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  1. YAY!!!!!!! Congratulations, Chris! The Invidia just gets better and better - mine has the occasional little burbles now, on deceleration. You will love it. It's easy to train your accelerator foot to give you the sound you want at the moment you want it. It's like playing a beautiful musical instrument. Every orchestra should have one.
  2. I thought that particular milestone was disappearing into the distance, isn't it?
  3. At the far end of the Grand Scale Of Things, there's Total Obssession ...and then, way further down the line, there's Lesmo A quick look on the Gov.uk MOT Checker website tells me that my car had done 22,550 miles on the 21st December. It's now done some more. I'll edit this post when I get to see the mileage later on. I think it's about 24 or 25k now, which would mean that this year I'm doing about 200 a month, or 2,400 a year.That would be less than the previous year, which looks like it was 3.500 miles. As I say, I'll edit this post if I'm very much mistaken...
  4. Chubbs

    F1 2020

    Not sure I'd characterise Lewis coming 3rd in those circumstances as 'giving up'. He came out from the pit stop/penalty in 11th place and, as usual, flew past several cars to get into 3rd position. He then knew that he was too far behind Max, with tyres that would need managing, so he played the sensible game, accepting that he'd have to wait until Germany to equal Schumacher's record of 91 GP wins. If he does it there it will be highly emotional, what with the place being full of German spectators too. The only thing that could have helped him would have been another safety car soon after h
  5. Don't worry - the not-out-of-date sat nav is highly out of date now, so you won't be alone in that field somewhere off the A602 for long - before you know it you'll have an impromptu Meet.
  6. It was a feeble attempt at humour. I thought you might get it. Failing that, I thought you might go and check to see if a glove box had magically appeared.
  7. ...If it had Mercedes brake ducts it was definitely a Racing Point.
  8. Chubbs

    F1 2020

    Lewis vs Max - the Sochi start/first lap could be interesting today.
  9. Maybe they've received intelligence that someone's planning to steal the manhole cover. ...or the bridge.
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