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  1. Membership packs are going out today, please check the list below. There are a few people I don't have addresses for, PM me your details, DO NOT POST THEM HERE! Thank you JohnFK Jez Dominique Paul_S LESmo dj370zNismo AndrewF BlackBill dw05zzz paulp4als lolver You should all receive your pack within the next week. Thank you for your patience
  2. Happy birthday Greg, hope you are having a great time wherever you are xx
  3. Yes and have done. There’s no where to go when you get there, Its in the middle of no where, but he has a waiting room, just make sure you tell him when you book in.
  4. I had this on my Infiniti, I kept doing the pressures, but couldn’t get the light off. My issue was more the Alloygators I have in the wheels. Once removed I had no more issue. I was loosing pressure in small amounts on a regular basis. Other than that, I do know it doesn’t instantly go off and can take a few miles sometimes.
  5. Worrying isn’t it! I don’t know where you are exactly but we are in GU24 in Surrey and we go to Tom at TGM in Hampshire All nissan parts and we don’t need to tell him his job
  6. I take it you want a main dealer? Or are you happy to go to a good independent ? We use TGM sport in Fleet, just off the M3 he specialises in Honda and Nissan. We would trust him with anything. Always genuine and never been over charged, doesn’t do anything unnecessary Ask for Tom
  7. So when you reached 50 you started to go backwards with birthdays? So by my calculations that will be in a two years time. Nice combo though!
  8. Happy birthday Alex. Hope life is treating you well and how’s project bug coming on ? Think we need some picture updates x
  9. Sounds like a dessert you would get on holiday
  10. You’d better be, I haven’t seen you for nearly two years! X
  11. The membership cards have arrived, I’m just waiting for the spotted cards and new lanyards to arrive and they will be winging their way across to all you lovely forum members sorry for the hold up!
  12. We have secured a booking at Kettering Park Spa for the 15th January 2022 in order for us to all have a much awaited get together and hold our annual AGM. The AGM will be late, but due to the current uncertainty surrounding COVID and our road map out, we as a committee, decided we would be best placed to delay this until January 2022 by special arrangement. I will post up all the details of the meet a little later in the year, but we have reserved rooms, a private dining facility and a room for the AGM which will be at 2pm Please feel free to post up if you think you would like to come so I can monitor numbers Thanks all. Chilli Red and Tony PaulW and Elizabeth Blobbish and Zara Neutreus and Teeny Jeff and Joan John and Averil Chas and Helen
  13. And you forgot to attach pictures. We do love a picture. So glad like the Z it makes you grin
  14. Those little cat hairs are a bugger to get out too, it’s pretty though 😂
  15. Very nice, some beautiful cars. Thanks for sharing
  16. Oh no Fiona! I have no idea as I’ve never had a soft top. I hope you get it sorted soon. We use Tom too, he’s brilliant. Wish I could help! Let us know what happens.
  17. It’s not a ban word 😂. Sounds like a good turnout. Share some pics Humpy when you get some. Have fun
  18. Very nice! Garden with a view, and what a view of your lovely cars! Love it
  19. Happy birthday, hope you had a nice day
  20. Excellent, good to hear the folks at CAT are safe and well and continue to provide such fantastic and informative driving days. love the pictures! Amazing you managed to form such a great display, were there many arguments about precision and placement in the usual nissansportz fashion? 😂
  21. So how many of those have you done?
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