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  1. It doesn't no, came to me with the Rays
  2. Mine is Twighlight grey which is darker than the gunmetal I think, with frost grey seats (?) but it's not a GT4, just a standard 08 313 GT model. I think I remember someone mentioning the frost seats were an option nobody really chose.
  3. It happened again tonight after I drove it quite hard then left it for 30 mins before driving again. Managed to catch it and slowly pumped the pedal just till I felt resistance and no more while driving in 2nd gear. Slowly but surely I got a pedal back. Master cylinder is getting a rebuild tomorrow as that's easy to do compared to everything else, time will tell if it's successful!
  4. Honestly I think it could be anything with these. Some people have even mentioned boiling fluid in the line as it passes the manifold.
  5. Took the 350 up to Scotland yesterday. Got 485 miles out my tank which I was delighted with! Car felt great considering it needs new bushings, and my clutch which was stuck down a week ago held up fine with some new fluid. Dad's theory is master cylinder which I know contradicts a lot of advice online so will be keen to get it in to his garage and find out!
  6. SH23

    350z in Morrisons

    Spotted this last week, thinking I might try making my Rays white too! Hung around and spoke to the owner, turns out it's supercharged, must be nuts!
  7. Thank you! The neighbors must be wondering why I'm staring out the window so much... I think it's a bit noiser than I'd expect even from a "noisy" transmission, but like you say doesn't seem much if an issue. Worst case scenario is a clutch which I knew I'd need eventually anyway! Hopefully it'll be up for a tour of the North before long!
  8. I'm in Wiltshire, and have already clocked that Horsham Developments is close by! In at my regular wee garage for a check over on Tuesday though.
  9. I've heard a gearbox oil change can help with the noise, and the flywheel has been mentioned as a possible cause although I thought that was the lightened flywheel that causes that. I'll have to dig through the paperwork that came with it but I'm almost certain it's bog standard!
  10. No clay bar this time, the sun was why I chickened out! 😂
  11. Hi All, After months of searching and some patience I finally got myself a 350z. 08 HR in Twilight Grey. Absolutely loving it so far. A few of minor issues I've listed so far include; rattling (almost a rubbing sound) transmission/clunking when changing gear at low speeds or harshly, tailgate button doesn't work, and sadly I had no choice but to hit a rock last night on it's first run so denting the plastic under tray at the front (in-line with brake pedal). Here's some snaps after my first ever attempt at waxing a car (clay bar to be used in a few months, going to practice with one on the Note). Looking forward to getting out and seeing some other Zs!
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