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  1. Are the Wheels and tyre standard though or an extra? Standard wheels and tyres don't usually look like those unfortunately. We had this discussion at home this weekend. For a small additional cost whilst in the build it makes a vehicle look so much better. But some garages not only don't offer the extra but can't source them either.
  2. I will try and extract a list and put in the first post. Then we can tick them off as they are sorted thanks
  3. PaulS has been working tirelessly to get us up and running and we very much appreciate it, thanks Paul we know it’s been challenging. hopefully you will all find you way round, but if you have any questions post here and we will help out. Remember it’s new for us all though so you may not get an instant answer ********THINGS TO LOOK INTO AND SORT ******** JFK NOTED - One thing I have noticed is that on both my mobile and laptop the first page (Unread) seems to take a long time (several seconds!) to load. Much slower than other sites in my Favourites or Shortcuts... APPEARS SORT
  4. Happy birthday John. I hope you have a lovely day xx
  5. Abbey Motorsport are very good, they both are
  6. I don't like that at all, it's heavy looking, clunky, Nothing like the stylish cars they usually produce. .................... IMHO and if you refer to me, well maybe I gave one of the dealerships a hard time but they were rubbish and if you weren't refering to me...... Who did it?
  7. The forum upgrade is scheduled for this Saturday. This will mean we will be off line for a few hours on Saturday whilst Paul completes the change. We dont know how long this will take and Paul is a busy chap with many commitments. We are grateful to him for all his time and please bear with him whilst he completes his wizardry. Enjoy your Saturday and will all be here waiting in our new shiny forum when we get back on line.
  8. This weekend we are expecting to complete the upgrade to the forum and things are going to be a little different. The big change will be the way you sign in. You will need to use your registered email address to access the forum. If anyone has issues accessing you can message me, so make note of my phone number - its in my signature below. Bear with us, as with all things new, we may have a few teething problems, but it will be worth it in the long run. On behalf of Committee
  9. Happy birthday Michael, I hope you have a lovely day and arent working! X
  10. I’m surprised you steering wheel is wearing! That’s not good, not like you do thousands of miles a month!
  11. Glad you’ve sold it if that’s what mattered right now Aiden. Keep lurking and chatting and share if you get something else no matter what it it. Sarah
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