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  1. Something for when I finally get the house done and can get back to playing with cars. I'm not expecting to play with it (or the cars) properly for some time to come. But I didn't want the lift to go out of stock again, and to cost more when it did eventually become available again. It's something to look forward to, and some incentive to get the house sorted.
  2. That looks amazing! How does it look now? Just as good?
  3. Nissan have shown a customised Z Proto at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Personally, I love the new styling - the front grille is so much better! Also, it's nice to see it with a front number plate mount (usually cars look better without them?!) Here are some pics from motor1.com: The design is based on the Fairlady Z432-R
  4. Happy birthday mate! Thanks for all the many years of service to the club. Isn't it about time you bought another Z?
  5. Disappointing isn't it? The old chap gets to drive into another car another day. Hopefully it won't be a serious accident.
  6. Paul_S

    Not quite a Z

    The NISMO Jukes have turbos (as does the old shape 1.2t and the new generation 1.0t ones). Funnily enough, I saw a black NISMO Juke today in Brentford. But that one looked and sounded standard.
  7. If you're looking for a 370Z NISMO then you might want to check this one out. It was originally owned by Bob Laishley (he was Nissans’ NISMO & Sports Car Program Director at the time) so it's got an interesting history and spec. Maybe a good long-term investment? I can pass you more details if you're interested.
  8. Here's a short video of the car on the road! (Source: CarThrottle)
  9. Thanks for that Sarah. Unfortunately, I received another letter saying there was insufficient evidence to proceed. If anyone is interested, I'll take a pic and post it up for reference. Time to start looking for a decent local bodyshop I guess!
  10. I hope it's not too late to with everyone all the very best for 2022. Have a blast people!
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