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  1. He is due renewal in May. He’s had Tesco black box before (great snooping tool for mum and dad) sadly they came in at £3k this year compared to everyone else who was around £800.
  2. Yes actually John that’s a good idea. It’s Churchill who I have used in the past and had a claim through and they were brilliant with that, but this is a joke! They have his number they could contact him by phone and request pictures of his mileage which would tally and confirm the black box movements. I’m not impressed. On one occasion they never sent a letter out for two weeks! He was uninsured for some time before he was notified and contacted them
  3. So what would you suggest ..... my son, Dan, 21 and has a plug in black box in his car. His work causes him to have an odd work pattern, that teamed with COVID lock down, means his car can be sat for three days without being moved. His insurance company have now cancelled his insurance three times, once without telling him. Their reason is that if his isn’t used for 72 hours they have the right to cancel the policy. Each time he contacts them and explains they agree to reinstate it but my concern is that he could drive one day and either be pulled by the police or worse still, have an
  4. Hi Carlton, welcome and congratulations! Definitely share some pictures and ask away on the question front, loads of knowledge on this forum. look forward to seeing your beautiful beast when it arrives Sarah
  5. This has always been a problem. There used to be loads of great suppliers for these but not sure now. Have you looked to see if Tarmac Sportz have any? You could try Abbey Motor Sports and also Horsham Developments, not sure if they do supply only though.
  6. Happy birthday Chas, I hope you have a lovely day Sarah
  7. Happy birthday, sorry I’m a little late Hope you had a great day
  8. How very odd! Robin will look when he's finished work. The Wizard of IT
  9. I can't see any reason why you can't post Vicky. I hate to say it and am cringing if it helps........ Try logging out and back in again ..... running to hide now.. I'll get Robin to take a look too.
  10. actually that was a blonde answer as if you'd logged out you wouldn't be posting. OK hang on.
  11. Silly question - are you logged in?
  12. I was going to say Le Mans but MPH all felt to sensible 😂
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