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  1. Very sorry to hear that. It boils my pi$$ that they are still ripping people off. I never got a sniff of my money back. Please continue to warn people of these thieves.
  2. It looks like the car will be officially launched 17th August. Nice for those countries that will get it!
  3. Thanks folks. @LESmo - it looks like you'll be settled for life there. It sounds & looks great. I'm with you on the broadband. We finally got ours in nearly 2 weeks after we'd moved in and have gone from 240Mbps to about 70. Still, it's doing okay and I've getting round to putting all network sockets and access points around the house (oh the joys of proper floorboards!!) With regards to heating we have considered lots of options but speaking with our neighbours a ground sourced heat pump isn't one of them. They tried that route but there's a layer of shingle that means we c
  4. A couple of weeks ago we moved 3 miles up the road to a village just outside Ashford. Not exactly adventurous, but it's a bit like being in a different world (with the same chip shop). The new house is 'properly' built but has been rented out for the last 15 years so needs everything renewed / updated / replaced. We like a challenge! It also has a rather handy double garage at the end of the garden which means plenty of parking in the back garden too! Here are a few pics. The garage was converted into an office by some fool many years ago. I'm
  5. A very belated happy birthday mate. I hope you had a good one
  6. Haha, I often come back to this... "Back in my day we were very environmentally friendly. The milkman drove an electric vehicle and all the glass bottles were properly recycled (i.e. washed out and used again)!"
  7. Happy birthday Vicky! I hope you're having a good one
  8. I've had this on my eBay watch list for way too long, and finally bought one a couple of days ago. It arrived today and it looks great! It's backed with 3M tape too. I'm not sure if I'm going to put it on the 370Z. I've a spare 240Z badge (among others) so I'm tempted to start a display board with car badges on...
  9. Good news sir! Here's to the R35 being back on the road soon, at minimal cost
  10. Excellent. I have a feeling this is going to be epic!
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