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  1. Neutreus - will you send me the AirBNB details for our reference please? Great to meet you all and welcome John & Blobbish back. Colin, Paul & I had a lovely day & really enjoyed it too. I've sent our photos to Neutreus in case there's any additional ones in there to add to the collection. They are now on FB & Google, & will be on Insta & Tweeters in due course. Keep safe & well. Until next time ... Jo 🙂
  2. Sadly one of our clients didn't make it past day 2, he has however set a new world record at the kart track beating many times set down by F1 drivers etc ... a small consolation. Jo
  3. That's good news Alex - glad to read you're back on the road Jo
  4. You're now famous Lesmo http://catdrivertraining.co.uk/driver-training-news-blogs/colin-s-blog/item/1005-blog.html Jo
  5. Wow what a write up Les - can I have your permission to turn that into a blog from you and put on our website? Great descriptions - very expressive Was great to meet you all and spend the day together. Good to read your positive learning experiences and to see Erol on the forum already Congratulations to the winners on the day: Driver of the Day = Cazza Slidey Chocolate = Erol Fastest Time of the Day, Gymkhana = Bakseedaa - a very wet 52.72 seconds in his 370z Look forward to seeing you all again soon ... will confirm party attendance as soon as I can Jo
  6. Hi Erol Great to see you here too This place is one of the friendliest as we all said on Sunday Enjoy Jo
  7. Thanks ProfessorZ your payment in full has been safely received. Mods would you please update the first post to reflect this Jo
  8. The costings are based on 6 participants so once the group is full, which it is, and all attendees have paid their deposits/full amounts, there are no refunds available, unless a replacement is found for the day. There's no guarantees and the more notice there is, the higher the chance there is of finding a replacement, but I will do all I can to help find someone to take the place too, offering it across the many forums we work with. As an example, there was a GTR group on 16/5 and one of them had a transmission problem which identified itself on 13/5. Someone stepped up to take the place
  9. Mr P - 11th July is now full so sorry that's no longer an option for you. I'll let you know when the next date is - I'll decide on that within the next couple of weeks. Alex - thank you for your deposit - will you update the list for me please Bakseedaa - thank you for the call yesterday to confirm. Next week is fine for your payment. Professor Z - please will you make your deposit or full payment for me to confirm your place. Jo
  10. PM on it's way Bakseedaa with details & thanks Jeff for doing the honours. Mr P - Saturday 11th July is a definite date for another forum with currently 2 places remaining available. A fellow member is part of the group already - you'll be very welcome if the date works for you. Not sure at this stage if 2nd August is going to be a viable date. Let me know if 11th works asap as these last places might go quickly. Thanks Jo
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