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  1. Welcome, Dave. Nice looking car you've got there! As John has already said, ask away - the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.
  2. Good luck with the sale. What's your new 'toy'?
  3. Ditto. 20mm spacers make the profile of the wheels sit just right. Never had any issues either. I seem to remember feeling that they improved the car's handling when I first fitted them - but that's a subjective thing.
  4. That front grille is vastly better than OEM. In fact, the whole car looks quite nice. Why couldn't they have designed that grille at Nissan? Much more appropriate.
  5. I too am old. ...or should that be I am too old?
  6. You can always rely on the police, can't you? I wonder what additional evidence they require? Reg number & video would seem fairly substantial, to my untrained eye.
  7. Agree - Since the MOT lighting regs changed a couple of years ago I've taken to checking at the time of booking my MOT, to see if my multi-function fog light is legal. Not had any issues so far.
  8. Took the car for its MOT today. Surprisingly, I've only done just over 2,000 miles in the past 12 months. Went to collect it and was a bit nervous when the tester asked me if my sequential LED Z side markers were original equipment or not. I told him they weren't and he said, "Wow they're really nice aren't they? We decided they were probably OEM. Really like them." The car passed - no advisories! Looks like I've found a good MOT centre, who like their cars. Breathes another sigh of relief for another year!
  9. Fitting the first stubby aerial to my first 350, back in 2004. Getting a grounding kit for £35, God knows why. I've still got it! Going to my first meet, at Rockingham Speedway and wrapping Valerio's blue Zed in 'do not cross' tape. Drunken bants in the first forum, before, during and after The Split. Especially with Mark from NI. Our NI meet - wow it was good to hoon around Northern Ireland. Buying my black 350 in 2006 - the only Brand New car I've ever owned. 370's - didn't warm to them for ages, because they don't stick to the road at 100+ like a 350 does. Eventually got one! Now on my second, because I love them To cut a long story short - I have a feeling that my current Z will stay with me forever. Can you be buried in a car? What are your memories?
  10. Nice one Les. Doesn't say anything about being smashed into a wall in the advert, but it does say it's got a 3 litre engine. Maybe the other 0.5l got knocked off in the crash?
  11. Well done!! What's the rust situation like? Is the car kept in a garage?
  12. Paul - I've just done an online search. Apparently the car is registered to NavTool Uk. You're the victim of an attempted hit!* Personalised number plate on a 2015 car - I reckon his initials are WGN. William Norris? Just guessing here *Don't lose sleep - it's a joke.
  13. He was probably asleep and weeing himself. It's a Jag, after all. Glad you're both okay and the car's survived intact.
  14. My dear old Dad went just like that. He even bought a rattle can, in a vain attempt to and disguise the ever-increasing number of bumps & scratches on his little Fiesta. We had to take the keys off him eventually, because he was getting more & more dangerous. Of course, I'll never get like that
  15. Yup - and it turned out to be the right one
  16. I've realised that black looks really good on gunmetal grey!
  17. I love LED bling, so it's a yes from me! They make the car contemporary, don't they? 370's are already a 'current' design (ie they haven't dated, because they're such a good shape) and LED/DRLs make them look even more modern. Can you tell me more about the lights? Link, maybe? Cost? Seriously considered getting some of those lovely new LED tail lights a few months ago, but I can't justify almost £1k for a pair of lights. Edit:...but I'm really happy with my sequential 'Z' side markers.
  18. Do you think they'd have stated it in the brochure (pic 2, above), if it was dual clutch? If I had to bet, I'd bet no.
  19. That car was totally totalled, dude. Surprised we didn't hear how it happened. Ran out of talent, I suspect.
  20. Z brochure. with thanks to someone on nissanzclub, in America.
  21. Chubbs

    F1 2021

    The in-car footage is on the F1 website now, if you haven't seen it. It's clear to me (as it was at the time) that Lewis was forced off the track - but Verstappen's in-car footage shows it to be intentional, as far as I can see. It would be good to get your opinion. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.watch-all-the-angles-of-hamilton-and-verstappens-lap-48-battle-in-brazil.3ghMXVIaYdjY6WDID1QFte.html Mercedes have requested a review - so it may not be over yet. Trouble is, if V gets a 10 second penalty, it doesn't change the result (but it may have done, had it been imposed during the race). Edit: a 5-place grid penalty for the next race would spice things up a bit.
  22. Here's a link to a couple of photos I took of my 20mm Eibachs -
  23. You won't regret it, imo. Really improves the stance/looks of the car, especially the rear view. I also remember thinking that it improved the handling, although that may have been wishful thinking. What do others think?
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