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  1. Oh forgot to say it's a 9yr protection, has to be registered etc
  2. I can always ring him for you no problem and get him to call you. Matt is an awsome guy,loves his Z's. My cars not on website yet am gonna have to call him ha
  3. Including the inside and under bonnet which neither needed doing but said do it anyway lol, wheels off etc £1170
  4. Thanks guys appreciate the comments. Slightly nicer pic of the rear
  5. Oh that plate is gonna be for sale too as I've got another. S12 LDS Happy to keep it and put it on retention but I will take offers.
  6. Hello all hope you are well! As my Z is going in for a full correction detail and ceramic on the 25th I got brand new Gt EDITION side decals to go on before the ceramic. I got 2 sets in different colours Matt Silver and Glossy grey. I will obviously only be using one set but not sure which one yet but there will be a brand new set if anyone needs them. Crap one but it was 7.45am lol.
  7. Haha no I wish. When I worked for asda distribution they had a massive car park and the lads and managers used to take the piss coz I had about 6 or 7 cars dotted about lol. They where my flippers tho,my own ones I kept at home usually 2 or 3. When I stopped flipping them I always had atleast 2 as my ex was a crank so had to have a back up just in the off chance I had a problem with 1 so I always made it to pick my lad up ha. Just got my Z and my Passat Highline 170 estate now.🤪
  8. Yeah but i have still got Zeditis🤪
  9. Hahaha not 187th Z unfortunately lol just my own cars in general🤪👍
  10. I know most will already have one of these or similar but I've just ordered 20 to give out to anybody who want one👍
  11. I will come back later and give you a good update on these tyres. Might as well tell you now guys👍 All I can say right now is I am lost for words. Thought I will go the shop and get some heat in them and do some country lanes just to see. That was at 11am this morning and I have just got in now 3.35. Got in and realised I hadn't even been to the shop lol. Everything the reviews said is bang on saying they just make you feel like you want to keep driving. We all remember being 18 when we got our 1st car and all you want to do is drive. I'm 50 in December and honest I know it sound a bit dramatic but it's really hard to explain it's like you take off from a junction turning right,you get your gap and you go! (T.C still on ) and the back end gives a little kick out but it's like it's in slow motion and youv have total control. In my last post I mentioned about it being twitchy on the steering and seemed to be great but I felt like I had to concentrate all the time and when I think about it then I realised that although the car was in my own opinion awsome with the mods it has there was something missing and I couldn't work out what it was almost as if I got a real buzz but didn't really enjoy the drive somehow. Then it hit me today what the missing thing was when I went out!!!!!! When you're out not going anywhere in particular just anywhere having a blast i got something i had forgot. Your tunes are on and you have that tunnel vision being totally relaxed in almost a trance hitting the bends like your just thinking about going round and your already out of it smashing the straight and that's what that pro reviewer said. He said it's so hard to explain it's almost like something it making you want to carry on. I live in Southport and I ended up in Wigan,st Helens, Liverpool,back to my street and drove straight past my close and then went to ainsdale near the beach and then finnaly I did end up back home lol. And as for him saying they sound a little noisier,maybe in the M2 Goodyear provided him but not on the 370. F*****G awsome. Not that I am comparing but iv had the evos, skylines etc in the past so I know about the difference in the feeling of different cars,the 370 is my 187th car I've had now. The weather is nice so I might go back out for a bit ha. Last time I filled up I had done 260miles and was £108 to fill it with v-power iv done about 120miles and I'm well under the half tank. Not that it matters lol. Once again sorry for the long post but i could of just said I think the tyres are great but all you guys are car people and love the Naturally Aspirated so you will have no problem understanding that feeling I was trying to describe. 👍👍👍
  12. They have just been to my house to fit them now. Oh man my head was so burnt trying to decide what tyre to go for,obviously Michelin pilot sport ps5's are pretty much what all the testers rate for a fast road tyre but I done a lot of research on the Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sports which all the reviews said the same thing that Michelins are brilliant and somehow feel a bit more grown up but the Goodyear are slightly noisier but seem to make you feel like the car makes you want to push it more as they say they seem to give you more confidence so they said well a little noisier and slightly stiffer drive but isn't thay what you want out of your weekender or a fun car you don't use as a daily so ended up going with the Goodyears. Tell ye though the tyres I took off looked like they had more tread on the the New ones lol. What to some could be a downside with these is that ofcoarse you have a nice car so when it comes to tyres some are more athestically pleasing to the eye on the side walls when dressed seeing MICHELIN PILOT SPORT standing out with its soft raised lettering which is a nice touch where as the Goodyears if dressed you can't really see anything. Would be nice to see GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 SUPER SPORT but have to get down on your knees and squint to see the writing but it was said by many Goodyear wernt bothered about asthetics. Ha sorry for the long message to your question should of just said the Goodyears lol...But you can never have to much information I suppose. I'll go out in it tomorrow and let you know how they feel. I know the GT EDITION had suspension tweaks and better sound proofing so I don't know how the others feel on the steering so don't know if it was the tyres that where on or the suspension itself but when driven you move the steering wheel a couple of mill and the nose is going that way quick, super precise almost like you gotta be on what your doing all the time. 🤪👍
  13. Hi mate thanks for the reply. Yes I caught a bit of a YouTube video and the guy said it took hours and you had to leave the engine running. I filled mine up again other day,£108 odd and got 260 miles ha.🤪
  14. Hi can anyone let me known if its worth updating the sat nav and if so the best place to get the discs at a decent price. At the min it's on this screen with the direction arrows on like what's on the dial. I end up just using my phone as the display it's on you can't really make anything out and it's proper doing my head in lol Can you change type of map screen type. Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question 🤪
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