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  1. Stormgirl, Sounds like they took this off the parts bin from the 350Z. When we first got our 350z's in 2002 , this happened ALL THE TIME ! Really frustrating- the solution: I had to lubricate the little lever inside the filler that held the outside cover closed . This worked but we had to do it approximately once every couple of months or the outside cover would stick shut again . We used WD40 oil , sprayed the lever while simultaneously pushing it up and down to get the oil in . Is it the same set up ? I hope not . Frankie
  2. Thanks mates! Had a lot of turkey and some good American football. My three sons are all home for the holidays , the best part of it all . Cheers. Frankie
  3. Have a great birthday you two . Doc , you look great for 99 . All the best ... Frankie
  4. Happy Birthday Girl ! Hope you have a great birthday , Monica !
  5. The club's fine. The life preserver is still on the wall gathering dust . I just patted my two cats . The planet is still spinning in the right direction .What more could anyone ask for Hey , how do I get one of these , Gela ? Reminds me of my exwife .
  6. Welcome Nick from another motoring journalist , but here in the States . Love to see your website someday ! Frankie
  7. Have a great B-Day , both of you ! ! The Committee
  8. Gutted for you. Hope you catch that "culprit" and your next B-day is better ! Good luck hunting . Frankie
  9. Thanks for the great pics Sarah and Dan !
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