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  1. Just so you all know, this morning I've reduced the price of these kick plates by a tenner, to £60 the pair, or £35 each.
  2. I've got a brand new pair of 350z kick plates (OEM), which I've just advertised on Ebay. I thought someone here might like a heads-up that they're for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265906255859
  3. I was thinking about your 'threadlock' idea and decided I wouldn't do it, in case the pin is supposed to turn. Wouldn't want to f*** the actuator mechanism, would I? I'm currently planning to go back to Option A - aralditing something over the end of the pin.
  4. Coincidentally, a faint noise started again this morning. I looked and - lo & behold - the pin had just started to work its way out slightly again, so I'm currently thinking about ways of gluing something over the end, to stop it coming out again. Any suggestions gratefully received!
  5. Ouch https://uk.news.yahoo.com/person-taken-hospital-following-serious-140248009.html
  6. Over the past few days my door lock has started making a very loud grinding sound when it's locked. Found the fix on YouTube. It's actually easier on our cars, because you don't need to unscrew the 3 screws. Took me literally 10 seconds. Here's the fix:
  7. Went to Le Mans one year and can't remember what I did for beam converters. As far as I know, there is no 'adjuster' fitted to the car. I also don't think the beam is of the type that doesn't need adjusting. As it's a legal requirement in France - and as you never know if an emergency will require you to drive in the dark when in Europe - I'd fit them, to be on the safe side. Paul_S has driven around Europe most Summers. Send him a message?
  8. "the exhaust note doesn’t have the same distinctive character as the old 370Z" - lol The 'old 370z' stock exhaust doesn't have a 'distinctive character. It sounds cr@p. I wonder how much of this article is similarly misinformed.
  9. Do the wheels get refurbed for that as well? Also, what exactly is this 9-year protection?
  10. Am I late for the last one, or early for the next one?
  11. The side of one of our cars had a close encounter with a hedge recently, resulting in a host of small scratches down one side, some of which looked a bit deep. Had a go at them yesterday. Firstly, I tried Meguiars ScratchX - it did no good at all. Then I tried T-Cut Metallic - WOW!!! With a bit of elbow grease, the scratches are gone! Bloody good stuff. I was surprised at how ineffective my ScratchX was, because I thought it used to be okay - maybe the mixture's separated and it needs a good mix.
  12. Naughty old Nissan. They like to take your money, but aren't so good at customer service. Sadly, this is the norm these days. Could you find someone who'd be able to re-rivet the panel, if you were to disassemble it and fix the actuator? It's a pity that 2 small rivets are causing you so much grief. Hope you get it sorted.
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