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  1. No worries, it can be a bit tricky with work when it's a mid week event. My office is in Warwick so it's local to me to pop there after work.
  2. Anyone interested in attending this? It's a free event held monthly (March - October) at the British Motor Museum near Gaydon. Tickets are free but you'll need to pre-book. I've not been yet but from what I've heard there is a good selection of different cars and marques. https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/whats-on/gaydon-gathering-september#bookings
  3. Hi Scott. That's a great looking car 👍
  4. Yeah I think if the items are over £135 then it's a 20% charge for VAT, plus 2.9% import charge based on the declared or possibly the insured value. And the carrier may charge a processing fee on top of that - £12 or so.
  5. Nengun have the Nismo kick plates in stock too, but with delivery and customs charges they may be more expensive than ordering from Torqen
  6. Yeah you'd have thought they would include either the Nismo or illuminated sills on the Nismo as standard. The luggage net was an essential purchase after I bought the car
  7. Decided against going this year due to all the travel uncertainty. I may go for 2023 though for the centenary anniversary and the return of Ferrari to Hypercar. Enjoy the race 👍
  8. Yeah they aren't standard on the Nismo unfortunately, or the UK ones anyway.
  9. How easy was it to fit them? I was tempted to fit them myself but decided against it as didn't want to mess with any wiring etc
  10. I saw a youtube video where a 370 had the illuminated door sills and after a quick google I found that the parts can be ordered and fitted by Nissan UK. So I decided to get a pair for my car and had these fitted last week at Nissan Stourbridge. I admit it was a bit of a vanity purchase but overall I am really pleased with how they look, especially when it's dark.
  11. I also have a 2018 Nismo and it just has the 1 disc player with harddrive / musicbox.
  12. Sorry - yeah for the first one please. Sorry , yes for the first one please 🙂
  13. I'd be interested in attending the training day if another one is organised.
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