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  1. Yes, some masks are a bit of a stuggle, but persevere - it will be worth the effort.
  2. Yes, Gimp is good, but you'll need to get used to its slightly different interface (possibly not quite as intuitive as Photoshop). To give you an example, google 'GIMP mask' to see how that aspect works differently from PS.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-370Z-Z-LOGO-GLOSS-BLACK-EMBLEM-BADGE-FRONT-AND-REAR-SET/174591660975?fits=Model%3A370Z&hash=item28a67953af:g:-JoAAOSwQSdfu8Lo They always say 'very slightly marked', but I've bought from here and they were fine. You could always paint the Z red, I suppose, if you got the urge. Z badges are better than NISSAN, because it means that some people won't know what make the car is Anyone who buys replacement badges should be aware of 2 things: 1. Front & rear are slightly different sizes. 2. They shouldn't be fitted upside down (easy to
  4. The OEM badges say NISSAN, not Z. Are we talking at cross purposes?
  5. That's because they're the first thing people get rid of, to replace with Z burgers.
  6. All the component parts of the exhaust will fit into the car, for transportation. Paul_S posted a photo to prove it, once upon a time! Edit: Found it! God, I'm so sad. Don't I have anything better to do with my life?... https://forums.nissansportz.com/gallery/image/4784-invidia-in-the-bootjpg/
  7. Personally, I think the cheapest 'proper' solution to the lack of a gorgeous exhaust note on the 370 is an Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust system (about £1,100, plus fitting). More expensive, but it replaces everything from the cats to the tailpipes, it fits well and it's a quality piece of kit. Several people here (including me) have gone down this route. It's loud, but only when you want it to be (okay, that's at least 50% of the time, but you know what I mean). https://www.funkypower.com/index.php/shop-by-vehicle/nissan/invidia-gemini-cat-back-exhaust-system-944.html You can pay l
  8. Well done mate - you don't hang about, do you? Nice work.
  9. Nahh - post pics if it looks crap - give us a laugh
  10. I think they're quite loud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zv7awpaNVg There are other videos too.
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