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  1. Paul_S's post in Coolant problem was marked as the answer   
    I can see why they said it was the head gasket because that's a classic sign. The cooling system can be over-pressurised by the combustion process when the head gasket fails.
    But, that said, I've never heard of this happening to a 350Z or 370Z. I think Greg has more than likely given you the answer
  2. Paul_S's post in Updating the CDDB (Gracenote) database on the Music box was marked as the answer   
    Just so we don't ever lose this I've downloaded it, virus checked it again (just to be safe) and zipped for you all do download here --> TitleInfoSearch_Navi.zip
  3. Paul_S's post in 370Z VIN Quiz - With a Reason was marked as the answer   
    Well, here are the ones I found:
    The under side of the bonnet Top of the front bumper In front of the radiator On the fuse box Stamped into the body on the left of the engine bay Under the brake fluid cover Under the battery cover Through the slot in the windscreen Driver side door pillar Driver side door pillar ID plate Driver side sill (beneath door hinge) Drivers door end Passenger side door pillar Passenger side sill (beneath door hinge) Passengers door end The under side of the tailgate Behind the rear number plate If you found any others let me know.
    As you can see, Nissan have done a good job of marking VINs all over the car. Armed with the knowledge of where they all are, prospective buyers should be able to identify cars that have been in an accident and had part replaced. I've taken photo's of the above and am in the process of marking them all up. When I'm done I will post them up as part of a buyers guide
  4. Paul_S's post in 370Z Front Wheel Bearing was marked as the answer   
    Now replaced!
    How-To guide here
  5. Paul_S's post in usb and mp3 problem was marked as the answer   
    I don't have one so I can't say. But I do know that the cover can be saved as an extended tag onto the actual MP3 itself rather than using the JPEG files in the folder. So maybe the one that worked has the image embedded?
    If you are using a PC them MP3Tag is free and will grab the cover image from the web and embed it for you
  6. Paul_S's post in Why not Pirellis was marked as the answer   
    I just checked Camskill and they don't show Pirreli in the correct size for the rears so that could be the reason.
  7. Paul_S's post in Whining from the belts? *** Fixed - it was a noisy oil filter! *** was marked as the answer   
    My dealer found the problem today - a faulty oil filter! I supplied a non-Nissan filter for them to use for the last service. The noise didn't happen until a few months after it was changed so I made no connection.

    If I'd let my dealer fit a Nissan one then they would have covered the full cost of the diagnostics and parts. I am just about to write to the manufacturer of the faulty filter to ask them to pay the bill from Nissan (approx £174).

    I will keep you posted...!
  8. Paul_S's post in TYRES ..............help? was marked as the answer   
    I can't believe that for a minute
    Viking - Basically, anything but Bridgestone!
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