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  1. Hi and welcome, very nice ! I do like that.🥰
  2. We are all different, I like the Black, but don’t like the ironing board 😊
  3. It is with great regret that we have to cancel mod day due to unforeseen personal circumstances. I am so sorry. We will try and reschedule.
  4. Oh no! I’m gutted for you. Blinkin Sod’s law you didn’t have the dash cam in. Take care Chas and let’s hope it’s fixed soon x
  5. Mod day this time will have to end at 2pm as Tony and I have commitments that evening, but plenty of time for a hearty breakfast, loads of detailing/work and Filming. We will be ready by 9am and the sausages and bacon will be cooking. Sent address by PM. Yes Chobham, not to be confused with Cobham Ten minutes off junction 3 off M3 or junction 11 off M25 you have my phone number too, call if you you need more detail 😊
  6. Have you tried Tarmac Sportz? He’s a trusted supplier. sarah
  7. Don’t worry about if your posted in the right place, we aren’t that bad in here 😂 As far as the decals go I’m not sure, but as you probably already know, steer away from eBay unless someone recommends a seller, there’s plenty of cheaper but rubbish copies on there. Shame you don’t want Nismo stickers, I could have given you packs of those for free ! Good luck, and please share the after pictures
  8. Yaris, I loved mine, maybe a bit smaller but brilliant MPG and regen
  9. Thanks Guys ! It’s but a distant memory ! 😂
  10. I sold mine. Not sure what Jimbobhill did. What’s the fault code?
  11. Thank you all, feeling the love right now xx
  12. 😂Well so far mine hasn’t caught fire and I have no regrets I am getting 300 miles out of a charge that costs me £15 on My home charger Happy days 😊
  13. Oh no Kev! Hope you get sorted soon! We lost a few roof tiles and power for 18 hours. We are some of the lucky ones with power back on now though, there are still about 500 houses in the locality without power and no idea when they will get it back. the roads were carnage, there wasn’t one road that wasn’t blocked for at least an hour or two by fallen trees. One of the cars didn’t fair too well in the battle with the tree.
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