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  1. Great news Neil, pleased and sorry for you ❤️
  2. It’s the dentists car simple.
  3. Thanks Paul. Got a Half decent offer already, but holding out for a bit as it really is a jewel.
  4. Time has come, she’s got to go, just listed on Piston heads. Selling with all original body parts so can be taken back to stock. If anyone is interested pm me but you can check out full advert here. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/14114890
  5. Mines not confused, I think they have made it cheap looking, there I said it 😂 i am not sure convertibles work on many cars, they change the look of the car and are really a model of their own, but this one it’s just a no, just no.
  6. I am not sure they are the same but I had some sets for the 350. I will see if I can find them and post up a picture. If they work you are welcome to a set
  7. Happy birthday, I hope the boss is spoiling you xx
  8. Fantastic way to spend your birthday. Happy birthday Paul. Xx
  9. Happy birthday Neil, hope you have a great day xx
  10. I hope you have a lovely day, looking forward to celebrating with you soon. Xx
  11. It’s such a shame. The Infiniti was definitely one of the best cars I’ve owned. Why they never allowed nissan to participate in their journey I will never know. I’m in Surrey but found this Leeds branch of Infiniti more helpful. Not sure where I’d go now if I still owned one. Good luck!
  12. Hi and welcome, very nice ! I do like that.🥰
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