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  1. Looking great! Unlike the Honey Monster. I need to get a roof on the new shed today and whatever time I left will go to improving it from this state! I'll need to charge it too. It's not moved for 28 days. Tomorrow will be a nice trip out!
  2. Ah, that makes sense to meet now. I must have pasted a link target than the pic itself. Schoolboy error! No worry, the pic is boring. But the deal was great!
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean with the CF ones. There is this available but it's not exactly cheap! Edit: wrong colour of course...
  4. That's weird. I pasted an image into the post and I can see it still. Anyhoo, yes. Bargain!
  5. A genuine Nissan 370Z outdoor car cover. I was V lucky because I'd only just started looking for one (now I don't have a car port) and won this one on eBay. Barely used and delivered for £30!
  6. True! Also, if they aren't sold in the UK the imported ones will be special. It would be a killer to go to the hassle and expense to import one then have a UK version launched a year later.
  7. Thanks for posting! Added to my watch list
  8. Sorry to see this. Very 'annoying'... If you buy from abroad be sure to get a RHD mirror because it will be different from a LHD car. As said above - time for CF or even a little wrap on the mirrors?
  9. I keep hearing rumours that someone high up in Renault is pressing hard for the new Z to be sold in Europe. There maybe a glimmer of hope.
  10. My mate has a Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor and the performance is very impressive. The range is pretty good. I know someone with an electric Mini and the range is appalling. I'm not a fan of everything being on the touchscreen - you don't get any dials in front of the driver. There are no physical switches to speak of so you have to navigate screen menus to do a lot of basic things. The voice recognition isn't anywhere near as good as your Android or iOS phone so the whole thing seems very distracting to me. I've never driven one but I would be interested to know what it would be like. I can't decide if they would be exciting (acceleration) or boring (little interaction and detached) to drive.
  11. Hi Scott and welcome to the OC Nice mota!
  12. Okay, Sarah and I are booked in on the club stand I'm driving the Honey Monster so I'd better get it looking something like clean so I don't let the side down
  13. Did anyone see the footage of the nasty crash during W Series qualifying at Spa? It looked scary as Everyone was okay, but I think it might have been a different outcome if it wasn't for the halo. Click the link here for the video. I haven't embedded it deliberately.
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