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  1. I'm in Dartford Kent and yes,I was thinking about trying another dealer but I'm hoping someone can point the way forward
  2. Is there an alternative thing to do? Also was told by the Nissan guy that it could have issues with the ECU, i did try to get an independent car key/ lock specialist mobile guy to come and try to reprogram a new fob that he would supply, but the computer he used would not communicate with the car! i have the correct blades cut and so can switch the ignition on, but obviously it will not start! Nissan guy said that most mobile car lock guys computers would not be able to do it and that it would have to be Nissan, is that true? Any help or direction would be very much appreciated
  3. Hi all,very new to any of this so a little apprehensive as to how to put things across! Ok,I purchased a 350z convertible nismo on a 07 plate last year(2021) from a farmer that had confiscated the car as payment for money owed to him from the guy that was renting a workshop and did not pay! The car had no log book,no keys I presume because the guy who owned the car never came back,however, the car stood for 4 years first in the place it was being worked on and then the last two years outside,never being started! So,I had a deal with the farmer,took the car and got a new log book and contacted my local Nissan dealer as to if the car could have been keys/gobs supplied, reprogrammed and happy days,but,I was told that there is a big shortage of new fobs for that model and the likelihood of getting one in the bear future is not good! I asked if I could get another fob off ebay or the likes and have that programmed to the car, I was told it would not work,is this true?
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