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  1. Thanks Jeff πŸ˜‰we are both good thanks, look forward to catching up
  2. Not much point in either unless you are thinking of going for forced induction, all you are buying is engine bay bling, nothing wrong with a bit of bling though, plus you will probably loose power due to heat soak, better off with some decent drop in filtersπŸ˜‰
  3. Great pics looks like a awesome day, Jeff-W look like he is in his eliminate in that cockpit πŸ˜‰
  4. Happy birthday buddy, two great cars for the trip as well 😍
  5. Better late than never, hope you had a good one😁
  6. Really thought a couple of more zeds would be joining us as its a great place to meet up. The breakfast is good as well 😁
  7. Nice the numbers are growing, would be good to see a few more cars attending😁
  8. Have you managed to find the creak yet
  9. Thanks everyone for coming, great breakfast and good company
  10. Happy birthday buddy hope you're having a great day 😁
  11. How about the 18th of June same time 9.30am 😁
  12. Hi, do you fancy another meeting at Kemble /Cotswold air field in June😁
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