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  1. Flip! I'm glad you're better now. That sounds very painful.
  2. Paul_S

    Yaris GR

    This chap has a fun job!
  3. Forgive me Z fans, for I have sinned. It's been 107 days since my last drive. My tracker is my witness. In my defence, life has been unusual recently for many reasons (including being away from home for 7 weeks to form a support bubble). But yesterday The Honey Monster went on charge and today I checked all the levels, dusted it off, and took it for a spin. How I missed the excitement the Z gives to an otherwise boring trip out to run an errand. It ran perfectly, even after being neglected all that time. It's great to be back in the Z saddle
  4. Hi Carton, welcome to the OC Got to love a NISMO!
  5. Very good Les Nice garage too!
  6. Hi, yes it will fit. I've got a space saver in my (2009) GT and the calipers are the same on all the UK zeds. The Bose speaker fits inside the wheel. I'm trying to remember, but I think you might have to remove some of the padding around the speaker. The problem you will have (we all have) is that if you need to use the space saver, the road wheels leave very little space in the boot!
  7. Take a look at this --> https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/this-could-be-the-road-going-version-of-next-gen-nissan-z.html I like the way you can scroll between the official proto pics, and the Aus Patent office ones
  8. Here are some renders which give some more clues. Article here
  9. Very nice Les Don't forget to wipe your feet before you get in the car!
  10. Hi Loadmaster. Welcome to the OC. You've had some great answers there so there's nothing I can add. Enjoy
  11. Hi Rob, welcome to the OC. Show us a pic of your car and we'll be able to tell you if it's been lowered. If it has, the obvious answer to me would be to contact one of our Traders (Horsham Developments or Abbey Motorsport) as I expect they have standard suspension components from where people have had their car lowered.
  12. Happy New Year folks! Let's get vaccinated and do stuff this year!!
  13. Hi Marko, and welcome to the OC
  14. You will need a 'DVD Override' kit. Basically, it does 2 things - disconnects the speed pulse to the Sat Nav (which means it can get confused as to your exact location until you switch the override off) and disables the handbrake sensor. Without the override the car knows it's moving and it doesn't allow you to watch video as a safety feature.
  15. Paul_S

    Yaris GR

    How about this then? Stock Toyota Yaris GR on Nordschleife Nürburgring BtG 7:56 Spot the 2 R35's about 04:20 in
  16. A very merry Christmas to you all. Virtual car friends and a virtual family this year... I hope we get real in 2021!
  17. I think the battery is a good shout. I guess you've checked for spiders, etc. in the car? I had an issue with my alarm a long time ago and that stopped after evicting unwanted wildlife.
  18. Interesting! There's a growing market for people converting classics to battery / electric but I think that's totally missing the point.
  19. Paul_S

    Yaris GR

    The Yaris is 100% a future classic. It'll probably be held in high regard as one of the last fun fossil fueled cars. The Honey Monster has all but been retired this year due to Covid and fun being cancelled. I think I've charged the battery more often than I've driven it. I'm hoping 2021 will allow me to get some decent mileage on the 370Z. It doesn't deserve to be put to pasture. It needs to run wild. I think the Yaris would be okay with thrashing around local roads. The 370 wants open roads and long distances. I've a large surplus in my petrol budget and I fully intent to use it a
  20. I like the Black Edition GT-R seats I put in my 370Z. I would say they are a seat that would suit some body shapes and not others because they're obviously not designed to be comfy like your average runabout would have but they hold you really well in the corners
  21. Paul_S

    Yaris GR

    I can really see the appeal! Star ratings: EVO = 5/5 What Car = 5/5 Auto Express = 4.5/5 Car Magazine = 4/5 Time to retire the 370Z? More garage space required...
  22. Other clubs have managed some meets that are within Covid rules this year. Such as, a handful of people meeting up in their cars and going for a drive together. They didn't even get out of their vehicles so it wasn't a particularly social one, but at least they enjoyed a fun run out.
  23. The "Garage" is being a pain. It worked fine during all the test upgrades but threw an error yesterday. We'll get there...
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