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  1. I should be good for this, will be nice to see everyone again.
  2. And the reverse angle, cos I'm biased Great to see everyone!
  3. That's great to know, particularly the brake dust. I'd been eyeing some EBC Yellowstuff pads as possible replacements too, but I'd read those dump out a lot of dust and therefore wasn't keen if true. So I've gone ahead and ordered a complete set of Ferodo pads for the rear axle now, thanks! One more question: do I need to order separate shims as well? I couldn't tell if this was necessary or not from the DS2500 photos I've been able to find so far, and don't know if a) the factory pads come with reusable shims (assuming that's what's on my car already) and b) if the Ferodo's needed them or not.
  4. Thanks @JohnFK, I thought I'd read Ferodo were good previously somewhere but had no details on which specific pads! One thing I was wondering though: are these suitable for typical road use? I'm not planning on tracking my Z any time soon, so wondered if these would still be appropriate for more run-of-the-mill driving where they probably won't get particularly hot?
  5. I'm going - we do most years - and bringing my son. We'll be there on the Friday only though, sadly.
  6. As the title of the thread, I'm after recommendations for break pads to fit my 350Z ‘GT’ with stock Brembo calipers. I'm beginning to get some squeal and slightly uneven disc wear on my rear-right. No idea how old they are, so feels like a good time to refresh them all round.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! I'm very pleased to say, with some prompts and ideas from @Dave G, I've worked out how to select the different maps for my car now. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but you have to hold (literally) down on the CRUISE/SET toggle, then tap the CANCEL button below the number of times to match the map you want. Then, when you release everything, SET on the speedo flashes the same number of times you pressed CANCEL to confirm the map. Just revving at a standstill, the exhaust sounds deeper and more burbly. Very happy. p.s. I also just realised I cited completely the wrong exhaust system in my opening post; it's a full Cobra setup, not Scorpion.
  8. Hi all, first time Z owner based near Bristol, UK. Picked up my car in February this year and been loving it ever since—it's my first RWD, first JDM, first >2 litre engine, and first two-seater. So ticking a lot of boxes all in one go, and a massive upgrade from my Abarth 595 Competizione previously. She's a black 2007 ‘HR’ 350Z that's just ticked 40k miles at the start of May. It's lightly modified via decats and a full stainless Scorpion exhaust system – absolutely love the sound it makes – plus a dyno tune and selectable remaps courtesy of Abbey Motorsport (all done before my ownership). Otherwise it's stock. Cosmetically she needs some TLC, which is another reason why I wanted the car. I've been steadily getting into better car care and a bit of detailing, and the Z feels like a good car to continue learning with. Looking forward to getting to know the car and community in the months and years to come. 👋
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