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  1. Many happy returns, Gav. Just to update you. I chickened out of breaking open my side markers and ended up putting them back on in their original state. So you're still the only Gav in the village.
  2. Weird isn't it? I did price comparisons on both Confused and GoCompare and they came out the best.
  3. I just had my renewal email from LV=, so, as usual, I went onto GoCompare and got a £35 cheaper quote. Phoned LV= and told them. They asked who had given me the cheaper quote, so I told them - LV=
  4. You mean there are still places that do dodgy MOTs even nowadays? Tut very Tut.
  5. Excellent news! I was just about to ask if you'd got to the bottom of it. I reckon you may have saved yourself a few quid there?
  6. 370z Nismo vs 370z GT?... It's like comparing a cheap tart with a sophisticated lady
  7. Please disagree with me if you think I've got it wrong, but I reckon the 370z will retain some sort of stylistic appeal in years to come, rather like old TVRs do, or an old Porsche.
  8. I agree with you 100%. I know it's only my opinion, but I think the 370z still looks modern & cool (and I don't see that changing much over the next few years), whereas the 350 is definitely a bit dated, and has been for a few years now. In my view his assessment is completely the wrong way round.
  9. Did you know that if the fob battery fails you can still start the car by inserting your fob into the slot in the dashboard, by your right knee? However, if the Steering Lock Module fails (and they do), it's often pretty terminal and very expensive.
  10. How do they know it's your wife's car? Have you bought a sticker for it?
  11. What worries do you have about the push-button start? I haven't heard of any issues, but I may be a bit clueless. On the other hand, the steering lock module... ...aaaaargh!!!
  12. Never heard of that one before. Just out of interest, did you change the fob battery?
  13. That's a good point. Time to remove the fuse?
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