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  1. Sorry for the outage this afternoon, we had a bit of a glitch which we dealt with as quickly as we could. Thank you for your patience and also thanks to the brilliant Blobbish and PaulW We’d be lost without you both.
  2. I am offering an apology for the lack of membership cards and joiners packs. It’s been a challenging year and a bit on more than one count. I am endeavouring to get these sorted and want to thank you all for your continued patience A very apologetic Sarah
  3. Like buses aren’t they! 😂. Always worth taking the Zed.
  4. Happy birthday Robin, hope you had a good day x
  5. Hi and welcome to the OC Clay barring on a sunny day! Bet that was hard work! But worth it. Looks really good, you must be pleased. Sarah
  6. Hi Paul and welcome to the OC Very nice and so shiny Bet it feels good to be back in a Zed Sarah
  7. Happy birthday Chubbs. Hope it was a good day x
  8. I am sorry Les. I missed this completely earlier in the week. Sad to hear you’ve been under the weather. The upside is it’s made you sit back and get your ducks back in order. Life’s too short for long days at work. We don’t live to work, we may need money but as you know your health and Cazza are far more important. Take care Les and we look forward to seeing you both really soon. I think the normality that is hopefully round the corner will help too xx
  9. Happy birthday! Sorry I missed this yesturday, but things get muddled at my age you must understand 😂. Hope it was a great day x
  10. Obviously you are thinking people will agree with you, we will go with that....and if they do, do they not enforce that by using the heart 💓 symbol ? 😂 I do love you Chubbs. Clearly we need to get out more 😜😘
  11. Oh good luck. I used to have a company selling parts for the Z’s. Ordering NISMO stuff was a nightmare. Importing from US was easier than from Japan.
  12. There is a whole thread on PaulS beautiful 240 somewhere
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