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  1. Well said people! There's so much to be said about having a car with character. Not just another turbo'd Eurobox.
  2. Hi Les. Sorry to hear you've not been well mate. It's very good to hear you're working more normal hours. You can push it for a certain period of time but it will catch up with you in the end. House moving and burst pipes sound familiar! It's great you're back. So what's your cereal of choice?!
  3. Nicely done mate. It was a lovely sunny day for a drive today
  4. That's no good. You need another three!
  5. Paul_S

    Solar Panel Info..

    Not wanting to hijack this thread, if there is anyone out there who knows there stuff then I'd appreciate some of your time
  6. There's no rush mate. Some places do an all in 1 service where you post them off, they do restore them to your spec, then send them back. If you want to go down that route I can post them to the place and you can get them to return them to you. It wouldn't take much of your time and they would be ready for when you have time to fit them
  7. I bought this plate from the States. It perfectly describes the origin of my 240Z
  8. Hey mate. Glad you're keeping her I've a set of spare calipers so if you want to borrow those to send to a firm for refurbishment / recolour then it means we can swap them over - maybe at the Members Workshop Day?
  9. I've got a set I bought for the hub caps (quite literally!) for my 240Z. I've not got round to fitting them yet as I think I'm going to get new caps first because the old ones are looking a bit tired.
  10. Amayama is a great source for sure. Have import duty rules changed from Japan since Brexit?
  11. Yep, Rays issues on the 350Z but no wheel issues on the 370Z as far as I am aware
  12. This is the first bodywork issue I've had (owned the car from new in 2009). There are a few bolts and the W brace which tend to corrode but generally speaking the body is good.
  13. I think you could well be right. I knew I should have washed it less!! I agree. I've contacted my dealer and sent some photos in for them to take a look. I've got some (poor quality) ones taken a little while ago before the top was taken off. I'll report back if I have any luck. If they won't repair it under warranty then I will investigate...
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