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  1. Hi (and welcome!) It worked fine, but I ended up buying another Android HU with a larger screen and mounting it in portrait in the console. I made a gadget to do the HVAC too. There's a little on it here. To my shame, I've not finished reworking the dash around the screen so it doesn't look great still, but it all works really well
  2. Even more belated from me. I hope you had a good day
  3. That's news to me too. Live and learn
  4. Mine came with them so I've never fitted any, but people who have said it's basically a clip on, clip in job. It's all plug and play.
  5. It is a little noisy. I had the chance to buy this one which is the same (quite rare) ratio at a good price, so I snapped it up. I plan to swap them over and check the old one out some time in the future. It might be something quite simple. It might also sit on the shelf for a good few years before I get round to it...
  6. Ah, I either didn't know that or had forgotten it
  7. My dealer alerted me to this when mine first expired. Since then I carry a generic can version which will work on any car. I know t's not nice stuff and the chances of it being useful are a bit slim but for the sake of a few quid it might just get you out of trouble when you really need it. Yes, I have the spare wheel kit. I think there are a few wheels which will fit but, as Les says, it's the brake clearance that's the issue (find one with the correct stud pattern and rolling radius isn't that hard). The wheel fits in the boot and the Bose base fits in the wheel. You need to remove some of the additional under-floor packing to allow it to fit. Edit: the biggest problem will be housing the road wheel (especially the rear) in the car. I have a bag to store the road wheel in to save the car getting dirty. Worst case scenario you have the leave the wheel under a hedge and hope no one finds it before you return to pick it up!
  8. I've never heard of this before. Either the gasses have changed to a more environmentally-friendly alternative that needs changing regularly or they've had a lean year and are desperate to make some cash.
  9. Ah, no that wasn't me I'm afraid My Dart Charge history will testify that I made a mad dash North of the Thames and back before 10:45 that day.
  10. I don't think many people live around my way but there is a regular car meet - 1st Sunday of each month - at Evegate Business Park (about 10 mins from Ashford, Kent). You don't need to commit to going - just turn up and see who else has. I've only been to 1 so far but there is a huge range of cars from classics, to modifieds, to Japanese, to American, to some Ferrari things, to just about anything and everything. The next time I go I'll try take some pics. It's a very chilled event and The Dog House pub opens early to serve food (and beer if you're the passenger!) If anyone is local or fancies a Sunday morning drive out then let me know and I'll bring a Z along
  11. Flip! If the previous owner had even done a quick sealant job it might not have looked great but it would have saved the light. It's good reminder not to let these little jobs drag on too long...
  12. Not strictly "today"... I picked up this 240Z differential on the weekend. I bought it at the beginning of the year but things have been a tad busy and the seller was very understanding! Now all I need to do is get the 240Z home. It's still in a friends garage
  13. I was actually driving the 370Z for a change! The driver of the NISMO definitely spotted me too. Anyone on here?
  14. Paul_S

    ESSO 99 Ron

    Just to bump this (in light of the E5 / E10 thread) I have hardly used the Z so have limited miles running this fuel. But I've not noticed anything bad to say about it so far.
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