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  1. The "Garage" is being a pain. It worked fine during all the test upgrades but threw an error yesterday. We'll get there...
  2. The forum is now running the latest versions. There is still work to do (mostly cosmetic, then onto playing with new functionality). But we are operational again. The 'Garage' is not yet online but there is an issue reported to the developer. The data is safe and it will be online as soon as that is fixed. TapaTalk is back online too. Thanks for bearing with me during the work today.
  3. I know that the 350Z doesn't give you full throttle in the first 2 gears without a tune, but I think the 370Z isn't quite so restricted. Sent from my Nokia 8.1 using Tapatalk
  4. Here you go Sent from my Nokia 8.1 using Tapatalk
  5. Great work! Those headlights have really come back to life too. Is that an aftermarket device on the door above the speaker?
  6. I think blobbish pretty much summed it up. I've had UpRev for years (in fact, Abbey Motorsport used my car for some of their development work back in 2011 - 2013) and love it. With UpRev you can get 5(?) different maps that you can change on the fly with the steering wheel controls which can alter the map, rev limiter, throttle response, etc. With Ecutek there are a whole load of other options and toys to play with over and above that. If you have forced induction then I think you have to go Ecutek to get the most out of your investment. With just air intakes and an exhaust I'm not su
  7. A very happy birthday John. Have a great day!
  8. Hi Vicky, basically the forum software we use is old and this will bring us fully up to date. The new version will be secure (HTTPS) and offer new features and a new look and feel. I expect people will love some changes and dislike others as we're so used to how it is now. But that is the way of these things. Ultimately, our hands are tied as to how it functions, but there might be some scope to tweak the appearance over time. The web based version of the forum on a mobile device is much better than it is now. However, if you use TapaTalk you probably won't notice anything different.
  9. It sounds like you've got some fun ahead. Share the journey mate
  10. Do you want to keep the steering wheel standard Les? if not, then I would recommend getting it refurbed, and you could even get it reshaped if you wanted to. I like the look and feel of an Alcantara wheel but I opted to stick to a leather one when I had my wheel redone. I couldn't be doing with the maintenance.
  11. Sorry to see you go mate. Do stay around and show off your new mota
  12. Yes indeed! I think Les will know what this is because he has something similar.
  13. ^ they are on the car now BTW. Here's something that arrived today
  14. I'm not sure I like the idea of that. I don't think I'll be loading it. One thing that interests me - how do they know you're driving and not just a passenger in someone else's car? Also, if your phone falls off it's mount and lands in the footwell do they think you've crashed?!
  15. That was a good read, thanks I now have a hankering for a 300ZX. OMG!
  16. Very good mate I remember I looked at ClampCo at the time I don't think they had the right size back then. Good find! Let us know how they go
  17. On Friday I prepped the Z for it's MOT - re-enabled the headlight washers, gave it a clean, and double checked for any issues. I found the offside rear number plate light wasn't working but the bulb was OK, it just needed pushing in a bit more. It seems odd to have a push-in bulb pointing downwards, waiting to be vibrated out. But to be fair it hasn't happened before. Today was the MOT and it passed no problem - except for the same bulb had worked loose again. I need to look at that... Anyway, I picked the car up and the dealer had made my steering wheel Covid-proof: And my knob C
  18. Hi and welcome If someone with a 350Z should be able to park close to a wall at night with their lights on and be able to tell you. I know the US and UK headlights are different so I assume it will be an issue using UK lights on LHD roads but don't know for sure.
  19. 18 years? Wow. So someone born when the 350Z was launched would be able to go into a pub a buy a beer now? Well, assuming the pubs are open of course! It's great to hear the mota is still going strong. A very wise investment
  20. My 370Z gets parked in railway car parks! Mind you, today it had the whole floor of the multi storey to itself except for one BMW which is always there and doesn't ever seem to move. We did 3 trips in succession to Cornwall in the Juke and to be fair it did a fine job. But - you really notice how much fun the Z is when you get back in it after a break. It's like falling in love again I can see the appeal of a run around. One downside for me is that would mean one car is always blocked in on the driveway and I am reluctant to go down that path again. It's such a PITA.
  21. I turned auto-rotation off on my head unit because I discovered that when I corner enthusiastically on an reverse camber bend it decides the display is in portrait mode I am happy to report the car was on all 4 wheels so the gyro must just be a bit on the sensitive side
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