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  1. A very very messy spray on glue For some of the bigger pieces I might get the self adhesive one!
  2. Still on furlough and still no sign of a return to work which means any real spending is still on hold I have managed to get on with a few little things this weekend though. I've always hated the quality of the plastics in the cabin so had a go at wrapping a few panels in suede earlier Only done the passenger side A-Pillar, Both arm rests and the two rear strut parts so far. Should get a few more bits done tomorrow with the left over material I have Plan is to have a nice mix of suede and carbon fibre (proper carbon not the cheap stick on/hydro tat)
  3. Nope, didn't need planning. The garage is the same height as it was before, just I now have a flat roof vs a pitched roof, our builders advised we could have gone a bit higher again before needing planning but the Mrs already thinks its an eyesore
  4. Onto the second part I bought the donor car in January last year - my wife was 7 months pregnant at the time and was not amused at the state of it when it turned up Before I could make a real start on the build, I neded to sort the garage. Throughout the Spring, it was changed from this To This The Donor Z was stripped and scrapped and the engine and turbos have sat in my garage waiting for me to install them into my car, Over the Christmas holiday, I picked up a couple of bargain items second hand (APS Plenum, ARC oil catch can & a set of Berk decat pipes) However, with a one year old, a wife and a house to contend with, the Z takes a back seat most of the time as the rest seem to hoover up money, however in March this year I had save a bit of cash and was going to go on a bit of a spending spree to keep me entertained for the coming months, and then Covid-19 hit and I was put on to Furlough This meant that the money I had saved had to be put on hold for the time being. On the plus side though, this gave me time so I have managed to strip down my Z ready to receive the new parts. I'm planning a full on restoration of my car as its my forever car (even if the wife hates it ) I also had a bit of a change of plan- I sold the forged engine, In all honesty - I didn't trust the work that had been done to it after I had seen the state of the rest of the car it came out of. My plan now is to run it on my stock low mileage engine for a while and get myself a spare engine to build myself, atleast then I know the work has been done to my standard. The next part wasn't planned! again, my wife is very understanding and lets me do things I shouldn't A local owner was selling his Akebono brake kit for a very generous price, and he offered to chuck in a free suede headliner - I'm a sucker for deals so I couldn't turn it down Originally I planned to strip the brakes back and paint them a more subtle colour but I actually like the green and I think it will complement the car well That pretty much brings me up to where I am today, a long way to go before she is driveable again but its a long term project My plan now is to build the car in stages where I wont have to remove things once I have refitted them, so im starting on the interior, I want a GT3RS inspired interior whilst keeping some element of comfort - i.e. a half roll cage with the entire car sound deadened More updates to follow once I am back in work and spending resumes
  5. Happy Birthday IanP!

