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  1. I kind of thought she looked a bit familiar, but they were gone in a flash.
  2. All I see is about 12 lines of gobbledygook hyperlink. When I click on it I'm taken to the google accounts sign-in page. You're a cyber criminal hacking us all, aren't you? Sounds like a good purchase!
  3. I was waiting to get out of the Aldi car park. He waved, his wife didn't!
  4. Interesting! I searched this event and it looks like the 'journey' was on a test track, which presumably was flat? No stops, presumably no load onboard? This was done purely for the world record. I wonder how the same vehicle performs in the real world. Probably about 52 miles per charge lol. And as Jeff mentioned, what happens to all those batteries once they're kaput? I saw a TV item not long ago, suggesting that 'spent' vehicle batteries are still useable as storage units for electricity. So we may see giant 'battery boxes' appearing in our neighbourhoods, in the near future. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/09/02/switzerland-Guinness-World-Records-electric-truck-distance-DPD/1811630606424/
  5. Sorry to hear that Gav. Contact any breaking Z's on Ebay, or breakers yards near to you? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=breaking+370z&_sacat=0
  6. Personally - and selfishly - I hope it doesn't come to the UK. I'm not getting one and I'd like my car to retain its rarity/value.
  7. Bit late for this, but Old Sodbury - isn't that where JohnFK lives? 😮
  8. Not me. There's a lot of hype and half truths surrounding the technology currently. Even though I like the looks of some I see on the roads, it's not very practical to have to find a charging point at the moment, then sit in some God-forsaken service area for an hour while the damn thing charges. I know that the norm would be to charge it at home, but I still worry about how long the batteries will last before you need to shell out for new ones, or sell the vehicle. I didn't get a computer until they became user-friendly. I didn't get a mobile phone until they became user-friendly and guess what... ...I'll buy the electric Z in a few years time
  9. I've just listened to it again - at 11:48, where he talks about the 0-60, he is probably saying 15%, but the audio goes a bit funny and it sounds like 50%. Thanks mate. I thought it was a bit far-fetched.
  10. This is an interesting analysis of parts of the styling, if you've got a spare fifteen minutes:
  11. I thought they were just referring to it as The Z? No numbers? There certainly aren't any on the back of the car - just a Z in a wholly unsuitable location!!! It should be in the middle, under the burger. That's another thing - if the tailgate release is built into the rear Nissan Logo, how easy will it be to change the badge to a 'Z' badge? Not that I really care!
  12. This bloke, at the launch, claims he's going to compare the Z to the Supra - Don't believe him, he lies (I've watched the video). However, there are two noticeable things - Firstly he claims that the new Z shaves 50% off the 370z's 0-60mph performance. That brings it down to well under 3 seconds. Is he lying again? Possibly not. Secondly it looks like they've done away with Synchro Rev Matching. Shame if they have, even though I never used it! (Edit: or have they just removed the option to disable it?)
  13. To paraphrase the American presenter at the end of the USA launch - I am so incredibly unstoked. It's flabby. Best thing about the new Z is that it will keep my car's residuals nice & healthy. Morning everyone
  14. Many happy returns, Gav. Just to update you. I chickened out of breaking open my side markers and ended up putting them back on in their original state. So you're still the only Gav in the village.
  15. Weird isn't it? I did price comparisons on both Confused and GoCompare and they came out the best.
  16. I just had my renewal email from LV=, so, as usual, I went onto GoCompare and got a £35 cheaper quote. Phoned LV= and told them. They asked who had given me the cheaper quote, so I told them - LV=
  17. You mean there are still places that do dodgy MOTs even nowadays? Tut very Tut.
  18. Excellent news! I was just about to ask if you'd got to the bottom of it. I reckon you may have saved yourself a few quid there?
  19. 370z Nismo vs 370z GT?... It's like comparing a cheap tart with a sophisticated lady
  20. Please disagree with me if you think I've got it wrong, but I reckon the 370z will retain some sort of stylistic appeal in years to come, rather like old TVRs do, or an old Porsche.
  21. I agree with you 100%. I know it's only my opinion, but I think the 370z still looks modern & cool (and I don't see that changing much over the next few years), whereas the 350 is definitely a bit dated, and has been for a few years now. In my view his assessment is completely the wrong way round.
  22. Did you know that if the fob battery fails you can still start the car by inserting your fob into the slot in the dashboard, by your right knee? However, if the Steering Lock Module fails (and they do), it's often pretty terminal and very expensive.
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