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  1. Hi Paulw,my 350 is silver ! Thanks for the welcome, dj the bike I had my accident on was an HD XL1200CX, Very unlucky that I had a rear blow out and lost control but very lucking no other vehicle was involved, 15 fractures in back and neck, dislocated shoulder and broken right foot but 95 % back together so all good. I have a few other bikes but I will begin selling them come spring but not looking forward to that !
  2. Paul, Sarah thanks for the welcome, promise some pics will follow soon. 😀
  3. Very new to the z scene but always into cars ,bikes and any machinery. Had a bad bike accident last year and the wife is reluctant to let me on another so had to find an alternative fix 😃. Bought a spares or repair 2004 350z manual a while ago, replacement engine just sourced to fit in that, another project of many !. Then I found an 2010 370z , v low milage of 23,000 auto for what I think was reasonable money, bit concerned about low milage but everything seems good and it appears to be a very well cared for car. My first job is to fit a oil pressure gauge with alarm just so I can keep ahead of any oil gallery gaskets problems that I have read about and would like a rear camera. Live in Worcestershire so any meetings etc. I should be aware of ,would love to meet fellow Z people. Jez
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