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  1. Hi and welcome, your zed looks good, v1 wheels as well 😁
  2. Keep us posted buddy it will be good if i get something write today
  3. I think its media that you pair with under settings
  4. I have been keeping my eye out for you buddy
  5. I would happy with your gtr even though i have never seen it
  6. I am just going what the government said years ago about diesel being better for the environment, but now it isn't
  7. Do you trust the government
  8. Lovin that pick of your gtr next to the plane, and of course the other pics are great as well, wish i could have comeπŸ˜’
  9. Well i know the owner of the white convertible, he's a good friend of mine 😁
  10. Nice not many around in that colour, must have been limited numbers
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