  6. I used the Z for a few months in the summer and then parked it up and my Mums house where it sat for a while (about 3 years to be exact) During that time, I bought a house with my then Girlfriend, got engaged, got married, had a baby, built a garage and for some stupid reason bought a second Z - I'm lucky my wife is understanding This one however, had a forged engine, a Power Enterprise TT kit and a few other goodies unfortunatley the high mileage shell was absolutley rotten so the plan was to swap the good bits into my good low mileage Z. Updates to follow tomorrow
  7. Hi Guys Some of the older members here may remember my HKS Supercharged build from about 10 years ago (Can't believe its been that long ) I sold this car to fund the purchase of my dream car, the R34 GTR After about 2 years, I decided to sell this as was looking to purchase property, unfortunately it all fell through and I then bought Rocket Ronnie's R33 GTR shell as a project - Once delivered, I realised there was monunmental amounts of work and money required so I sold it and bought another dream car, the TT6 Supra Parked alongside my then daily driver BMW 330ci Unfortunatley, I blew the 2JZ and realised that as much as I loved the Supra, I didn't love it in the same way that i did a Z or a GTR. I was going through a difficult break up at the time and my brother was selling a 350Z - so I bought the Z, Parted out most of the Supra and the Nissota Zupra was born Alongside a ton of money, also cost me a few friendships with firends who were involved in the build, I ended up breaking the car At this point, I took a break from cars completley until I bought 2 performance cars in the same week (hey, gotta have a daily, right?) Impreza STI as the new daily R33 GTR as the new toy R33 turned out to be rubbish, despite using a reputable importer so I returned it to them for a refund. I then contacted Jurgen at JM-Imports and got myself another R33 GTR After a few months, I realised I had been spoilt by owning an R34 GTR and unfortunately, no other Skyline would ever cut it following on from that so the 33 was swapped with a local guy for a big chunk of cash and this I'm not a Honda fan, but this was one of the most fun cars I ever drove. I can see why people like VTEC After a few months though, there was something missing, I needed another Z! so I contacted the person who bought my first Z off me and asked if he would sell it back to me - as luck had it, he was considering parting with it and I caught him at the right time - a deal was done and I picked it up a week later
  8. CURRENT LIST OF PARTS AVAILABLE (ALL PRICES ARE POSTED TO MAINLAND UK) PARTS CAN ALSO BE COLLECTED FROM SOUTH WALES * Heater controls £15 * Lower centre console (gear surround) £30 * Front strut brace £20 * Both door cards £40 each * Mishimoto aluminium fan shroud £120 * OEM Floor Mats £30 * OEM Bluetooth Adaptor £40 * Electric wing mirror switch £10 * Dome light panel (With bulbs) £10 * Drivers door switch panel £15 * Drivers door armrest (One tab is broken off) £15 * Pair of sunvisors £25 * Headliner £80 (Collection only due to size) * Passenger side A-Pillar trim (interior) £15 * OEM Clear side repeaters £10 * Drivers side BOSE tweeter & cover £15 * Passenger side BOSE tweeter & cover £15 * Passenger side grab handle £25 (Provisionally sold) * Brake Fluid Cover £15 * Battery Cover (Tab broken) £10 * Heated seat switch panel £15 * Brake fluid surround £15 * Battery cover surround £15 * Drivers side A-Pillar trim (Interior) £15 * ESP Button £10 * Headlight washer button £10 * Drivers side footrest £10 * Ashtray £15 (Provisionally sold) * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Rear Bumper (with parking sensors) £75 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Passenger side skirt £50 * Dashboard £40 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Passenger side wing mirror £30 * UK Centre Dials £25 * OEM B-Pillars £20 * 2 X Engine covers (One has hole for catch can fitment) £15 Each * Pair of door sill trim covers £25 * Cup holder £20 * Drivers door vent £25 * Boot trim back panel (lock cover) £25 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Passenger side A-Pillar (Exterior) £35 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Drivers side A-Pillar (Exterior) £35 * BOSE speaker cover trim £ 25 * Rear storage compartment £20 * Rear storage compartment (Broken hinge) £15 * BOSE subwoofer £20 * Rear glovebox panel £20 * Drivers side bumper light £20 * Passenger side bumper light £20 * Battery tray £15 * Passenger side headlight mounting bracket £30 * Power Steering cooler £25 * OEM Radiator £40 * Front Slam panel £50 * Passenger side window switch panel £20 * Passenger side arm rest £20 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Passenger side front wing (small rust bubbles, few scratches, small dent) £50 * Drivers side kick panel with fuse box cover £30 * Drivers side kick panel with knee pad £30 *OEM Black leather seats £150 Collection only * Passenger side dash and airbag £30 Collection only Parts coming off the car in the next few weeks * Full Brembo setup (Front and rear disks, pads and calipers) £750 * Set of RAYS Wheels £400 (Tyres need replacing) * Gearbox £150 (Provisionally sold) * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Drivers side wing (quite rusty) £25 collection only * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Drivers side skirt £50 * Gunmetal Grey (WV2) Bonnet (patches of bubbling) £30 collection only * Set of wheel spacers (i think 20/25mm) £100 More parts will be added later on tonight, I have pics of pretty much everything above if anyone wants to see condition of them
  9. Been driving for 13 years. 1994 Vauxhal Astra 1990 Mercedes Benz E190 2002 Daewoo Matiz 2003 Citroen C2 2005 SEAT Ibiza Cupra 2003 Nissan 350Z (HKS Supercharged) 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR 1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR (Rocket Ronnie's Old Car) 2003 Nissan 350Z 2001 BMW 525i 2003 BMW 330Ci 1995 Toyota Supra TT 2003 Nissan 350Z (With a single turbo 2JZ) 2003 Subaru Impreza STI 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 1998 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 2001 Honda Integra Type-R DC5 2003 Nissan 350Z (My original supercharged on minus all the mods) ** 2009 Honda Civic Type-S 2011 Audi A5 ** 2003 Nissan 350Z (Power enterprise TT and forged engine being removed to go into the above Z)** ** Cars I currently own Company Cars 2001 Citroen Saxo 2001 Fiat Punto 2005 Nissan Primera 2008 Vauxhall Vectra 2010 Vauxhall Combi 21 of my own cars in 13 years, I've owned my current 350Z for 7 of those 13 years
  10. Yup starter motor is good but wont be off until the garage is done in a few weeks
  11. 2003 UK car for breaking, lots of parts still available for sale. Car is WV2 Gunmetal grey, 118K miles on the clock. *****Engine & Turbos are NOT for sale***** PM me or post up if you need anything. all interior parts are removed or can be removed quickly. Some parts wont be available for a few more weeks until my garage is finished and i can get the car up in the air to get bits off.
  12. Happy Birthday IanP!

  13. Happy Birthday IanP!

  14. Ividia exhaust with rolled titanium tips. Will need new bolts and gaskets to install. http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv13/ian350z_photos/01f73851f59c58531dd520d0c996600e310e54b2d8_zpsealqb8fx.jpg http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv13/ian350z_photos/01f66374f4aadc464f561f10ba81259c5908471410_zpsgkrtjhhj.jpg http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv13/ian350z_photos/0177ee77d6b1b304c9e142a6917fdf54f057452ed0_zpspzlnfinv.jpg http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv13/ian350z_photos/01314aedc72e7127f924558f4561084ee30ed0bc5d_zpseugthe20.jpg http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv13/ian350z_photos/01bb81dc258a0ac170a3b6c25362e3c77a13c15a2d_zpsyv0pzhty.jpg £750 Collected from South Wales. Will ship at buyers cost and expense
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