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  1. We tagged along with a French plate 370Z on the way home from Brugge today. It looked well cared for. We had a few thumbs up from various cars including from a very enthusiastic Celica driver!
  2. Sorry I don't know this one. My 370Z is too old to have that newfangled technology!
  3. I don't blame you. It was a long shot! I've a winter set with winter tyres too. But I don't have a set like those!
  4. This is a sad sight. I would be a tad upset if I ordered a new car and dealer abused it like that (even if they didn't smash it up) https://www.carscoops.com/2022/08/drifting-nissan-detailer-causes-first-2023-z-wreck-definitely-wont-polish-out/
  5. Neat! What are you doing with your old wheels? I might take them off your hands if you're selling.
  6. Belated happy birthday Paul. That's a great way to spend your special day!
  7. Sad to say I'm not on this Run2 (the first one we've ever missed) I'm keeping up with their adventures via the WhatsApp group. Some of the photos and destinations are awesome. I'm seriously jealous!
  8. Ah, good info. Thanks for that, I'll try them next time
  9. Thank you all I had some chores to do this AM but had a really relaxed PM with friends. Planet Rock gave me a shout out and played a tune for me which was fun. Keep your Z's running everyone
  10. I know! They claim to have alternatives but I think they might "fit" but aren't right.
  11. Valid until midnight Midnight Friday 19th August.
  12. Yes, I do like those. I've seen one in the metal but never sat in one. They're cute little motas
  13. I know what you mean about weekend cars. Best to retire and drive a different one each day I think! I have no plans to let the Honey Monster go, but if something were to happen to it then I think a last of the line 370Z NISMO would be a suitable replacement.
  14. Here's an open question for you all. Which Nissan sportscar(s) have you got now, and if you had the spare cash and garage space for another one, which would you choose? Now: I've got a 2009 370Z and am lucky enough to also have a 1971 240Z. Next: I would be torn between the new Z (not available in the UK) and a 300ZX. I'd love the new Z because it's almost certainly the last of the ICE Z's and the 3ltr twin turbo would be a hoot, but on the other hand the 300ZX was crazy quick for it's time and becoming an icon. I wasn't sure about the looks back in the day but they are really growing on me now. I'd love a GTR (or GT-R) too but they aren't quite so easy to maintain at home. What say you?
  15. I also fitted some Michelin wipers today. They seem pretty decent but the issue with all aftermarket wipers is the attachment for the arm is on top of the blade, whereas the OEM ones are next to the blade. This means the arms sit higher off the screen. Also, there's lots of bits of plastic to recycle. I'll see how long they last. Next time I think I'll be cleaning up the OEM ones and fitting some new refills again.
  16. As per Les's thread in the Members area, I restored the Z's vision today by removing it's cataracts with some Autosol. The offside was really bad and took 20 mins. The nearside was pretty superficial and only took 5 mins. I applied some 303 after to protect the lights from UV again. I'm very happy with the results
  17. Both the 370Z and the Juke were extremely dirty and we've a hosepipe ban starting next week. I felt bad using the jet wash so close to the ban but justified it to myself by washing them in the back garden so at least the water went on the parched lawn and not into the drain. Before: After:
  18. Nice!! I know people who live in Folkestone and some were basically stranded because of the gridlock.
  19. Mine too. They have used a lot of parts!
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