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  1. Indeed - a very long time ago
  2. Many things have changed... but I'm glad to have made many friends through the club. Obviously this all started with Mark (squeakyZ) PMing me on my350z.com to persuade me to help him setting up a 350Z Club in the UK, before the first cars had been delivered. From the UK press launch with RickB turning up in car number one, to what I consider to be the all time highlight of Ajay Panchal attending the National. I took delivery of parts before the car arrived, had the Dealer fit the bodykit, went through the whole Twin Turbo thing, through litigation when it blew up and the Tuner doing a runner, then to a custom NA race engine and loads more bits, right through to the decision to sell the car for a place in the GT-R waiting list...
  3. Thanks to everyone that came to the event, I know that a lot of money was raised for a very worthwhile charity Great to see a few of the old crew too and thanks so much for the support. A really great event and my first chance to see what the new car can do on a circuit, without too much risk. Took a whole variety of passengers out, from little kids through to grown up kids too - and everyone walked away with a smile on their face. Managed to keep the hood down all the time on track Discovered that Ferrari brakes fade with use, just like Nissan's - so it must be a Brembo thing Thanks again
  4. Good to see some of you... Lots of Nissan board members floating around the pits too, so good to see them backing the racing efforts. Liked the Lamborghini's way of keeping the Corvettes off its tail too
  5. Tickets can still be bought from the Childrens Trust online, or at the gate http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/events...do+something%21 See you there
  6. A good show, but disappointed to see that the Nissan standard featured NO sports models. Thankfully bumped into Shiro Nakamura and was able to express my concern that Nissan are not promoting this sector of the market. As usual too many concepts that will never see the real road and too many green 'marketing' vehicles. Juke, Leaf and new Micra about sums up the Nissan stand (Unfortunately the forum settings don't allow me to post pictures)
  7. http://forums.nissansportz.com/index.php?...amp;hl=Marussia
  8. Well Done Mate Knowing your cars, whoever bought it will have a lovely car
  9. Superb - sounds like some people we know - pure genius
  10. The problem is actually made worse by some local councils, who take a previous wide road and shove a load of chevron markings down the middle to reduce the road width - what's that about??? I drove from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes on Saturday and, what was a reasonably good road has been wrecked by the council. The seven steps to ruining a good road 1 - Remove the cat's eyes down the centre and patch repair 2 - Black over the central roadmarkings with slippy bitumen 3 - Paint chevron markings to form 2ft wide ghost island down centre of roadway 4 - Fit new cat's eyes on the edges of the new markings 5 - Force all cars to traffic the gutter by reducing the road width 6 - Wait for snow / ice 7 - Let edge of road deteriorate into a mass of potholes
  11. nissansportz Full Members can now book their tickets online and enjoy a great day in aid of a fantastic cause. If you are not a Full Member, this is the ideal chance to join up and make a difference
  12. Weather forecast is looking pretty pants Snow / sleet and feels like -6 http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/dayfor...207ZN&day=6
  13. Hahahahaha - Silver with yellow bits mate
  14. They are basically - just prettier (silver case, with the Z logo on) and slightly different pitch. Definitely higher in pitch, not lower http://www.carbeyondstore.com/images/products/B5610CD004.jpg
  15. You will be pleased to know that the designer of the 350Z, Ajay Panchal, joined us in his Z for our nissansportz National Meet. Even signing the cars... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/davidbaker8130/National%202008/DPP_1055.jpg Great to be able to pull off these sort of things and sorry to hear that your event has been cancelled.
  16. Surprised that no one has commented about how this car has evolved from the original concept that I posted pictures of last March Original thread here - http://forums.nissansportz.com/index.php?showtopic=22349
  17. Now that I know the car has an APS Twin Turbo... Definitely check the steering column, there is minimal clearance between the APS kit and the column. Mine had to have the steering column replaced, and there were visible witness marks from contact.
  18. If you are saying that the car is pulling to one side and you are finding it hard to keep the car straight, then it sounds like your alignment has been set with the steering wheel out of alignment. The first thing that should be done when aligning the car is to ensure that the steering wheel is set 'dead straight' and then locked in position BEFORE any measurements or adjustments are made. Go back to the shop that did your alignment! It should not pull one way or the other, unless you are on very cambered roads. If the alignment is true and there are still issues, get the car on a lift and check that the steering column is straight. One person sits in the car and turns the wheel whilst another checks the lower end. It should turn on its own axis and any elliptical travel means that the steering column is bent and will need replacement. This can happen due to collision damage, even lack of care during engine removal, so don't assume that the column is straight, if you don't know the full history of the car.
  19. Truly saddened to see that after all the claims, hype and marketing that this issue has not been resolved. The paint really should not be an issue after all the previous feedback. C'mon.
  20. This just does to prove the old adage... "Just because you can, doesn't mean that you necessarily should"
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