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  1. How very odd! Not had that issue personally, see what anyone else thinks when they surface from their pits
  2. Your call where you eat your breakfast. Most people stay outside for most of the day. 😊
  3. Happy to put at least four Mod day / full breakfast meets at our house next year.
  4. Happy birthday Steve, hope you have a great day x
  5. Happy birthday Les. Hope you have a great day x
  6. Not sure yet, I guess it’s change, maybe will get used to it
  7. Thanks John, and a worthy shout out by the commentator ! Looking great guys ❤️
  8. Sounds perfect way to enjoy your birthday
  9. Have a great time, looking forward to the picture, weathers looking good! Car looks clean Neil 😊🤩
  10. Morning, you forgot the pictures! Welcome to the owners club, great to hear from you
  11. Don’t appear to be any garages selling E5 near us now
  12. Agree Chubbs, it was a test and much like the quotes the salesman give you aren’t generally real life conditions. However I would say at the moment on a car that I was told could get 256 but expect that to be more like 210 in the real world I am currently getting 300 miles, so I’m happy. I know that the cold weather will effect the battery range too so winter will show I’m sure. yes Neutreus, hydrogens appears to be coming up a lot in what maybe ahead of us. Blobbish, definitely need more charge stations, ( well I have had no issues and we have been pushing the boundaries just to see what’s what) but can see they need more. Also they need to be both 1) maintained better, you hear of a lot being out of service and 2) managed better - people tend to park in them when they are near the building fronts when they aren’t charging, bit like mother and baby and disabled bays. I can imagine that would be most annoying if you need a charge. We had a non plug in Hybrid and that was great, but agree, I see no point in a plug in hybrid. No gains. My boss has one, they charge it three times a week (for 6 hours a go) for probably about 60 miles travelling and have to use fuel too. Not getting that at all. They love it though, so each to their own. On a side note does anyone know if we need to add anything to E10 or can it go straight into the tank of a 2006 Zed?
  13. I have no idea what we will all be using to make our vehicles move in 10 years time but would guess there going to be several other options by then. We aren’t totally green, but this suits me for a daily drive, I can charge at work if I so choose and will allow us to travel to our friends who live some 70 miles away (roughly) and back home without having to take a top up charge. We don’t really need more than that and have options for more challenging journeys until those clever folk who do, develope better ranges. Interestingly I was reading today about an HGV that can do 683 miles on one charge.
  14. Thanks for sharing Chas, good to see some great cars! Hope you are both well, you clearly care more for your car then Michael 😂
  15. Committee, after much discussion, have taken the unusual decision to defer the 2021 AGM until 15th January 2022. At the time we needed to book a venue for this there wasn’t much certainty regarding gatherings and it was decided to allow a couple of extra months for everything to recover. If you have any questions or concerns about this please direct a PM to either myself or JeffW the Club’s chairman. Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all in January 2022 Sarah AKA Chilli Red
  16. We considered a few but not the nissan to be honest Loved the GLA and when we realised this was similar but slightly bigger our minds were made up.
  17. The Zed is going to appear at a few shows next year, we promise
  18. Oh no! Some people are such a***s! Hope it’s not too costly, glad you managed to polish the cover up
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