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  1. Yeah they aren't standard on the Nismo unfortunately, or the UK ones anyway.
  2. How easy was it to fit them? I was tempted to fit them myself but decided against it as didn't want to mess with any wiring etc
  3. I saw a youtube video where a 370 had the illuminated door sills and after a quick google I found that the parts can be ordered and fitted by Nissan UK. So I decided to get a pair for my car and had these fitted last week at Nissan Stourbridge. I admit it was a bit of a vanity purchase but overall I am really pleased with how they look, especially when it's dark.
  4. I also have a 2018 Nismo and it just has the 1 disc player with harddrive / musicbox.
  5. Sorry - yeah for the first one please. Sorry , yes for the first one please 🙂
  6. I'd be interested in attending the training day if another one is organised.
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Yes I hope to attend a few meets once lockdown eases. I'll keep an eye on the events page. I had the 2.7 Cayman, so it was down in power 100bhp or so compared to the Nismo. So there is a noticeable different in power and the zed feels a lot quicker. With the Porsche it really had to be revved hard through the range to get the most out of it, although that was no hardship as the flat 6 sounded great. The Cayman had 19" wheels so the ride could be a bit bumpy, and although the same size wheels are on the zed the ride feels smoother. I'm really impressed with the handling with the nismo so far, and it doesn't feel too heavy or big compared to the Porsche. Both are great drivers cars but I'm pleased I made the switch. I also prefer the looks of the Nismo.
  8. HI Sarah, Thanks, not sure how long it will stay looking that clean though! 😁 Yes it's great to be back in a Zed. Very impressed with the new purchase. I'll have to start planning some road trips out.
  9. Hi all, New member here based just south of Birmingham. I've recently purchased a 370Z Nismo after trading in my Cayman. I previously owned a 350z several years ago and now is the time to rejoin the Nissan family. Only been out for a few trips but I'm loving it so far. Here's some pics.. Cheers Paul
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