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  1. It's a crossover for the tweeters/woofers.
  2. Happy Birthday, John! Great to have seen you again ay Haynes before lockdown!
  3. Thanks everyone! I've been renovating the Zed. Fitted new window motor. Coilpacks replaced, new cam covers, new sparkplugs, replaced headlights. New W brace, kidney brackets, Y Pipe, exhaust hangers procured. Bonnet and front wings procured as well as rear arch cutouts (mostly courtesy of ZManAlex). Fitted new boot struts and boot 'poppers'. Also got a Milwaukee Right Angle Wrench (Long Reach): fantastic!!
  4. A6 Allroad BiTurbo is a fantastic and underated car; 530d touring is also great (and can fit a 350Z bonnet, with the window open).
  5. I had previously secured some bi-xenon lights; they turned out to be LHD and they failed MOT (so I had to return them); they couldn't be adjusted to pass. I understand that some aftermarket LHD 350Z lights have a flat beam and can be adjusted to pass MOT.
  6. I was just on the U.S. Forum and saw that their first Zeds are coming up to 18 years old! Mine is 17 in December, now on 180k. Getting some refurbishment shortly but still my main daily driver and going strong.
  7. Thanks @Paul_S, @JohnFK and everyone else who supported this project. I have good news with this update: https://www.rotarygbi.org/magazine/april-may-2020/nepal-school-from-the-rubble/
  8. No structural rust at the moment. I did spray the underside with Dynax UB last year. Uses about 1 litre oil per 1,000 miles at the moment.
  9. I had some major expenditure at around 160,000 miles; replacing banana arms, replacing radiator fan (and radiator), replacing crank position sensor, new brake discs and pads. Nothing significant since then though.
  10. I am doing more miles now as the Zed is my daily driver, so shouldn’t be too long!
  11. There has been a slight change in my mileage in the Zed over the past 10 years. I was one of the initial 350Z owners, having taken delivery in December 2003 and covered the first 100,000 miles in less than three years!
  12. I got to 100k in 3 years; 12 years later, I am still at around 170k! I did work out all costs to 100k a while back.
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