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  1. Sorry to have missed everyone there... I was on a double-stag weekend, so we saw little of the racing but lots of the temporary refugee camp that sprung up! Did watch the finish though, and had puddles in my pockets by the end! Next year... Winnebego! Oh... and got my first ever windscreen crack. Now tell me, was it just me or were the French roads covered in little stones?
  2. Getting back on track... parked my Z in the car park of my local supermarket, Peugeot 407 parks next to me while I'm in the shop. Opens their drivers door, wind catches it, smacks into my passenger door, nice dent down the door. Worst thing is, it's my fiancee! So stuffed on the insurance either way!
  3. Unfortunately, due to my slovenlyness the Ace inform me that there's only 7 parking spaces available tonight. These are reserved for Zs but will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. There might turn out to be more as any spare spaces will be allocated to Zs, so if you see any Jap Power cars on the way to the Ace... running them off the road may result in a parking space
  4. Hi Vicki, Sure, PM me your details and we'll put you down on the list. Things don't really start getting going properly until 8pm but by then the car park will be heaving, so the earlier you arrive, the more chance there is of actually being able to get to your space. artnmotion... you're on the list.
  5. UPDATE to the UPDATE to the UPDATE Okay, those who so far have contacted me about parking at the Ace: Shrekster Baldieman WoREoD Pathfinder Nismo'D Captain Caveman Chubbs Dash 350doc Fuku Fuku dj350z wooo AdeyB45 PM me if you'd like a parking space. I need real name and reg no. I'll be forwarding the list to the Ace at 1500 tomorrow and then posting back to this topic by 1600 to confirm that the Ace have received the list.
  6. UPDATE to the UPDATE! Okay, those who so far have contacted me about parking at the Ace: Shrekster Baldieman WoREoD Pathfinder Nismo'D Captain Caveman Chubbs Dash 350doc Fuku Fuku PM me if you'd like a parking space... it's the only way to be sure (or a least somewhat certain (that is if you are arriving before 7:30pm, after that it's more like everyman for himself)).
  7. UPDATE! Okay, those who so far have contacted me about parking at the Ace: Shrekster Baldieman WoREoD Pathfinder Nismo'D Captain Caveman Chubbs Dash Any more for any more? PM me... it's the only way to be sure (or a least somewhat certain).
  8. Okay, those who so far have contacted me about parking at the Ace: Shrekster Baldieman WoREoD Pathfinder Nismo'D Captain Caveman Any more for any more?
  9. Okay, PM me with real names and registration numbers and I'll get onto the Ace to see what we can sort for parking. They are normally really great but do bear in mind the after about 7:30pm, even if you do have parking booked you might not be able to get in. The Jap Perf. boys start turning up and then it's every man for himself! It's a great place to spend an evening with some good food so don't miss out!
  10. Well, it looks like an import. The smaller numberplate and the auto box give it away (afaik). What mystery are you looking to solve?
  11. Just been reading TopGear.com and it appears there's a rather large caveat to the law surrounding SPECS, namely that you have to be captured in the same lane by both cameras for them to do you. So, although I condemn speeding, I'm far more concerned with lane hoggers Enjoy: http://www.topgear.com/content/news/stories/1221/
  12. q One man's beauty is another man's ugly... beauty is in the eye of the key-holder Z4 looks okay from some angles, not from others... pretty average for most cars. I'm glad that we haven't lost sight of the fact that the Porkers are exceptional cars, the BMW has an excellent driving experience and Merc are at last building a little more reliably and their cars do tend to be very comfy. The Z has it's place, it's a small, niche place but it's ours. We enjoy being in this space even if we might hanker for a step up to something more. At the moment I have a Z, next I might have a BMW or Porsche and in that moment I'll love the car I have... otherwise I wouldn't have bought the thing. You have to be able to see the good in other cars to really appreciate your own, after all... good handling is good handling, doesn't matter what it says on the boot!
  13. I added the link as a Live Bookmark (gives you the RSS list in the bookmark menu) in Firefox, works a treat.
  14. I had a Lexus for 5 years which I then traded in for my Z. During that time I moved and have used 3 different Lexus dealers for servicing/faults/bits and bobs and I haven't a single bad word to say about them. Let's remember though that Lexus was started as a prestige brand from day one. An experience (possibly the first to use that term in relation to buying and owning a car) was designed the went from the moment you first stepped into the dealership through the entire life of the car. Originally Lexus dealerships had office space with phone and fax for you to use while your car was being serviced (this was obviously when there was only the LS (in fact I'm not sure it even had a designation, it was just a Lexus)). My experience of Lexus was exemplary and I fully understand that I paid a premium on the price for that pleasure. But it never felt like a premium, everyone from the receptionist to the service team always seemed proud of their product and to gain real pleasure from doing a good job. That's good people, good training and a good environment. Lexus built that from the ground up and that makes it easier for them. Nissan has had mixed success over the years and is coming up from behind (so to speak). They seem to have done much with their build quality (and no matter what brand you have, someone *will* have a horror story) and now need to get their dealer network to follow. Davros' comment about volume sales is absolutely right, volume sales not about securing repeat business. It's only concerned with the next sale. Even within the dealership I use (Westway Nissan Basingstoke) there is variation across the team. The sales guy I first approached didn't even seem interested in selling me a car, I visited 4 times without offer of a test drive or anything more than passing conversation about how great the car was. I had to ask for a test drive! I honestly think he looked at my jeans and t-shirt and thought I didn't have the cash, what an idiot... needless to say he's not there anymore. The guy who did sell me my car took time, still takes time even a year later, to talk to me. Is always pleased to see me. He did own a Z for a while himself as well (sold it for a profit). I've seen him with other customers, even Micra owners and you know, he's exactly the same. Guess who sells most cars at that dealership! The aftersales service has been very good, not quite Lexus (but then I don't really expect it to be) but still very good. They have checked my concerns about my car (had a bad clutch experience when the wheels span coming off a roundabout in the wet and the car filled with burnt clutch smell) even when they suspected their was nothing wrong. Lexus would do the same, customer has a concern... taking 15 mins to stick it on a ramp/whatever and take a look buys miles in good will. The only thing that the Lexus dealer network did better than my dealership is fight my corner against the manufacturer. If there was something wrong with my Lexus outside of warranty (or inside warranty for something that might not have failed under warranty terms) they pushed for it to be warranty work. I can't see Nissan doing the same. Some of dealers, so it seems, have lost sight of the fact that we are *their* customers and that they are customers of NMGB! All in all I'd heartily recommend Westway Basingstoke (if any of the guys are reading this, I'll look for my commission cheque in the post (I'd settle for the RC Z in the display cabinet )) they actually seem to care.
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