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  1. Happy birthday Vicky! I hope you're having a good one
  2. I've had this on my eBay watch list for way too long, and finally bought one a couple of days ago. It arrived today and it looks great! It's backed with 3M tape too. I'm not sure if I'm going to put it on the 370Z. I've a spare 240Z badge (among others) so I'm tempted to start a display board with car badges on...
  3. Good news sir! Here's to the R35 being back on the road soon, at minimal cost
  4. Excellent. I have a feeling this is going to be epic!
  5. We're all in a strange position now aren't we? I want to go back to the office, but on my terms. It will be interesting how things play out in the future.
  6. I'm definitely interested. There are a few of life's hurdles in the way but I've put it in my diary
  7. Welcome! That looks great - very original
  8. Welcome Paul. That paint looks like a mirror!
  9. Yep, the easy mistake to make is not too take it slow enough. That last levering of the badge can cause the opposite corner to dig into your paint and you'll never forgive yourself for not taking a minute longer.
  10. Yep, a great match. Do it! Or, to save some cash, take a note of the Avery swatch and buy some to fit yourself with Chubbs' help
  11. I'm with you on the clean look when it comes to plates
  12. Indeed! Entirely my fault because I took a chance parking outside the local sorting office picking up a parcel. There is no parking nearby and they no longer let punters use their own one. Normally I stop off early in the morning on the way to the station but I've not been on the train for months now. The funny thing was I was speaking with the man whilst he was issuing the ticket (just little too late) and he was saying how he's been caught doing the same thing!
  13. I don't know anything technical about R35's but an amber warning light isn't as bad as a red one! It does sound like a dodgy sensor or something. The fact it let you select gears suggests to me that there was something amiss with the auto mode. I hope it's a cheap / easy fix mate.
  14. Paul_S

    ESSO 99 Ron

    I put some of this in the Honey Monster's tank today. It's gone in on top of some old VPower so not a great test, but I'll report back if I notice anything different (not that the car is doing many miles at all at the moment). I had a little trouble finding the right pump because the Esso garage in Ashford only sells the 99ron fuel from one pump at the moment. As an aside, I got an email from Nectar the other day and pre-loaded my card with their kind offer of an extra 500 points for filling up with at least 20ltrs of Esso fuel.
  15. I was given a new colour-coded decal for my car. Well, it wasn't exactly a gift because it cost me £35
  16. Probably £201k because it has the new Nissan logo too!
  17. I'm looking forward to seeing that! Can you find a close match the the NISMO red or might you wrap those bits to match the roof?
  18. You've got to get the LMGT4's back on the road. Gorgeous wheels
  19. I've used them for years too. They aren't spooked by the occasional mod either, and don't charge crazy prices for them.
  20. I bought it on eBay (from a US seller). I had a search set up and checked it daily and it took about 18 months before this one turned up. I was looking for anything from early 70's California with a reference to 'Z' or '240'. This one was genuinely the first one that ticked any boxes and was perfect! (my 240Z was originally from California and it's D.O.B. is 1971!!!)
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