually trigger it by hand but it would definitely be worth speaking to the dealer.
  13. LESmo

    My New Juke

    Under the floor - Brilliant - Didn't know that Paul. That's a great idea will give that a go. I think there is a software update for the Autobraking, I asked about it when the Zed was being MOTd - and they will check when its in for its service in bout 3 weeks, if there is I will post up. Apparently it came out in October.
  14. Here is a picture of a US Version. Should give a good idea.
  15. That's utter madness - what if you are on Holiday - do you have to contact them and let them know? So you have to go out and drive just to keep the insurers happy - surely that increases the risk? How far off is Dan from getting rid of this type of policy. Although I have an app with Admiral - its up to me if I use it and it only offers a additional discount. That has to be registered against one of the two cars so is against the Juke.
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