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  1. Hi John, sorry I missed this previously so haven't responded sooner. V5 states Titanium Silver , but when I brought the Car I was told it was Copper 🤷
  2. 🤣🤣 That adverts put me off M&Ms! Post are all working now which is great 👍
  3. Hi John FK , It is I believe , paint code KAC , I've been told (not sure if this is true though?) That only around 5% of cars had this colour ?
  4. Hi All, I've booked and hopefully registered correctly. Look forward to meeting you all. Thanks Scott.
  5. Thanks Neil, look forawrd to the Convoys too !
  6. Thanks Jeff , i've been having a look around on the fourm already and some great topics. One i'm really inteested in is the Go Japan event. I have read the thread and booked tickets including to the club stand and registered my car (if thats ok ?) however i cant add a reply in that thread, it wont let me? Thanks Scott.
  7. Hi Guys, Just a quick hello as I've just joined. I've heard great things from Neil, and after seeing and liking his R35 GTR so much so I decided to buy an R35 GTR just like his his 😁 I've put some pics on of my GTR
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