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    Diving, Driving,Martial Arts, motorbikes and enjoying my excessive time off.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mattler!

  2. Happy Birthday Mattler!

  3. Happy Birthday Mattler!

  4. Happy Birthday Mattler!

  5. Mattler

    Fuku's Knob!

    OMG!! Does this mean your car is finally back on the road?? Well done mate!! Matty
  6. I voted paint because it is IMHO the least motivator. I will alway whinge about a cars power long before the finish so to turn it on its head get the paint sorted first as thats least essential. Then there will still be motivation to get the engine done because you have to drive it day to day!
  7. Very impressive!! Seeing the 2 together makes you realise just how different the newcomer is! The one thing I still prefer on the 350 is the wingmirrors though!
  8. We had the same problem with my daughter overheating in the old car seat. We now have a Jane travel system, despite the right royal pain in the rectum it is to carry or fit into the car it is miles better than the old one for ventilation etc. Plus if we were in a crash, that seat is the one I`d want my baby to be in. Its bulletproof in construction!
  9. I`ll give my mate a shout as he`s just bought a GT-R but hates forums, meets etc etc there is a chance I could do a swap with him for the day. I need to check my rota first, then I`ll ask! Shouldn`t be a major problem but I need to be here on the that date first. will let you know. M
  10. Still trying to figure out if I`m home for this. If I can will I need to park my German interloper at least 5 miles from Cambridge
  11. At the very extreme limit of braking the only difference with having "lesser" rear disks is that it makes the rear pads work a lot harder. On my Zed I wasn`t blessed with Bembos on the rear and had EBC disks and endless pads. I did go through a few types of pads before I settled on the endless. I tried redstuff at first and they actually set alight after 4 laps on Snetterton!!
  12. So there you have it!!! If you dont believe me then for Gods sake believe Alex because he is responsible for a lot more track time with Zeds than I`ve had, and I`ve had quite a bit! M
  13. Performance friction disks without and shadow of doubt!!! I couldn`t kill them, in fact all I tried to do from the day I fitted them was highlight imperfections which may exist. Turns out there weren`t any!
  14. Why did you sell the zed? Interested to get your reasoning on this as I sold mine to get an Evo7 XT330. M
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