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  1. As shown in the attached picture I have a genuine Carbon Fibre replacement rocker cover which is a direct replacement for the factory fit version. Very simple to fit, maximum of a 10 minute job. Looking for offers around £50 including P&P. If you're interested drop me a PM. Cheers, Jim NOW SOLD
  2. Yeah me!! I have one of each. £50 all in. PM' me if your interested. q
  3. Update - Car sold to dealer last week for a price I was actually happy with... result!! Just to say when I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks there are a few bits and bobs I'll advertise on here.. Genuine Nismo Oil Cap Genuine Nismo Radiator Cap Honda S2000 Aerial Real Carbon Fibre Rocker Cover
  4. Due to successfully landing my dream job overseas reluctantly my zed is now for sale. It's truly a great car with a huge grin factor and it will be sorely missed. Details and photos below: 2004 350z GT Pack in Sunset UK Spec car which I purchased brand new in July 2004 18" Nissan Alloys Courtesy Zed badges Nissan Z logo door sills Bose Stereo system with upgraded Alpine headunit including ipod interface (original bose included as well) Taxed till June 2007 14,000 miles and still in immaculate condition Regularly Zaino'ed Nissan Tracker fitted Nissan floor mats including boot Meticulously maintained and fully serviced with regular oil changes. Located in Oxfordshire (At present!) For more details please PM or contact me on 07920 112210 Jim
  5. Simon, I'm actually relocating to the States so taking it with me is out the question. Don't think my relocation expenses will cover that somehow. If it had been Europe then I would have taken it.
  6. Other than putting an ad in the for sale section on the board (expect to see another one in there soon) what advice do people have on where to advertise? I've just accepted a job overseas so unfortunately I've got to sell the zed (afraid the steering wheel will be on the wrong side) but there is a good chance I'll get another one in 18 months. I was thinking of advertising in Top Marques as i'm keen to avoid all the time wasters and tyre kickers that pick up Autotrader every week, what do people think? Many thanks Jimmer
  7. Just like to add before this topic becomes even more competitive that I'm up for this meet depending on the date but the 23rd is fine with me at present.
  8. Jimmer

    Wrecked Gt40

    q I'd much rather rather the lambo they've got it up against bit of a mad colour though.
  9. q I think you can thank the people on here for that Nice work everyone
  10. I was thinking of going the whole hog and sending them the bill for a complete kit of zaino q
  11. Just found this on the BBC website News q
  12. Good to hear someone singing the praises for Injen. This was the one i was looking at along with the Nismo. It was the build quality of the Injen I liked. Not too loud unlike the invidia but it's fairly pricey. q
  13. Cheers Mark, I knew you would have the answer. Got a power washer so no guesses what I'll be doing in the morning!! q
  14. There I was just getting in the car this morning to come to work when I noticed the whole car seems to be covered in soot, it looks like a fine black sand. I'm guessing it's come out the power station round the corner during the night. (must have been cleaning out the chimney stacks or something) What's the best way of getting this stuff off without scratching the zed's sensitive paintwork. It will come off easily but I'm concerned if I get the sponge on it I'll leave fine scratches. Is it best to spary the car with water first, then wash it off as normal with the zaino? Cheers folks
  15. As you have a base model front and rear speakers can be replaced with just about anything on the market. Won't bother listing all the brands as there are too many to chose from. Just decide how much you want to spend pop down to the local dealer. Have a listern to some and part with some cash. General rule if you want to improve on what you already have is they will cost at least £60 anything less than that and the clarion ones you already have will probably sound better.
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